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Sanma Shioyaki Bluefin Tuna (Maguro) Hokkaido Uni A5 Wagyu
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A brand new Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Opened their first outlet in Old Klang road area at Avantas Residences shop lots , The place was easy to be spotted and access from along old Klang Road main road . Kimi - Ya been operated for past two month and totally new name In F&B industrial but with More than ten years professional chef experience , Kimi - Ya provide fine dinning experience with afforded Price tag . The Decoration of wooden fulfill almost the whole atmosphere and also all the wooden tables and chairs in every section . The cozy Environment makes me so comfortable while dining . Large alcohol wardrobe with huge price range of Japanese wine to sake . When I stepped in the restaurant , I was been greeted politely by the staff with a cute smile smile on her face and well served to our seats . The Sashimi that been serve here was air-flown fish and decorated on top of the bowl of ice to maintain the freshness . Chinese New Year Special Yee Sang 4 - 6 Pax RM38 Add Your Own Prosperity Yee Sang Shiro Maguro Sashimi RM 26 Salmaon Sashimi RM 28 Maguro Sashimi RM 28 Hamachi Sashimi RM 43 Chinese New Year just around the corner , kiMi-Ya specially gave a great deal to consumer to "lou sang" at their Restaurant . Yaki Otoro RM 29Grilled Supreme Bluefin Tuna Belly With Teriyaki Sauce .Unexpected Delicious dishes , My first experience having the Tuna Belly and it was stunning when the belly melt in the mouth . (Salada) KIMI-YA Soft Shell Crab Salad RM 33Deep Fried Soft Shell crab with Assorted Vegetable pour with their Special Chef homemade Dressing with the option of 3 dressing which is Sesame, Wafu and also Yuzu Dressing . (Salada) Yasai Salad RM 18Seaweed , Avacodo , Sea Moss With Assorted Vegetables pour with their Special Chef homemade Dressing with the option of 3 dressing which is Sesame, Wafu and also Yuzu Dressing . Hana Sashimi Moriawase ( 4 Types ) RM 50Salmon , White TUna , yellowtail and Tuna . Hana Sashimi Moriawase ( 6 Types ) RM 90 Salmon , White TUna , yellowtail , Tuna , Salmon Roe and Scallop . Hana Sashimi Moriawase ( 7 Types ) RM 150Salmon , White TUna , yellowtail , Tuna Belly , Scallop , Octopus and Pink Shrimp . Unagi Avacado Roll RM 28Avocado , Omelette and cucumber roll with Roasted Eel & Salmon Roe Topping . KIMI-YA Special Roll RM36Avocado , Omelette and cucumber roll with Garlic Mayonnaise on sliced tuna & black Caviar Topping . Ayu Shioyaki RM 28Grilled Japanese Sweet Fish With Salt . Soft and sweet meat that the bone need to pickle out by skill needed . Hotate To Kinoko No Mentai Yaki RM 28Grilled Scallop and Mushroom With Seared Marinated Roe Mayonnaise . Scallop and Mushroom cover by the roe Mayonaise makes more juicy when having a bite , it will be kinda salty on this dish but the roe was nice to for the freshness . (Nabe Mono) Salmon Kabuto Miso Nabe RM 23Salmon Fish head and assorted vegetables Hot pot with soybean paste based soup . I like that it has a bit of everything (fish , vegetables , tofu and Mushroom ) to make it a complete and deliciously balanced meal . I found that the fish head and bones gave the broth an extra umami richness and sweetness . KIMI-YA Sushi Moriawase (assorted 16 Psc) Goushuu No Wagyu Ishiyaki Miso RM 120 Using the premium wagyu beef and ribeye from Australia That Grilled slowly with patient on top of the 100 celsius hot stone(volcano stone) like the traditional way . It just took 2-3 minute to have the perfect(Half Cooked) Wagyu meat grilled and then Dip it into their homemade miso , Pecfecto !! Goushuu No Wagyu Shabu Shabu 100% Authentic Japanese Wagyu Shabu Shabu to cook in Japanese Hot Pot . This is from authentic Japanese air flown wagyu . The finest meat in the world . If you go to Japanese restaurants for shabu shabu , you know that it is a most wonderful dining experience . Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon The process of making Inaniwa Udon takes about four days as it is all done manually. After kneading the dough by hand, it is wrapped around two rods, flattened, then stretched and finally air dried. The handmade process results in Inaniwa Udon noodles that are thinner compared to conventional udon noodles and have a smooth texture served cold with tempura and Dipped in special cold soup . Niku tori paitanWheat Noodles Served In Japanese Curry , curry udon consists of udon noodles mixed with Japanese curry sauce and warming noodle soup with all of the rich flavour of katsu curry. Abekawa Mochi RM 10Another of the many mochi-based Japanese confections , abekawa mochi takes a soft, chewy base and coats it with a subtly-flavored coating of sweetened kinako flour . Mizu Shingen Mochi RM 10 Japanese Raindrop Cake served with brown sugar syrup and soybean powder . The bouncy delights which definitely cute to the max . Chocolate , Black Sesame , Matcha , Yuzu Sherbet Ice Cream If you looking for a real Japanese cuisine with affordable Price , Why not pay a visit to Kimi-Ya to experience Japanese fine dining concept and just pay for premium price . Chef KHIM are proud to share the experience along dining and teach you how was the correct way to have Japanese foods . I was enjoying the foods along with Chef KHIM by guiding us to enjoy and the way he teach much more detail than others that only served you the foods , gets to know what you actually eating at Kimi-Ya .Kimi-YaAddress : G-2, Avantas Residences, 162,Jalan Klang LamaKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaContact : 013-239 3406Hours : Daily 12:00PM - 3:00PM , 6:00PM - 10:30PM continue reading
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