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Level2 2015-06-03
My group of friends and I chanced upon Johnny Rockets and I haven't had it since I left the US, so I decided to give it a try.1. Chicken Melt Sandwich 15ringgitOkay, I was a bit surprised to learn that it wasn't a sandwich flooded with cheese and pressed on a sandwich press. In fact, it took me awhile to find the small slice of swiss cheese in my sandwich. On the bright side, there was one large onion ring, a load of barbecue sauce sauce and a tender piece of chicken. The whole sandwich itself was too much for me to eat. So I ate half and my friend took care of the other half. These are the typical large portions you would find at any American dinner!2. Oreo Milkshake 13.90ringgitIt was more of a ice cream waiting to be melted into a milkshake, the second metal cup was about 1/4 full with the remaining portion of the milkshake. It wasn't the best milkshake I had, but it was okay. I would still think steak and shake 2-3USD milkshakes would beat this hands down!This was my friend's burger, who told me it was very very good!The dining area, there was ample space for big groups of customersHere is the menu.The staff were very friendly and polite, happily greeting everyone that walked past the shop, customer or not.  continue reading
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