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Fish Head Mee Hoon Lam Mee Pork Mee
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…and it's a good one! It's called 等記魚頭米/ Dang Kei fish head noodle. First timers may find this odd but for repeat customers, the name would definitely ring a bell and bring smiles to their face as this highly popular little eatery is notoriously famed for long waiting time! This cheeky and funny name is a reflection of cheerful personality of the owner (more of the lady boss as very frequently, as you are dining, you would hear her laughing out loud. I won't say the boss is unfriendly, but he's always busy holding the wok, manning the kitchen). Customers are more like friends and would feel very much at home when they visit this stallIt's also a good choice to name the eatery after the fish head noodle - though they rotate their menu with several local dishes like pork noodle, lum mee, prawn noodle, etc., their fish head noodle is one of the best in town. Having said that, I love their pork noodle as much! I also feel comfortable having whatever is served on the menu and not bothered to remember the menu rotation as I know I'm in good hands when the food is prepared by this eatery!Make sure you come and wait under the shades of big trees (yes, setting is another big selling point here), and enjoy a good meal served by this little eat stall when you have reasonable amount of time for a good meal! continue reading
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