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Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant features the delights of modern Korean cuisine, coupled with exceptional, high standards of service. With a menu that includes all the Korean standards you've come to love, original dishes and signature beverages, we promise memorable and enjoyable experiences for all guests. continue reading
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Level1 2018-01-18
I have booked the buy 1 free 1 promotion for 2 seats 1 day earlier. however, when I have reached there on time, none of the worker acknowledge of the booking and they are rejecting my booking on the spot. The reason of rejection just because of none of them is being communicated on the promotion on going, this is very disappointed and have ruin my mood to having dinner in their restaurant. continue reading
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之前在Mid Valley 戏院那层存在过的庆洲韩国烤肉店随着那里的大翻新已经关了好久,之前的店我好久好久光顾过一次,不过应该是没什么亮点让我回头,所以一直到它关了我都没留意到。没想到前几个星期竟然给我瞄到它又重新开始营业了,店的面积缩小了好多。刚好今天想吃韩国烤肉,就让我来试试看新店的水准怎么样。。。翻了翻餐牌,发现这里除了烤肉还有提供一些面食和个人的套餐,这我觉得挺好的,很少会有顾客天天都想吃烤肉的,除了贵还会搞得全身油烟味,偶尔吃还可以。价格方面算是在韩餐里头的中流,我觉得还可以接受。Banchan 方面有几种选择,味道方面还不错,我个人最喜欢他们的泡菜,拿来配烤肉一定很不错!Beef BBQ Set- RM68.8这个BBQ Set 里包含了几种不同部位的牛肉片,还有一些猪肉,份量足够2个人吃。当服务员忙着准备桌面上的烧烤炉的时候我就心下一沉,什么?是直火而不是碳炉?喜欢吃烤肉的朋友都应该知道用碳炉烤的肉和用直火烤的分别,用碳的话不止温度较平均,烤出来的肉鲜嫩多汁,这些还在沿用的传统可不是没有它的道理的!直火的话呢因为火势猛烈,通常肉的表面都烤焦了里面都还不熟,我想这里的服务员也发现了这点,所以都用剪刀把烤肉剪小后在用铲大力的按向烤盘,务求里面要熟,哎。。。。。。。。那么肉汁不是都流失了变得硬邦邦吗?直火还有一个缺点,就是通常肉还没熟那整个烤盘已经变得黑黑的了,那些残留在烤盘表面的屑屑整个烤焦变成一颗颗黑黑的粉,不想吃了危害健康的我没办法只好要求店员每完成一部份的烤肉就要更换烤盘,是你逼我的~~~ ><我不知道有没有朋友吃烤肉跟我一样挑剔啦,我是很不能接受这种烤肉的方法。这里的用餐经验呢我打个中下的分数,食物的味道是还可以的,只是主打烤肉的店可以把烤肉的工具和员工 的技巧提高些吗? ♡♡KC continue reading
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Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant has relocated to third floor Mezzanine, Midvalley Megamall -near to cinema. The newly renovated Kyung Joo is so clean and comfortable to dine in. We are served with Premium Alaska set which is one of the Chinese New Year Set . Dishes for this Premium Alaska set are shown in each od the photo below. A very refreshing Yu Shang compare to the traditional Yu Shang. All of the side dishes are tasty and I love the kimchi and mushroom very much .... Alaska Snow Crab served in cold -We can taste the fresh and sweet of the crab meat.Alaska Shabu Shabu with taufu, mushroom and vege make the soup so tasty... We have Korean Snowflake beef & Jamon Iberico for BBQ and grill marinated chicken whole leg .After BBQ section , we were served with Hae Mool Jeon and Korean Fried rice cake.Dessert time - we are served with chilled cut fruit and Yummy Honey lemon soda.Honey Lemon Soda - complimentary dessert from the lady boss .... Yummy ! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-03-22
We had a girls' night out this Saturday. After watching Cinderella at GSC, we went for lunch whereby another friend joined us. I chose this over another Taiwanese restaurant because the price seems more affordable and there are more items like lots of sidedishes.2 of my friends ordered Kimchi Jjigae (pork) with rice. There is also korean glass noodles inside. I kind of like this soup the best compared to the rest of the kimchi soup. As for me, I ordered the Sam Gye Tang (half bird) for the cheapest price, RM 17.80, I have ever known.The Sam Gye Tang was not bad, almost like the one I had in Korea itself. The Korean ginseng does not have much ginseng taste like the Chinese version. The chicken is quite tender but not overly soft. There was also rice stuffed in the chicken. The overall dish was quite tasty.One of my best friends' favourite dish is Doenjang Jjigae (RM 20.80). To me, it was too diluted I still preferred the Kimchi Jjigae. It has seafood like fake crabmeat and flower mushroom. The Toasted Rice Balls (RM 20.80) were the most unique. We needed to actually make our own rice balls before toasting them in the middle. It also probably had kimchi inside together with seaweed and some meat as my friend saw the meat inside when rolling it with her hands. My other best friend ordered the Bibim Naengmyeon (Beef)  (RM 19.80) which was not bad. It was rolled into a ball of noodles. The noodles looks like thin mee sua but of the harder version. As for my review of their side dishes, I would say that this is the first time that I would say that all the side dishes are fantastic. I like the lotus, eggplant (which was non-oily), kimchi (I am rarely crazy over kimchi this way). The green leafy vegetables were also so tasty and fresh. The bean sprouts was quite delicious and non-oily. The most special side dish is the kerang as korean restaurants never serve this as a side dish. The Korean Barley Tea (RM 3.80) was served in steel mugs which are also light. Quite ok but not that fragrant which I expected. The total overall price of RM 157.10 was quite reasonable for 5 pax.  continue reading
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This is the Premium Alaska Set offered by Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. Prices are:RM488 (5-6 pax)RM988 (8-10 pax)Dishes which are included in this Premium Alaska Set are shown in each photo below. First dish is the Alaska Shabu Shabu. There are crabs, mushrooms, taufu and vegetables in the hot pot. The crab meat is fresh and delicious.Alaska Shabu ShabuAlaska Shabu ShabuNext dish is the Alaska Snow Crab. I have to say that this is the best food that you should try at here. The crabs are well served. The crab meat is smooth and tastes sweet. Nice!Alaska Snow CrabIt is Lou Shang time! And we had Salmon Sashimi Yu Shang for Lou Shang. This is wonderful. Here comes the slices of beef and it is time for BBQ. We are served with pork, chicken and beef. I always love the korean bbq so much. The meat was good!Korean Snowflake BeefAfter BBQ, we were served with Hae Mool Jeon and Korean Fried Rice Cake. The Hae Mool Jeon tastes awesome! Korean Fried Rice Cake is very good too just that it needs to be cooked at a longer time in order to make the rice cake to be soft. Anyhow, overall, their food are excellent! If you are a korean food lover, you should try it on once or else you might be regret on it.Hae Mool JeonLemon ice with honeyThe staffs are friendly. Environment is clean and comfortable. The lady boss is very friendly and nice person. Kyung Joo Korean RestaurantAddress: T041A, 3rd Floor Mezzanine, Midvalley Megamall. (it is near to Magnum and GSC cinema)Reservation Tel: 012-227 3913Kyung Joo Official Website: Kyung Joo Korean RestaurantKyung Joo Official FB Page: Kyung Joo FBKyung Joo is right beside this Taiwan Recipe. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)