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Review (7)
Level3 2016-06-06
My friend from Penang just resign working here in KL, going back to her hometown for good. So we decided to make a farewell dinner for her. We went to Jibby & Co for the dinner which is far away from KL of course, at Subang Jaya (about 50 mins drive since it was after work session). Luckily the place is nice so as the food. I like the environment here, the design and all makes it a good place to get together for celebration and etc. I think the whole night we were singing a happy birthday songs together for the birthday people ( every half an hour). I see happy faces here, after tiring working day, its good to hangout sometimes with your friends or family. So we ordered what is suggested by the waiter and below are the list:- 1) Lasagna2) Carbonara3) Beef Burger 4) Aglio Olio5) Jibby's Platter ( some sort of nasi lemak)Surprisingly all food are great!Mine was carbonara and it tasted delicious and creamy. As for the lasagna, it was mouthful because all the ingredients mixed well except i would like to have some extra cream cheese . The burger is tender and the aglio olio is just perfect. I like western food since forever, but i have never found a restaurant that have everything delicious on the plate. Thumbs up for this! However, i was not able to taste my friend's sort of nasi lemak as she was super hungry and finished it all ( lol) . Well, if she was able to finished it, then it must be delicious.  Then we talked all night and suddenly planning a roadtrip to penang (more food! haha) . But yeah whether it will happen or not, we'll just wait and see ;p. All the best my friend, we'll visit you soon aite Overall: Awesome food and environment continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-24
It was the holidays and I finally got the chance to meet up with my friends who came back from UK for their summer break. We decided to catch up over some good food and one of my friends suggested Jibby and Co. Since none of us have been there before, we decided to give it a try.The cafe has 2 floors and the interior was really fancy and well decorated!! It was truly a great hangout place for friends to catch up with each others’ lives. I ordered the chicken with shimeji and portobello mushroom carbonara pasta as I felt like eating some pasta. My dish was RM 27 and to me I thought it was okay. The portion was really huge and I could only manage to finish ⅔ of it. The carbonara sauce was really thick and creamy and it filled up my stomach so quickly that I couldn’t take in any more food! I recommend you guys to share if you want to order the carbonara pasta.My friend on the other hand ordered the three layer lasagna which consisted of beef, mushrooms, roma tomatoes and basil sauce. She could barely finish ⅓ of the dish because it was really filling!! The dish costed her RM32 and I thought that it was such a waste paying so much for the food yet unable to finish it. Another friend of mine ordered the tiger prawns and blue swimmer crab pasta with chives, Napoli sauce and a touch of cream. Thankfully my friend could finish her dish and she commented that the flavours were spot on! Her dish was RM35.In my opinion, Jibby and Co served really huge portion food and the food can be really pricey. However the dishes tasted good and flavours were all there. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-16
We had a wonderful night and simply enjoy the food. Forgive me for not being able to remember all the fancy names of the dishes.We've ordered quite a lot, the fusion fried rice really do surprise me. Who would expect the chinese fried rice in Jibby actually taste good? Cook with aromatic rice, not too salty and in a right portion, all 8 of us love the rice.As for the seafood pasta, generous types of fresh seafood, it definitely worth the price!And for the carbonara, it taste real good for the first few mouth, but usually it turns fed towards the end, simply because of too creamy. But it doesn't mean it taste bad! I love creamy, i love cheesy, and i love carbonara too! Turns out this is one of the best carbonara i've ever tried.And especially i love their ginger ale too. Served with a glass with pinch of salt over the edge, you can taste the freshness and coldness of the drink. Best combination for salt, sweet and soda! continue reading
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After one visit all I can say is that, the interior is gorgeous. Food, not so much. A bit overprice for me, because the taste doesnt go with the $$. What I had was the baked eggs and it was so salty! Think the chef accidentally drop the bottle in it. Couldn't finish it at all, horrible. Chic Breakie looks nice and delicious but the portion is so small though. I think the coffee is good, but the food, mehh. So do go for the coffee and for the view inside out.http://felicia-grace.blogspot.com/2015/05/jibby-co-empire-shopping-gallery-subang.html continue reading
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Level1 2014-07-21
I heard alot of people talking about this cafe where they serve very good western food, desserts and drinks. So I thought I will give it a try during weekends. Here goes my review for this place. The environment and decoration is great. Nice place to chill and relax. Seen most of them are in the 20's to 40's dining some with families and some with friends. The cakes display looks alright too. Here's the food part. I ordered two drinks. One is the hot cuppocino and the other one is ice chocolate. I would like to say it is the WORST drink I've ever had. The chocolate drink is tasteless. Only cocoa and milk. Then, I told my friend, " let's try the fried calamari with japanese sauce". Oh man!! Then again it disappointed me.  The calamari was so soft and only can taste the flour. I really hope they could improve in their food and drinks.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)