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Level4 2014-03-13
A restaurant that offers a touch of classic Kampung, that celebrates international flavors and local favourites in a chic, contemporary yet warm atmosphere combined with soothing background music and perfect theatre-style lighting, a restaurant of the total sensory experience per se. It could accommodate up to180 pax each time.Among the mouthwatering fare to tickle our taste buds are Nasi Kunyit with Chicken Rendang, Lamb Rogan Gosht and Gulab Jamun.Nasi Kunyit with Chicken RendangYellow rice with aromatically spiced chicken meat. Pretty unconventional but unique in this case as basmati rice is used instead of the usual glutinous rice. I find it pretty good and better textured as each grain of rice is thoroughly enriched with the fragrant spices.Lamb Rogan GoshtSlow cooked tender lamb with Indian spices.Gulab JamunA candied and sweet Indian dessertGuess i still enjoy the nasi kunyit the most! ^_^ continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-18
he Christmas carol is still playing in my mind. Christmas came early dining in at Kembali Kitchen Restaurant @ Best Western Premier Dua Sentral to have the food tasting for Christmas Eve menu. Excited for joining tonight's events together with other bloggers, Christmas choirs from English Youth Ministry from Church of the Holy Rosary as well as the members of the press and the hotel guest and management staff. The even starts with Christmas Carols and lighting up the Christmas tree by Mr. Ian Hurst (the hotel General Manager). We have the welcome drinks and I really enjoy the mixture of the apple and lime drinks. Fresh mussels, crabs, and prawns. Best to have these with either lemon wedges or cocktail sauces.From start to end there are lots of mouth watering food - Leek and Smoked Chicken Salad with Orange-Mustard Dressing, Insalata Mexicana with Goat Cheese, Crab, Tortilla and Lime Vinaigrette, Smoked Duck Breast with Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Rack of Lamb and Eggplant Caviar with Tamarind Sauce, Stir Fried Beef with Spring Onion and Ginger, Roasted Potato with Honey and Cashew Nuts, and more!Delectable cakes with lovely Christmas designs on top and i even keep the little tiny deer for my girl.The cakes are masterpieces both in taste and look, fluffy and creamy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-04
I guess it must be their proximity to Brickfields, but the Indian food in Kembali Kitchen's buffet spread is really good! Butter chicken is very tender, sweet, and aromatic; and the chapathi is one of the best I've ever had! Fluffy, soft, moist, and buttery. Their dhal spinach is also very delightful, despite looking quite disgusting and uninviting. Must try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
Ramadan Al-Mubarak is the holy month of fasting for Muslims. It is a time where the entire Muslim community comes together to share with each other’s joy, happiness and blessings.In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, our brigade of chefs led by Executive Chef Jaffery Othman will take you on a gourmet journey with a myriad of mouthwatering traditional Malay cuisines for your dining indulgence. 4 rotation menus featuring a repertoire of traditional favourites and home-recipes such as Roasted Whole Lamb, ‘Sup Tulang Rawan Dengan Kentang,’ ‘Daging Rendang Tok Perak,’ Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce, ‘Udang Galah Lemak Cilipadi Dengan Nenas,’ ‘Kambing Rusuk Kicap Berempah Hitam Manis, ‘Ikan Bakar Berkuah Mentega,’ ‘Candawan Tumis Dengan Sayur Hijau,’ and lots more await diners. The food are simply tentalizing and I love the fried chicken which is served the most with the tender juicy meat continue reading
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Level1 2013-01-24
I bought 2 vouchers at RM49 each from those deal website for "such" international buffet at Kembali Kitchen in Best Western Premier Hotel Dua Sentral, Brickfields. So I gave it a try to treat for my friend's birthday . Original price stated as RM98 for a 4-start restaurant, so why not I just buy since I'll get 50% discount .I booked at 6.30pm & arrived on time. We both were so excited to eat as we are expecting such nice buffet foods BUT the excitement went down as the foods were not as we had expected before .Here is the first plate of foods that I snapped up from the cold cuts counter. There are beef salamis, chicken ham, few of white fish sashimi (Iforgot the fish name), maguro & a sushi.In the advertisement of the deal voucher together with its menu, there were sashimi including salmons stated, etc BUT we only got 1 slice of salmon sashimi. There were more tuna sashimi or I don't know what the white fillet sashimi is called as, maguro (a kinda red fillet fish sashimi), lobsters, prawns & mussels. These cold cuts bar contains only few of those sashimi mentioned & it was not rotated regularly. We kinda expecting salmon sashimi but I think it was our luck to get 1 piece of it or the staff rather accidentally put it at the bar .From the left of the buffet counters are cold cuts, salads, pasta & roasted meat, rice (white & briyani rice), soup (potato beef soup), dishes (crispy lemon chicken, lamb kalio, braised lamb, chicken & beef satays, etc.) & dessert counters such as ice cream, chocolate fondue, waffle, jelly, biscuits, cakes, tea and coffee.The best part of the buffet was the roasted lamb leg that they served at the pasta & roasted meat counter . The chef will slice it up for you along with its condiments & sauces like mint sauce (I really love the mint sauce!). See the photo I attached.For the pasta, I can choose varieties of pasty along with 2 sauces, that are seafood marinara or creamy carbonara. The chefs will cook it in front of you.Forgot to mention that the drinks served were only drinking water, coffee & tea . That's all. Other than that you have to choose from its menu & pay for it.The staffs are helpful enough & we got free parking with the vouchers purchased .Overall, if you are looking for great sashimi, cold cuts, Japanese food, please choose other specialized Japanese buffet restaurant. For me, Kembali Kitchen is only good for Western & our local Malaysian foods. continue reading
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