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Just Seafood serves fresh seafood. You can expect delicious Charcoal BBQ Crabs, Chilli Mussels and large oysters here. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Signature BBQ platter with Lobster Chilli Sweet Snail Barbecue Mussels Sour & Spicy Crab Charcoal BBQ Kerang
Review (3)
Level4 2016-09-09
Calling all seafood lovers again!!!Come and experience with Just Seafood , they are 100% seafood restaurant that serves quality and fresh seafood with an environment to create memorable experience for their customers . Just Seafood was Started their business in 2014 at Sunway Giza . The restaurant is cosy with a friendly environment where people can enjoy good food . Almost been operation for 2 years in Kota Damansara till today the business was going well as planned . The restaurant is located middle in Sunway Giza , one of the corner lot of central big fan podium and easy to spot , there are several Dining area at Just Seafood , either can sit outside or inside . Their have second floor that offered big tables with huge space , Up here was bright enough too . classic hanging lamp and some wall frame photo will makes the moods feel better while eating . All the photo is about fisherman or wide ocean that to do with the seafoods , they have the space!!, nO WORRIES OF Waiting .... A large bowl of freshly prepared seafood offering a wide array of seafood combinations . It will then be pour on the table like a mountain of delicious seafood . Each flavour comes with sides of potatoes , carrots and corns . The Signature Drinks , Lemongrass Pandan Cooler & Iced Lemon Tea . This two drinks play the roll to open your appetize . Crab claw pincer and disposable gloves will be set on the side of the table . There will be a steel bowl for shells dispose , Before starting to get dirty , they will stick a piece of long paper-plactic to prevent the penetration of sauces . The biggest oysters that I ever had!! - USA Oysters for RM18.00 per piece , The oysters was imported from Seattle , USA . Squeeze The lemon And drop some tabasco sauce then push the whole oyster flesh into the mouth . The Different between Just Seafood and others seafood restaurant is a “hands and table” concept . No cutlery will be provided and customers will be enjoying their food with both hands wore disposable gloves . disposable gloves is provide by The restaurant . Cajun Style sauce , The best seller in the house . This sauce kinda spicy which makes my appetize feels more delicious and it's become my favourite on the spot . Perfecto for the bread dip . The interesting idea encourage that seafood always taste nicer when consume using hands and Makes everyone really focus on the food beside of phones . Eating with hands are highly recommended , Because it's gonna get messy anyway while getting the crab ripped apart . Deep Fried - Oyster Fritters (300g), Large prawn Fritters (300g) and Calamari Fritters (300g) . The Buttermilk sauce was my second favorite . milky seafood cook with the fresh milk and the Curry leave makes the fragrance . Suitable for those can't take spicy . The Creamy Peanut , Malaysian Style sauce . the combination of spicy and satay version . strong peanut essence remind me of satay celup . The Ying Yang seafood mountain of The Buttermilk sauce and The Creamy Peanut sauce . So, if you're a big fan of seafood or any form of shell fish for that matter , do head down to Just Seafood at sunway giza . The seafood is definitely the freshness even the best sauce for me will be Cajun Sauce . Cajun Style 1 to 2 pax RM109++ 3 to 4 pax RM199++ 5 to 7 pax RM399++ Buttermilk & Creamy Peanut 1 to 2 pax RM99++ 3 to 4 pax RM189++ 5 to 7 pax RM369++Just SeafoodA-9-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14,Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810,Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.hours: 12:00pm - 10.30pm dailyContact: +6012-229 0855 / 03-6144 6366 continue reading
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Level3 2016-09-05
Any hungry folks in the house? Do you think of nothing but food all the time just like me. If you are passionate toward a good food, you will definitely love to churn for new places. Just Seafood is classified for their fresh seafood that served on-table style in three sauces for your to choose (Louisiana Cajun, Butter Milk and Creamy Peanut). Just Seafood use the fresh ingredients Just Seafood established since late 2014 and the signature sauces has captured their customer heart. According to Terence Ham, founder of Just Seafood " Just Seafood strives to serve only the tastiest and freshest of seafood at our outlet". 100% support what Mr. Terence has mentioned. Tools that will provide by Just Seafood The Louisiana Cajun style is unique to me and this sauce was made popular by Vietnamese in Louisiana. The perfect sauce of Louisiana Cajun really bring out the nice aroma of the seafood. Imagine the juiciness of the seafood pair with Louisiana Cajun create a nice taste on your mouth and this is the best selling sauce. Give a try of they creamy peanut as it is inspired by Malaysian's favorite satay dish that comes with the spicy peanut sauce. You can expect a aromatic nutty taste that will make you lick your finger while enjoying the food. Love how the creamy peanut sauce blend well into the seafood and give a "kick" when you suck on the juicy seafood. How can I resist such a tempting food from Just Seafood. Buttermilk Sauce is also very well-receive by their customer. Just Seafood spares no expense when it comes to their ingredients as a whole bottle of buttermilk is whisked into its special blend and its flavor is also enhanced with freshly plucked curry leaves. Yumm... Yumm Oh ya, a must try on their fresh and big oyster. My hubby enjoy it so much and you can see the big smile draw on his face. Squeeze a slice of lemon on the oyster and you can taste the freshness of the oyster when it go through your throat. Marvelous.... Some side dishes prepare by Just Seafood. Just seafood is completely pork free and they practice open kitchen concept as customer can view the cooking and preparation process. To them, hygiene is their first priority to ensure their customer enjoy their seafood with a piece of mind. For more information regarding Just Seafood, fee free visit their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustSeafoodMY Just Seafood A-9-G, Sunway GizaNo. 2 Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5, Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya continue reading
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We went to Just Seafood because a visiting friend from HK wanted to eat sting ray. Initially we noted that a lot of the food was more fusion type, but we said we would try it.I come from Sabah, where sting ray is abundant and I've been eating it all my life. I've also tried the sting ray in Jalan Alor before. But this was something else. a GOOD something else. So juicy, so succulent and I love how they did not put too much flavouring, so you can taste the freshness of it. it was RM 32 for the portion but we loved itWe started with Mussels with Australian recipe. Large serving of very clean fresh tasting mussels with dipping bread. The staff also recommended the crabs, which I love. We wanted to order two but the staff said one is enough for 3 of us. It came very quickly, within 20 minutes. it was lip smacking good. It came with some bread for dipping and we slurped all the butter sauce. At only RM 89 it was a steal. The crab was huge and even the legs had lots of meat. SatisfyingThe crab fried rice is another winner from this restaurant. It tasted like nothing I've ever had before. Each grain of rice was coated with egg and the crab was so good. A very generous portion for about RM 27. I love this place. It's affordable, the ambience is great and the staff is wonderful. I really have high hopes for this new restaurant and hope it stays for a long time.I'll be introducing it to friends and family in the future continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)