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Level3 2015-12-01
Well lately korean food has been expanding in Malaysia. I think the fans has been supporting the korean food all around. So i would like to try this Kyo Chon restaurant at One Utama after i found my new shoes . I heard my colleague said that it taste better than the KFC (maybe this one is slighly expensive). Well today is the day i would like to find out.They have this set that i think its quite reasonable for RM25 that serve you with steamed/garlic rice with the fried chicken (you can choose spicy or original) and with drinks. So i pick the set A as for my friend, she picked grilled chicken with steamed rice that cost the same.The services is quite slow here because i can see there are only few waiter/ waitress working around.We waited for 20 minutes for our food and we were starving ( don't come here if you are starving lol) . Then once we got our food i was only able to take normal pictures (not being creative because we were starving).In my opinion, the fried chicken is nicer especially the red (spicy) one as compared to the original. The grilled chicken is not bad but i like mine better . I'm gonna tapau next time to bring some for the nieces (because its weekend, they will usually come with their own toys, kids nowadays)Overall: reasonable, delicious, late services continue reading
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Level3 2014-07-07
hallyu hit the global stage in 2oo9 and took the world by storm as the korean wave swept us off our feet in 2o11.like the rest of the world, i was taken by everything k-related -- k-pop, k-drama, its language and the delectable foods, which was evident when korean fusion recipes hijacked my blog entries. the biggest highlights were my trips to seoul that solidified my love for its culture and country.when i left seoul, i thought that was the end of my relationship with korean fried chicken and i had to force myself to forget about its yumminess although the cravings occasionally struck.that was what i thought until kyochon chicken {교촌 치킨} entered into my life in an unexpected way. thanks to {mh}, who had the same desire to taste that sweet, savory, succulent delights again; i yelped with joy at our find on the internet search (social media to the rescue once more!) to find that kyochon wasn't too far from us.we were almost yodelling "korean fried chiiiiiiiiiiickiiiiinnnnnnnn" as we drove excitedly to the new wing of one utama, raced down to the lg floor across from cold storage to find our coveted chicken shack!much to our delight, there wasn't a queue, which was awesome cos we were starving. we knew that all we wanted was chicken wings but that was as far as we got as we looked at the menu. since we couldn't narrow it down, we just ordered all three of the flavors and waited patiently as we mumbled 'korean fried chiiickiiiiiinnn' under our breath.beverages -- premium teas | natural sparkling yuza fruit tea (rm 5.9o)a pleasantly refreshing drink, yuza fruit tea (which i am guessing is yujacha {유자차} in korean ) is a citron tea sweetened with honey, which was highlighted in the essence of tangy citrus accented by a balanced fruity sweetness makes this a irresistible drink to put down on a warm day.beverages -- premium teas | natural sparkling plum fruit tea (rm 5.9o){mh} picked the other premium tea on the menu but i had the better luck with my drink choice. this was slightly off putting and it didn't taste natural as the name would suggest. however, it was possible that it was an acquired taste to get used to the combination of tea and plum. i had a quick sip - it wasn't what i would have imagined the flavor to be -- i wouldn't have discerned it as plum in tea for my first taste but it was okay.perhaps it was the hunger. maybe it was us being impatient. or probably kyochon was fulfilling one of its three promises : no fast food, all natural and honest goodness because it felt like it took more than a couple of minutes before the chiiiickkkiiinnnnn finally made it to our table. i suppose that's justification enough. lol.what remains is the taste test!original soy series :: wing & drumette (s) | crunchy and crispy chicken coated in our exclusive soy garlic glaze. warning: highly addictive! (rm 9.9o)a classic asian flavor profile, the original soy series was slightly sweet but stronger with the umami and soy saltiness with garlic nuances that was difficult to discern with its subtlety. it wears the familiar favorite flavors on its semi-crispy skin that encased the well seasoned meat that remained succulent and moist but not greasy. the small order consisted of 5 pieces of the chicken wing/drumette.red series :: wing & drumette (s) | glazed with the original hot sauce made from korea's hottest chilli peppers! recommended only for the brave ones! (rm 9.9o)a departure from the usual, this would be a quick favorite with the heat seekers. the red series pack a spicy punch with a korean flair, highlighting their famed hot peppers where the heat persists after the sweetness of the sauce mellows out. a mouth-watering treat of sweet and spicy coating the slightly crispy skin that wraps around well seasoned moist chicken wings. it was a good amount of spicy (i love spicy food btw) and perfect intervals to go in between the savory sweetness of the other two series.honey series :: wing & drumette (s) | marinated for 24 hours in our special seasoning, then fried to perfection and coated with natural honey sauce. sweet and sticky, but never runny. (rm 1o.9o)my favorite of the three! in comparison to the other two series, the chicken wings appears to be slightly bigger in size (also the reason why the extra dollar on the price tag). as i bit into the crispier skin, this series was prepared differently with a coating over the marinated chicken wings to give a satisfying crunch that was finished with a sweetness that countered the savory pieces of moist meat. the honey sauce left its sweet and sticky mark on the fingers -- ending with us licking our fingers as testament to its tastiness.honey series :: honey stick (s) | marinated for 24 hours in our special seasoning, then fried to perfection and coated with natural honey sauce. sweet and sticky, but never runny. (rm 1o.9o)similar to the chicken wings edition, the honey sticks are just the bigger version in the drumstick form. however, my personal preference is the wings just because the crispy skin to the meat ratio is higher in the wings makes it a more guilty but yummy pleasure.kyochon 1991 has compelled chicken lovers with so many reasons to visit their establishment considering they are the no.1 chicken brand including winning the new york nbc's best wing award and was consistently chosen as the "best brand" for 11 consecutive years in south korea, to name a few. more than just chicken wings, their menu also offers salad and classic rice dishes for some variety.for us, it's for the finger licking good, not-so-greasy, crispy yet moist chicken that would keep us coming back. especially when our korean fried chiccckiiinnnn cravings comes knocking.disclaimer this is written based on personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-28
Spicy Fried Chicken.Honey Glazed Fried Chicken.Original Flavor Fried Chicken.Love the spicy series fried chicken of Kyochon! For spicy lover, you must try this.Kyochon fried chicken is crispy, crunchy and delicious. They have 3 series of fried chicken, Soy series (original), Red series (Spicy) as well as Honey series.I would prefer the spicy and honey one. It just taste so good! continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-05
KyoChon Korean Fried Chicken has been established since almost 23 years ago, and has now finally made its inaugural appearance at One Utama Shopping Mall, Malaysia. This Korean franchise takes pride in their choice of freshest chickens used as well as using only 100% natural ingredients. Apart from bringing the enjoyment of fried chicken one level up, they also emphasize on healthy double-frying process unique to KyoChon, using Canola oil. Now this reminds me of the picturesque view of the canola flowers in Jeju island 2 years’ back. Missing it though.Over here, you get to choose from varieties on how your fried chicken to be made, ranging from Soy Series, Red Series and also Honey Series.The Sal Sal is equally awesome too! The strips of chicken breast is smooth and succulent, unlike those available elsewhere. Slurps! Among them that warm the cockles of my heart is the Honey-glazed range. Not only that the meat is tenderly juicy with crispy skin on the outside, most importantly it is not oily and soothe the palate really well. One of he best drink to pair with the meal would be the Natural Sparkling Plum Fruit Tea. Comes refreshing with some citrusy. Kamsahamnida!!For more foodie roll pics, feel free to drop by :http://lwinlee.blogspot.com/2014/02/kyochon-korean-fried-chicken-one-utama.htmlCheers! continue reading
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