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Level2 2016-10-21
Always visited here for dim sum. Hargao and Chu cheong fun are good. But today dine in and the pai guat is a little bit under cooked. Ordered dai bao home and found a small piece of plastic inside. Hopefully the next visit will be better continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-11
Once again the sister and myself managed to convince my mother to bring us to our favourite Dim Sum joint. Which took a little while because whenever we ate there we often times over indulge and end up leaving feeling super stuffed. But in a good way.This time my first order was the braised pork ribs with black dace. This was AMAAAAZING! The flavours was strong from the garlic, dace and also all the magical seasoning that goes into this dish. The pork was tender and super well marinated. We had to order a second basket of this cause one just wasn't enough since I could easily finish one myself.My sister however went for this xiao long baos. Although they weren't as good as the ones we get from Dragon-I, these were delicious too. The meat was tender and each little dumpling was filled with enough soup for us to be happily slurping at it once it was cool enough. Add a little vinegar and ginger then this will be a perfect mouthful.For my mother, she ordered this giant fish balls which were actually better than I thought. Usually I never go for fish balls of any kind cause they're just too pasty for me. However these were nicely juicy & crunchy which was exactly what my mother likes.We also got an order of Lao Sa Pao which was MINDBLOWING. The first bite and you get a rush of the custardy inside which was super creamy plus has a strong salted-egg-yolk taste. HEAVENLY. Never can we get the same kind anywhere else.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-10-18
Saturday morning, a non working day. Suddenly has the urge to eat Dim Sum. Looking at the clock, is 7am. Ok, lets go Jin Xuan Kuchai Lama. Expecting to reach before 8am therefore the crowd has not started. Otherwise, it will waste my time waiting for table. As mentioned, the restaurant is only 30% occupied upon reaching. They have air-con seating area and non air-con which is just front of the restaurant. I prefer to dine with air-con.Notice that the menu still the same as before, Im referring to 2 years back. Good, showing good sign no adjustment on pricing. Agreed?!Quickly place the order and wait for foods to be served. As usual, beverages will be the first to serve. I have ordered King Tea RM6.50 this time.HK Shrimp Rice Roll RM4.80 is my favourite food. It serves hot, serve together with Dried Shrimp Chilli. I like the texture of it as it is very smooth and the prawn is huge & firm too. I have ordered one more plate of Plain Rice Roll RM4.80, two is better than one. I love the taste of the soy sauce, not too salty yet it has the fragrant of it. Indeed good!Siew Mai RM4.50 is one of the signature Dim Sum here. Each basket of the dim sum will comes in 3 pieces. All dim sum sold here are made to order to guaranteed the freshness of the food. I like the Siew Mai here, the balance of fat and lean meat as well as prawn which give you a good mouth feel of it. Seaweed roll RM4.50, something light. The filling  just taste similar to Siew Mai but it is wrapped with seaweed in outer part. Stuffed Green Chili RM5.00, the green chilli has pan fried before hand prior to the steaming then serve with the thick gravy. You hardly can see stuffed green chilli in most of the stalls but red chilli which is the common version of Yong Tou Fu. Anyway, this chilli is not spicy at all.Sticky rice lotus leaf RM4.50, pipping hot soft glutinous rice with dried shrimp. Light fragrant of lotus leaf that I can smell upon serving. Taste is just on my liking. Tasty and satisfying.Lastly, is