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Level4 2016-01-26
one of the best few places that i would highly recommend for good and smooth chicken! and their kuay teow soup should not be underestimated as a plain tasteless noodle soup. instead it was so flavourful that i finished every drop of soup. also had a side of small plate of their taugeh to up my vege intake. and ordered some extra wontons to go with the mains.  continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-06
没什么特别的油饭,但是总比吃白饭来的好。要是有姜蓉能够送饭一定更好吃。但是他们家就是没有姜蓉比起白斩鸡,我更喜欢烧鸡。比起鸡腿,我更喜欢鸡胸肉。虽然有点异于常人,但是我觉得要是连烧鸡都能做得好吃,其他部位肯定没问题。所以每次点餐,我多半都会点烧鸡鸡胸肉。这烧鸡胸肉挺滑嫩的,相信是店家在砍鸡的功夫相当不错。粗糙的肌肉组织都被破坏掉了,所以挺容易咀嚼。肉质相当甜,多汁,沾上酱汁带点咸味更美味可口。这样一餐RM5,还过得去! continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-03
The place that Subangites have been constantly talking about, has been continuing its popularity until today for its honest and famous ipoh kuey teow and smooth white chicken (bak zham gai), hence the spread of word of mouth to people living outside of Subang. My friends usually asked me for makan recommendations, so I did not hesitate to suggest this place for dinner, other than it being in my list of places to visit We certainly want to order the famous smooth chicken, considering it is the signature dish here and of course Ipoh. It clearly did not dissapoint us. Beneath the silky smooth and albeit shiny skin lies the tender looking chicken meat. We opted for kai yi dou, hence the extra smoothness and tender texture of meat. The soya sauce mixed with sesame oil gravy accompanying the chicken was great- fragrant, not too salty nor lack in great taste.The rice was fluffy, well separated with wonderful infused chicken stock used to cook it. The awesome chilli gravy here is one of the best, if not the best. Carrying hint of fragrant chicken stock and not so spicy flavour, certainly suits my tastebud a lot. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-14
We were brought to Kar Heong Restaurant for the Ipoh Style Chicken Rice by our bassist who’s a Subang local. he outside of restaurant was unimpressive but surprisingly it already quite busy at 5pm. There were newspapers and magazine cutouts plastered all over the wall. All good signs. The service was efficient and food arrives within minutes. Even better!I’ve always been fond of Chicken Rice and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. The Chicken was smooth and extremely silky. Goes well with the umami soy sauce and sesame oil. Almost melts in the mouth. Perfection. I didn’t touch the Roast Chicken though it went empty pretty quickly. The chili sauce is really good here, with a strong kick and the strong garlicky fragrance. Best thing is they come in a tub and you can take as much as you like. The rice erred on the dry side, maybe they are trying to be health conscious and use less chicken fat to cook it. Not a huge issue.For only RM4.00, you get a huge plate of fat bean sprouts. You really don’t have to do much to such good quality produce, and they do this dish well. Crunchy (both the bean sprouts and fried shallots), well seasoned and aromatic. Provides the textural difference needed in this meal.They are also quite famous for their pork balls so we’ve ordered some with wantans. Nothing to complain about. I’d happily finish the whole bowl if it wasn’t for the lack of stomach space. The boys had second helping of rice! I think I’m surrounding by eating machines.I would go there again! continue reading
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I'm working in SS15 Subang, its always a fuss of what to eat during lunch because there is simply too many choices....LOLBut there is one stop i always go with my friend for the best chicken rice, that's Kar Heong in SS14. Its always packed during lunch time and we have to share tables with other people. The shop is located at the shop houses along shell station, there is only 2 -3 max tables for smokers, others will be indoor with aircon.My friend and me, always the 2 of us will order quarter chicken, siew yuk, Taugeh (beans sprouts) and 2 chinese ice tea.... It seems it will be never enough of the chicken. Sometimes if we do not order siew yuk, we will order half a chicken. lol This is what we ordered a few days back. A close up of the quarter chicken. We always ordered the steam chicken, i've ordered the roasted chicken once, the chicken is a bit hard and dry, i still love the steam ones. the chicken is soft , warm and tender. The soy sauce is not too salty, just right to eat with the fragrant chicken rice and it compliments well with the steam chicken. When u ordered chicken rice, they will always give you complimentary clear soup. Siew yuk is a must when eating chicken rice. Although eating siew yuk is always expensive and only come just a few pieces. But it is so irresistible! I made some research that the Siew Yuk here is indeed special and cooked differently. They use charcoal to roast the pork and it helps to seal in the blasting flavor and make the pork more crispy. We always try to order sau yuk ( skinny meat) a bit of a health conscious.The juicy meat and crispy skin with the combination of pork fat in the middle. words could not describe! Last, Taugeh or the ipoh beansprouts is the talk of the town. One big plate for only rm2! The taugeh here is different here, suppore to be from Ipoh where the water is different and grow very Big, fat and crunchy beansprouts. The chicken rice is not the normal white rice. Chicken rice is cooked with chicken stock filled with the essence of the chicken. you even can smell the fragrance of the pandan leaves and ginger. Normally i try not to take so much rice, but this is simply wonderful,I ate the whole plate! the rice are grainy, it seems like its all individual rice separated by the oil, its not like the normal rice that will stick together. I've tried the chicken rice in Ipoh, suppose to be famous one, but not as nice as this loh! this is a must try and must come back!madThe prices are a bit expensive compared with normal chicken rice, but this one is to die for! continue reading
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