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Deep in the city, there’s a special mamak stall that sells the best roti special. The shop is always hidden until it makes the identity if the shop as a mystery. Most of the customers consist of people who lives in KL that knows the secret stall. The stall was regular and the menus were the same as the other mamak stall along the same road. But what makes it so special?During my college days, my buddies and I would always craved for a midnight ‘lepak’ place. The problem is our regular mamak stall was always full of other students. That’s when we discovered this special stall.Regular customer would always call it ‘Mamak Telur Goyang’. Don’t bemistaken. People call it that because the most famous menu of the stall is its Roti Special where the roti canai is cut in small squares and is dipped deep in curry gravy, or what the Malaysians called ‘roti banjir,’ then served along with two half boiled egg dancing in your plate just waiting to be eaten. The price was reasonable, which is RM3.50 per plate. The range of water was normal like other mamak stall but I’d suggest their ‘teh tarik’, because it was full of foam and creamy taste.There were also other menu on the list but people would mostly ordered the Roti Special. You can opt to eat it with some ‘sambal’ which are full of fried anchovies (ikan bilis) which would totally give your meal some texture.The environment of this shop was also chilling and relaxing. Most people would come here to chill and enjoy a different view of our beloved City of Kuala Lumpur. Teens and even officers who had just finished their work would come to the stall and eat. The stall was so small but yet the dining tables were arranged alongside the side walk, which actually would give you the old-school buzz of ‘lepaking’ at a mamak stall. What a memory.Though I can’t say that this stall hadn’t had any downside. First of all, the stall was located at a very packed place so if you are thinking of coming by car, you would probably had to circle the block for a few times before you get any parking. The arrangement of the dining tables were too packed and closed with each other, making the customer felt a little uncomfortable, especially if you are a woman. Plus, because it is near with the city center, they can’t avoid the appearance of beggars. And the beggars there were quite extream to the point of touching and forcing. So people, watch out a little for your precious belonging. I’d say I wouldn’t recommend women to come here alone. I could get pretty scary along the dark alley. As for the hygiene issue, I’d say that a person with OCD should probably don’t come here. Because the shop was located near the river, there will be some mouse near the rover and other ‘unfriendly’ animals and at times there could be smells coming from the polluted river. continue reading
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