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Level4 2015-12-07
There was one weekend, mom wanted to bring us for a good lunch and decided that Lemon Garden buffet was the best option. Plus a really close friend of hers has  memebership card that offers a 25% off the actual price which is great. Be prepared that the place will be very crowded because it is the weekend. So it will be a good idea to make a reservation beforehand and also, do not be late as they will only hold your table for fifteen minutes maximum. But the amount of choices and food you get to eat there will be well worth it, because the lunch session lasts from 12pm to 4pm. (;This is the cold cuts section where they also provide different selection of cheeses and also breads. I went a little too heavy on this section because I really liked the cold cuts + cheese, especially the smoked salmon and brie cheese. However the breads were slightly stale because it has been left on the counter for quite a while I presume. This was my first round of food, giving my stomach some time to wake up to all of the food around me first. Plus it wasn't long after my plate was left untouched where the serves will come to take it away. Service there is top-notch. If you're feeling for something Italian, they provide a section for that too. They have the usual salad and also very standard roasted vegetables in olive oil. Also pastas are readily available too and the best thing is, the plate of pasta is cooked to order. There's also the Asian corner where they have chinese, malay and indian cuisine. All of which tastes really good, but too filling so I don't indulge too much in this to save stomach space for the main star.One thing about Lemon Garden buffet that is really worth the price tag is the seafood/sashimi section. There is plenty on offer and they are always incredibly fresh. Mussels are great without any fishy smell, they also have scallops which are nicely succulent too and one thing I have never thought they would provide is the boiled crayfish.Also, they have a lot of sashimi such as salmon, tuna, butterfish, all freshly sliced at the bar. All in generous thick portions too so you can eat it to your heart's content. Then there is the oysters which are freshly shucked throught the entire dining session so you do not have to worry that you won't get any. They also provide lemons, wasabi and also tabasco for your seafood. All my seafood & sashimi super fresh and of the best quality - I had plenty rounds of this. As expected of Shangri-La. Definitely a good buffet spread and place to dine at if you are in for a splurge.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-09
Vegetarian PizzaIt is never a lesser buffet enjoyment for our vegan folks. This vegetarian pizza is incredibly delish and even much better than its meaty counterpart like the salmon pizza. The pizza is freshly baked and replenished pretty fast as soon as the tray is cleared. Now you could comprehend the equivalent deliciousness that I meant with this fast-selling pastry. Pizza is nicely baked with not too thick base, topped with my favourite assorted mushrooms like sliced Bonashimeji, shitake, black button mushroom, bell peppers and many more. Melted on top are some grated mozzarella cheese with embedded Napoleon sauce at the bottom, creating a great marriage of both worlds. Simply delectable! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-25
although there are a few items on the menu that could do with some improvement. Seafood is really fresh especially the juice prawn and seafood of crabs and also the sushi bar here also The famous Malaysian shaved ice dessert, otherwise known as ais kacang (literally ice peanuts). must have those desserts of the cakes and pastries here all nicely done and taste sweet enough continue reading
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The day was filled with foods, foods, and foods that I had during a tiny little family gathering at Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This hotel is known to be luxurious yet truth to be told, everything seemed normal as compared to the private hotels I had been to. The parking basement of the hotel itself was already something pretty disappointing and it was even worse than the shopping malls like 1U, Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, and etc. Anyway, I shall start off with some food-related photos that might make you drool.P/S: The photos were taken only after my stomach was close to being bloated, but I’ll try my best to explain more about the food available in the cafe.These were prawns wrapped in egg noodles or mee hoon and deep fried. Even though the shells were not peeled off before they were served, they tasted good, and they were very crispy. Apart from prawns, the Chinese section has the common Chinese foods like steamed fishes that tasted heavenly good and fresh at the beginning but worsen when more people came, Chinese-style fried rice, roasted ducks, some common dim sum and others.They also served Japanese food, western food, Malaysian food which was the must, and etc including different types of salads. I never have any sashimi served and I never will, but I still ate their cold, cooked prawns because for your information, prawns are always in my top favorite list.I have to say that they have the best satay I have ever eaten in my life so far. The chicken meat was so tender and I couldn't even taste any oily fats at all, like seriously. Even my mum who didn't really prefer to have satay, thought the same as I did. Yum! Otak-otak was served as well but I personally thought there wasn't anything special about it.Say hi to chocolate fondue! There was a strawberry fondue that seemed to be prepared especially for kids. I hated it.Variety of choices were available to be chosen from the rack to go with chocolate fondue, including fruits like honeydews, strawberries and rose apples, prepared with plenty of sticks, enabling you to shower the fruits with the flowing chocolate.One of my aunts was very much into chocolates, and still is, took this bowl of chocolate balls. Personally, I didn't like them because there was too much chocolate until I felt like puking while swallowing the one and the only one I had. However, it's still highly recommended if you happen to be a chocolate lover like my aunt, because these chocolate balls contained melting chocolate at the inside that you might feel as if you're in the heaven.Macaroons had been something I craved for after trying the ones my cousin sister bought from Singapore. Those served at Lemon Garden Cafe, however, tasted so disgustingly different, as if I was eating some kind of colored, tasteless, and powdery sugar. I ended up throwing one of them into a cup of tea and stirred until it melted in the cup.A few months later, we returned to the same place again, and our comments were mostly positive. It's a great fine-dining place for family gatherings indeed!My Blog: http://jcheerios.blogspot.com/2011/04/buffet-lunch-at-shangri-la-hotel.html continue reading
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Level1 2012-11-12
If there is only one word to describe my gastronomical experience here is “fantastical”.The choice of food here will certainly spoilt any fussy eaters with many delectable treats. One of my personal favourite is the sumptuous delight of hot-steaming dimsum. And the other is the nicely boiled pumpkin soup laced with cheese. Not to forget also the Teppanyaki Ice-Cream wonderfully mixed with the given condiments. For the price of MYR 121.90 per pax, I would say it worth it for the cause. continue reading
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