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Review (2)
Level4 2015-10-18
I have always wanted to try conveyor steamboat so I could not resist myself thing time round. I wanted to try 100 Celcius Conveyor steamboat buffet but since I am in the vicinity of USJ, I decided to come here. But I did not take anything from the conveyor finally because since there was not many customers, the varieties were few too. There are a few choices of the soup such as miso, spicy miso etc. We ordered the spicy miso soup which was fantastic that I kept drinking it. I ordered the Seafood Platter Shabu (RM 33.90) where the portion is not enough for 2 pax. The shabu had many varieties like 2 mussels, 2 scallops, 2 pieces of red snapper, 2 prawns and also some octopus. The standard for every Shabu Shabu is there is a bowl of mixed yong tau fu like items like fried fu chuk, sweet corn, pumpkin, yam, sausage, tofu, crabstick, pak choy, strawmushroom and lot of white cabbage. The NZ Premium Scotch Fillet (RM 11.90) was so delicious. The great thing about the beef and lamb here are the super paper thin meat cuts that makes eating the shabu shabu so incredible. The NZ Premium Lamb Shoulder (RM 12.90) is another great dish and goes well with the varieties of sauces available. The Premium Pork Belly (RM 9.90) was a last minute order because the thin meat could not seem to make me feel full. The pork belly makes eating meat a different experience. I usually do not like to eat meat because I simply do not like biting into coarse meat. The spinach (RM 2) was fresh and seems to go well with steamboat. The green tea costs RM 3.90 and the entire meal cost RM 76.50. The best part was the complimentary lemon zested freeze that was served at the end. It has a very sour taste inside.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-10-24
Jiro Shabu has been around for quite some time, but I have never tried it out before until last Sunday night.Jiro Shabu is a kaiten style shabu shabu restaurant (revolving belt steamboat restaurant). The interior was quite stylish and sleek, with the contemporary lighting and wallpaper.It was quite clear that it was our first time here, with the blur look we gave to the waiter LOL. The waiter immediately understood that "look" and explained to us how the restaurant "works"You can either go for their "All-you-can-eat" Shabu Shabu at RM35 per pax, where you have access to ANYTHING the restaurant offers (sushi, tenoura, fried rice, drinks, ice-cream...) or go for their ala-carte/set which costs much cheaper.We opted for the ala-carte and the waiter presented us their menu. There were various sets for us to choose from, from chicken set to mushroom set for the vegans, pork, beef, Seafood or even combo set for the indecisive ones and the price was really affordable too! Each set is served with a hugeeee bowl of veggies (white cabbage, bok choy, mushroom, crab stick, tofu, cheese sausage, sweet corn, fish cake and much more!) and a carbo side (choice of Rice, Udon, Instant Noodle, Ramen, Pan Mee, Vemicelle and Bamboo noodle!) so many choices @@Various condiments for customer to dip their food! I really liked the garlic chili sauce! I took one full bowl of it and finished it LOLBesides steamboat, Jiro Shabu also serves a variety of other food such as Tenpura, Fried Rice, Garlic Mussels and French Fries & Nugget drenched in mayo & cheese!SUSHI!! One piece of sushi cost RM2, except for the California Sushi (2 pieces for RM1)This plate cost us RM4 The sushi tasted OK. Like the ones you could get from supermarket. The coloured ebiko doesn't taste as bad as it seems.The various raw food on the conveyor belt! Each plate cost RM2, any colour One of the thing I love most about Jiro Shabu is their individual pots! I don't need to worry about my meat getting stolen by anyone hahaha There's three type of soup to choose from: Clear Soup, Kim Chi Soup and Tomyam Soup. I opted for the Tom Yam Soup.If you think that the soup looks really "clear" you're right. The taste of the soup was really minimal. I guess you could say it's healthier as the soup wasn't oily at all. Our vegetables bowl! The bowl was really deep! I couldn't finish the whole thing and dumped some into my brother's pot. The soup tasted a lot better and flavourful after dumping the food in =)Slices of Pork! Pork Set RM11.90The pork was sliced thinly to perfection. The pinkish colour of the pork was a good indication that the pork was fresh.My dad loved it a lot. He said the pork was tenderMy seafood order! Seafood set RM16.90 I'd rate a 5 star for their presentation.Taste wise, the squid, prawns and fish were quite fresh. However, the scallops, I don't think it was scallops :X it tasted like fish paste rather than scallops and their texture says otherwise too.Overall, Price was decent, service was prompt, food was average but fresh, but my dad loved it a lot. However, I'd drop by again if I have any steamboat cravings. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)