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Review (17)
Level4 2013-08-07
Joseph Kitchen @ Bangsar is nicely decorated but the service is really bad.the ice cream i choosen is the simple banana split,dessert serve as banana split.Only vanilla is available.and i prefer more to chocolate taste.so upset by the choices here and the food is terrible.i wonder the cook is properly trained?the ice cream actually started to melt and bad impression of the food continue reading
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Level2 2013-07-08
It is rare to come across a restaurant proudly accentuating its cooking philosophies from behind the kitchen doors. Hence, when I had a chance to hear Shirene, Sylvia, and Edmond sharing their fascinating stories behind Joseph @ Kitchen, I soon realised that they have poured their heart and soul into creating culinary delights that would make their customers smile. The first thing that I asked was “Where is Joseph?”, as I instinctively presumed that Joseph is the real owner of the restaurant. But that wasn’t the case.It all started when a customer named Joseph dropped by their previous café at KL Sentral to have a meal one fine day. However, by a strange twist of fate, he ended up teaching them how to cook instead. Essentially, Joseph is a man who believes in cooking tasty food using simple ingredients. Now, this is an unfamiliar person that they knew nothing of other than his first name, stepping into their kitchen and generously imparting his knowledge about cooking. The peculiar part of this tale is that they had never knew his full name or his whereabouts. Much like a fleeting breeze, Joseph left soon after teaching them and never came back. Nevertheless, Joseph’s brief visit taught them many things about cooking among which is to always put their heart and soul in cooking. This simple yet profounding statement was the starting point for Joseph @ Kitchen in recognition of his contribution. They hope that by using the word ‘Joseph @ Kitchen’, he would one day find out about the restaurant and come visit them again.As much as I was fascinated with their story, the food was equally enticing as well. Joseph @ Kitchen’s Tomato Pappa (RM 8.90) was certainly full of natural goodness. Using tomato puree and fresh tomatoes, it certainly packed a good punch. I could tell how much tomatoes were used judging by its thick and creamy texture. Although it was sourish, the soup was a good appetizer to ‘open’ up the stomach for more tantalizing meals to be served.If there is such thing as food romance, then I had certainly fallen in love with their Waldorf Salad (RM 11.90). Made from fresh apples, celery, raisins and walnuts, the salad was really appetizing. The natural sweetness of the apple chunks complimented the slightly sourish taste of the Japanese mayonnaise while the crunchy walnuts provided a contrasting texture to the softer raisins. Highly recommended.When Joseph @ Kitchen pointed out that not many restaurants out there can cook good spaghetti, I concurred with a heavy sigh. Thankfully, their Mushroom Olio (RM 14.90) was exceptionally good. Cooked with fresh mushroom and herbs, they have competently used the right amount of ingredients to prepare this simple traditional spaghetti.Their Chicken Taco was also one of my favourite dish that day. Chunks of chicken meat was perfectly cooked with taco seasoning mix are layered in crisp taco shells with lettuce, cheese and tomato for a great good bite. The spices, tomato and the chicken created the perfect harmony for this wonderful meal.I also loved their Toasted Focaccia Bread with Smoked Salmon, Lettuce & Onions. The slices of salmon were undeniably fresh while the Focaccia bread has the right texture. Coupled with the fresh crunchy lettuce and onions this is one sandwich not to be missed at Joseph @ Kitchen.And for something lighter, their Ceasar Salad (RM13.90) is a good choice. Mixed greens and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, tomatoes and finished with a boiled egg, I find myself enjoying this salad as much as the Waldorf Salad. Again, the ingredients were fresh. The lunch ended on a perfect note with servings of their Scones (RM 5.90 each). It has such a lovely crisp crust with a rich buttery flavor and light and fluffy texture. Each scone gave a delightful bite which put a smile on my face just as how Joseph @ Kitchen advocate their food philosophy.Suffice to say, Joseph @ Kitchen is a wonderful place to dine with its cozy ambiance and great food. Their passion for cooking is clearly reflected in their range of cuisines that are both healthy and tasty. With the big ‘smile’ on its logo, they have clearly not forgotten that great food will always put a smile on their customers’ face. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-16
joseph kitchen have two outlet one in menara uoa bangsar and another outlet in solaristhis outlet in bangsar is located near to the lrt putra station and my first and last visit herejoseph kitchen is not a good dining place. the seats are ok average deco, simple and clean but with bad attitude of the waiter and waitress, i will not go back to dine in here again and never. the staff cannot understand english especially the malay staff or foreigners some i can saidThe environment is just simple. the food menu is not variety and seem nothing special to try oni just ordered this Dessert -banana split for about RM 7.Only vanilla is available.ice cream flavour for chocolate is not available and so disappointing. the desserts is just normal continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-09
提供西餐。他们有非常好喝的蘑菇汤。在这里用餐可以点套餐,正餐包括了汉堡,鸡扒,牛扒,羊扒,意大利面等等。我觉得这里好的地方是环境非常舒适,楼下的总是满座嘛~这里卖的salad也很好吃哦。价钱中等 continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-30
Red VelvetAside from the main meal, dessert part is not to be missed. Here we have the attractive Red Velvet bidding at you. They does look appealing and beautiful. The bold reddish cake is layered with some white cream, and then topped off with some white chocolate flakes. This combination has made it even milkier and quite awesome to be enjoyed moderately, otherwise, diet plan would need to be overhauled again continue reading
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