the Pan Fried Shanghai bao RM5.00. Thin layer of skin and generous amount of filling. The mince meat filling is very juicy and succulent. The skin was being pan fried therefore it has the "wok hee" fragrant on it. It is not oily at all. Good!Jin Xuan Dim Sum would never dissapoint me with the food they serve. I happy with the food quality and pricing as well. I definitely will be back again. My concern is I have to wake up very early morning just to beat the queue. If really want to enjoy good food, queuing is worth it perhaps. ;-) continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-28
I initially did not want to eat dim sum here. I had the preconception and prejudice that Jin Xuan has the most expensive and worst dim sum ever and told everyone this. I wondered why KL-ites to eat here and today's experience proved me wrong at Kuchai Lama. Firstly, it was the best gyoza ever despite it being cold. The insides has some crunchiness from the cabbage and combined with the chicken, it became awesome. Previously, I rarely eat pork or pork ribs for that matter but nowadays I eat pork selectively to help me in my diet. The pork rib was so sweet with the sauce totally coating the pork ribs completely. I can imagine my best friend biting this and sucking every single part of it. Dad love the Loh Mai Kai so much that I did not have a chance to taste it. I particularly like bacon wrapped with anything hence the bacon roll with dim sum inside is not to be missed. The bacon dumpling is so soft and tender. There is also cabbage at the bottom of the plate. I naturally like any dim sum with seaweed surrounding it, the same like what they did today for the dumplings with fake crabmeat inside. The Foo Chuk with straw mushroom dumpling was not bad either. Another killer would be the cheese mussel dumplings which was so sweet and juicy after they have cleaned up. Though I am not a cheese lover, this won me hands down.The Scallop Har Kau is also quite delicious. I also liked my favourite seaweed dumpling which was tender and soft.  continue reading
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耶!又是一篇食记民以食为天,这句话说的太好了!哈哈哈哈✿ ✿ ✿ 来,先说酒店昨晚入住的是位于mid valley附近的valenza hotel同样,我们也是事先在网上预订当然,价格会比walk in来得便宜些预订时候阿余一直唸‘’你确定你要网上预订吗?别到时候又不满意他们分配的房间囖!''老娘边预订边安抚他:''应该不会每次都那么衰吧!要是吵了起来,你要站在我这里喔!''(+﹏+)结果呢 (-.-)=3 拿到的房间不错!我打个七分网络也很赞!阿余给十分哈哈哈哈只是check in和check out时候,可以很明显feel到那股来自印裔员工的不友善很嚣张的态度!算了!我们也没计较那么多酒店安全,房间干净,睡得舒服就好啦!退房后,开车来到了闻名已久的锦选香港点心看看那人潮!夸张到!看看表,早上十点半没错我罕阿余原本还在担心,这么晚了才来会不会已经卖完了事实证明我们想太多了丫哈哈哈哈哈哈在大马创业十年有余如今锦选点心在巴生谷一代已开了五间分行·kuchai enterpreneurs park·damansara jaya·up town damansara utama·puchong jaya·old town pj 分为室内室外里外都是满满人潮大多一家大小的画面领了号码,要等上几十个座位乖乖站着不是我的style锦选点心店面很大,我毫不客气走来走去阿余原先好还跟着我乱晃最后他索性站在门口等我凯旋归来室内一旁有个专门放炸料的橱很惊喜不必等太久就有位子啦感谢那些吃饱了也不霸着位子久久不放的人点了一壶普洱茶我常说,一壶茶绝对是点心的最佳选择去油啊~这里走的是自助式下单待你填好了就请服务人员来替你key in菜单桌上摆放了辣椒酱油碟子筷子,连tissue也准备好了鲜少点心茶楼有这个idea最多嘛就放筷子筒+辣椒酱而已这里还备有按钮!很IN的一家点心呵呵~有什么需要的时候,不必大呼小叫的,轻轻按个钮就行囖虽说人山人海但如果你赶时间也大可放心来这里享用点心十一点左右,我们所点的全都一一上桌啦效率蛮快的喔~since u Q long for them excuse not to try this this and thisthanks mr yee waited for me to take picture *hug*將將將〜开餐囖 ˘︶˘小笼包RM6包点很多~我们只点了两种那份量不小耶点多了担心肚皮被称爆哇流沙包RM4竹笋腐竹卷Bamboo Fungus Shrimp Dumpling RM4.50refreshingly light ! 腐竹卷咬下去的口感很饱满还有那味道刚刚好的酱汁slurpppppp珍珠带子饺Scallop Shrimp Dumpling RM4.50珍珠带子饺的卖相好好喔味道也可以worth a try顶好虾饺皇RM4.50it taste pretty good每一口都是鲜嫩虾仁,那感觉太棒啦!豆鼓蒸排骨Steamed Spare Ribs RM4.50芝士青耗是不少网友推介的一道特色~美食爱好者不可错过的一道点心品尝过了真的会觉得真的可以大大力推中西合拼awesomely芝士青耗卖RM4.50除了蒸的,当让少不了各式各样的炸料服务人员托着个大盘一桌桌去让顾客选我是鲜虾腐皮的忠实粉丝不论去到哪一家点心茶楼我都不会错过这道点心鲜虾腐皮卷RM5等不及我拍,阿余已经是迫不及待先啃了一口店家并没有售卖一个半的份量 LOL 不要误会了!他真的是蛋挞的忠实粉丝耶去到哪里都会要来一份蛋挞RM4吃了那么多点心再来一碗粥会不会有点过份?店家还放了些许油条在粥上不点一份,好像对不起自己horrr ?哈哈哈哈哈皮蛋瘦肉粥RM4had a satisfying brunchfeel so blessedgood quality food at good value两个人一桌子的点心KO了原本店家还问我们能不能让其他顾客搭桌看着一桌子的食物,或许她会觉得还是不要打扰我们好了更新于3/3/15❤ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)