03-2078 6554
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10:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Char Siew Wan Tan Mee
Review (5)
Level4 2015-10-08
The legendary wantan mee since 1942 and run by third generation now , one of the best wantan mee in Kuala Lumpur . I think they have franchise out there that I seen at damansara utama , I ate there few time since my working place is there .I heard this wantan mee long time ago just don't have time to go down to have it , since the SCKLM 2015 was cancelled so we walk around In KL include Petaling street , we are purposely walk till here for the Lunch .The shop atmosphere can Tells the generations stories and the recipes been make , the noodles were freshly handmade everyday . The noodles are thin and light with a springy texture . the perfect combination for wan tan mee .The best Roasted BBQ pork(char siew) has it's own recipe on the meat and the fire level roasting the meat till so good .Old school steel chair and table just simple looks even those tourist know about it . we shared table with a couple of Thailand tourist , I asked about The wanton mee and they said it was delicious .Sad about the Green Chillies Pickle here , it just normal with others , Koon Kee at damansara Utama provide the best Green Chillies Pickle at the moment that comes with spicy .can you see the roasted pork , the meat tender was soft and the fats melt in my mouth , delicious!!The wantan of koon kee filled with mince pork and shrimp i think so , i forget about it but it taste like normal wanton out there .Restoran Koon Kee lives up to its reputation and you’ll find a lot of different garnishings to go with your wan tan mee .Koon Kee Wan Tan MeeNo 95, Jalan Hang Lekir, Kuala Lumpur, 50000, MalaysiaPhone:+60 3-2078 6554http://eddyrushfatboy.blogspot.my/2015/10/koon-kee-petaling-street.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-14
冠记能说的上是非常老的老字号了,拥有差不多70年的历史,如今的冠记看起来虽然有点旧旧残残的但是这里确实老饕的最爱。这里的食物都是自制的除了好吃外还能吃得出一股人情味,这里的云吞面吃起来很爽口而且还有蛋的香味,叉烧也非常好吃,不会太甜而且肥瘦分明是我的最爱。 continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-01
Koon Kee Wantan Mee is located in Petaling Street China Town in Kuala Lumpur. Their trademark/ signature dishes is of course Wantan Mee. Wantan Mee used to be my "must have" breakfast for the past 5 years but I'm changing to simple oat meal now to take care of my constantly increasing weight. Koon Kee Wantan Mee is a must have dishes if you happen to be in China Town. I really enjoyed the wantan mee there as the noodles were freshly handmade everyday. I particularly enjoyed the wantan noodle with mushroom and chicken feet and the dumplings! (prawn and pork fillings) . continue reading
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Level3 2012-05-29
One of the place to dine at Petaling Street that is not swamped by tourists. We walked along a very busy street to enter this quiet shop. There is only another diner, an aunty. It's been quite a while since I've eaten here, just wanted to check if the quality is maintained. The criteria of a good plate of wantan noodle for me is its melt-in-your-mouth- sweet-charsiew, al-dente thread thin noodle that is very stringy not soggy covered with lards and sweet dark sauce, wantan soup with minimal white pepper and a dash of chopped spring onions and thinly sliced cili jeruk (pickled green chili). I've tasted better char siew but its noodle is still quite nice. Almost like wantan mee that I had in HK, if it's a thread thin. The noodle is still crunchy despite being soaked in soup for some time. The wantan is just okay. For a plate of medium dried wanton mee, a medium bowl of wanton noodle soup and 2 glasses of ice barley, I paid RM16, which is quite pricey but okay for a touristy place. I miss Ipoh, where I can have a plate of wantan mee at RM2.8 in First Garden but that's another story. MSG level is medium low. Protip: If you wanted a slightly cleaner place, can go to Koon Kee at the food court opposite. It's run by the same people. continue reading
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Doing this post sure brings back alot of memories of my wedding preparation. To be exact, it was preparation for the betrothal of gifts to the bride and family. Our objective was to place order for some traditional wedding biscuits at this place called Fung Wong Biscuits at Petaling Street. We got to know of this place from googling "traditional Chinese wedding biscuits" or something along those lines. We booked 38 boxes and stayed a tad bit longer at the place to check out their assortment of biscuits. While being there, there was a little "incident" with an aunty and the shop's teenage sales lady(looks 20-ish anyway).The aunty was just asking the girl how much one of the product cost. Instead of informing the aunty about the price, rudely, she said "There are price labels sticked on it". Furious, the aunty replied condescendingly "Why can't you just tell me Don't you know I can't read" Still, the aunty grabbed whatever she wanted and paid for it. The lady at the cashier was embarrassed but yet, didn't apologize.ANYWAY, we got what we wanted and we had extra time to kill before heading back home. As soon as I checked in Petaling Street via foursquare, a friend's foursquare tip popped up. He recommended a wan tan mee place called Koon Kee with simple landmarks to find it. It's opposite Hong Leong BankThe place might bring back memories for some but I could tell that this place has been around for a long time.No offense to those that love the wan tan mee here but I didn't find anything spectacular about the wan tan mee nor the char siew. Don't get me wrong, the wan tan mee tasted fine but I think I have gotten used to tastier and thicker caramelized char siew slices, thicker and more fragrant black sauce and noodles that are springier. With that said, the presentation and taste does give a sense of nostalgia. The wan tan was decent.A sumptuous bowl of Sui GowWe also ordered a bowl of sui gow. Pretty similar to the wan tan but sui gow are normally 2 times bigger with more fillings. The sui gow was delicious and I really like them. Fresh pork, prawn, mushroom fillings and they even use parleys to make it even more fragrant.Can't remember the price for the sui gows but I think the price for the wan tan mee was RM5 for a large order.Address It's at Petaling Street and the only landmark I can give is Hong Leong Bank(Koon Kee is opposite of Hong Leong Bank). Might take awhile for you to find it but it shouldn't be too difficult. continue reading
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