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Level4 2015-10-23
Would the memory of your coffee experience be vividly captured as it names suggest? Well, I might not have tasted all the interestingbrews  here, but one thing for sure, dining moment here is wonderfully immortalized into the “heartdisk” memorably.La Cafe Memoire which initially embarks as a dessert-centric café at TTDI since 24th November, has now introduced an array of noteworthy hot dishes, also coming from the same chef-cum-owner talented maverick, Brian Liew, who helms most of the operation and logistics tasks- from interior designing and furniture constructing, to crafting the menu as well as churning out the delicious dishes. This does not come much as a surprise as Brian himself is a firm advocate of originality and he even makes his own fettucine.His frequent working trips to Japan has vaulted his appetite and led to more R&D at his kitchen, experimenting various potpourri available here in order to create an ever tantalizing plates of hearty grubs delivered freshly to his café patrons. Japanese-inspired pasta. Interior décor is kept to minimum and simplistic but added with some vintage and rustic touch to it. Huge chalkish menu board grabs your attention after entering with cozy ambiance ensues later.The café is divided into 2 sections, air-conditioned enclave upon stepping in from ground flour and al fresco area to cater for smokers. It’s pretty humid that afternoon when we dropped by but couldn’t help as it’s also the area where bounteous natural light is available. So, just switch on the table fan and enjoy the natural flow of air.Luckily the zesty thirst-quencher come to rescue.LIME AND SOUR MOJITO (MYR 14) A refreshing blend of mint leaves with chilled soda, lime, light rum and ice cubes. You could never go wrong with any mojito, especially in a sultry day (= It uses Vaccari (28%) instead of the usual rum, togeter with asam boi to sweeten it up. Don’t be surprise that it gonna easily fools you into thinking it’s just an ordinary mocktail.CAPPUCCINO (MYR 7.50)Lovely cuppa to fix your cafein craving. Aromatically smooth with aftertaste robustness from the blend of Tazmania and Columbia, pleasantly medium-dark roasted and all coffee here are served double shot.Or some cold brew for the purist that has been dripped for 24hours! Love the clear and clean profile. SMOKED DUCK SALAD (MYR 9)Mixed salad served with slices of smoked duck, cherry tomato citrus orange pulps, cucumber and cheese with drizzles of balsamico reduction added with house dressing that is made of apple vinegar and other secret recipe. The smoked duck is undoubtedly the star-stealer for its uber juiciness and perfectly done- flavourful and succulent. Indeed a great and appetizing starter.PORK CHOP (MYR 25)Ardent meat lovers would relish in this- huge slab of pork chop that is nicely grilled and marinated with assorted spices which includes Mongolian herbs(5 flavours spice), served with sweet potato. The German imported meat also comes with a good proportion of lean meat- good news and I love it!Having said that, the side accompaniment somehow outshine the main. The mashed sweet potato tastes stellar and literally steals the limelight away from the poultry (= It is totally a brilliant idea to have substituted the common mashed potato with this equally promising sweet potato paste- freshly made from scratch into a smooth orangey puree, and enriched with fragrant herbs. Mixed with butter, Chinese parsley, onion and pepper, they all work out really well. The picture might not justify it but trust me, the taste is simply great.SMOKED DUCK WITH BACON SANDWICH (MYR 12.80)Bacons and smoked duck hand in hand sandwiched between wholesome artisanal bread, tomatoes and cheese, what else could you ask for?Double the joy, double up the fun!Lusciously juicy smoked duck slices! JAPANESE CURRY PASTA (MYR 14.50)Savoury curry spaghetti inspired from the Land of Rising Sun, partnered with tender diced meats, carrot and onion to make up a scrumptious meal. Or you could also opt for the homemade fettuccine version at just MYR 17.50.The curry gravy actually has been incorporated with red wine, so recommended to go for beef over chicken meat instead for such pairing would accentuate the wine taste wonderfully.CREAMY BACON PASTA (MYR 14)Laces of inviting and tender pork bacon, garlic and mushroom, tossed with handmade al dente fettucine with light sprinkles of herbs. Unlike the usual carbonara, this plates by Brian comes in an ideal portion, not too creamy nor overly cloying, but still tasted light to the palate and the inhouse produced pasta contributes better texturized nuance.Soon, essentially the soul of the establishment comes greeting us, dessert!TIRAMISU (MYR 9) Moist homemade lady’s fingers that are soaked with coffee liqueur and topped off with lots of nutty caramelized bites! It tastes exceptionally toothsome as the cream cheese is added with brandy, hence collaborates interestingly with the well-soaked horizontal flat sponge with liquor. Still hankering for more additive bites? Here you go, presenting you another savory type of ice cream. NUTTY BACON SUNDAE (MYR 11)Tangy flavor fuels by kalamansi sorbet at the base, layered with vanilla ice cream and finished off with caramelized mixed nut, caramel sauce and crispy bacon. It’s a playful twist hovering between sweet-savoriness that at one point reminds me of those Chinese smoked meat, a.k.a. “yuk kon” that usually eaten during Chinese New Year.An awesome marriage- lemonade sorbet and vanilla ice cream, easily get you hooked on to the citrus tanginess for more!CHOCOALTE SOUFFLÉ (MYR 15)For chocolate lovers, hot-from-the-kitchen Varlhona Chocolate Souffle, comes fluffily baked and served with raspberry sorbet. Made entirely of Varhona Choc and egg white with appropriate sugar amount, it’s so irreproachably and pleasurably executed.Only one caveat, remember to sample this delicacy once served for it will sink down pretty fast, in split seconds and leaves you dumbfound. So to avoid such surprise, do take note. And I really, really love the raspberry sorbet so so much!! It complements the indulgence precisely! The raspberry sorbet is just heaven! Fruity and tartly delightful!So in a nut shell, does it live up to our la café memoire thing? Am glad that it’s affirmatively encouraging that we went back with happy tummies and the sweet memories still lingering on. I’ll be missing the smoked duck salad and creamy carbonara for now, but I’ll definitely be back again! Meanwhile, do remember to give this café a check out guys!Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤Location:  7, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala LumpurContact: +603 77317574Business Hours: Tue - Thur & Sun (9am to 11pm), Fri - Sat (9am to 12am) Closed on MondaysWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/lacafememoire2014 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-06-07
first time visited la cafe memoire, their food so so only and the portion is too small, like a kid's meal. Also, my body was full of the unpleasant food smell after finished eating at their place. Really spoiled my mood. Guess they need to install a ventilation fan. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)