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Level2 2015-11-24
If you are foodie, might realise there are a lot of Japanese grill and bars that have been popping up across the Klang Valley in this year, specialising in skewers/ Yakitori etc.Izakaya Kushi Raku specializes in kushikatsu, a Japanese dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat and vegetables. It is the latest hangouts in TTDI, located besides of Pickle & Fig because Izakaya Kushi Raku owned and operated by the same owner of Pickle & Fig. =) That is a huge different between Pickle & Fig and Izakaya Kushi Raku, Pickle & Fig is to offer healthy fresh handcrafted panini, sandwiches and smoothies. However, Izakaya Kushi Raku is serving the flavourful skewers and beers. There are lack of parking space during working hours, but ample of parking space after working hour. Izakaya Kushi Raku setup as a modern, hassle-free and fun Japanese grilled bar. Adding a Japanese touch to interior design, hang up the red lenterns and bamboo at the entrance, Sake bottles can be seen on top of the rack and even the furniture is mostly custom made to bring cohesiveness to the whole ambience.There are some unique dish in Izakaya Kushi Raku worth to gorge on, according to the owner, humbly offers skewers of chicken wings, pork meat ball, pork belly, bacon wrapped rice, beef ribeye, scallop, prawn, mushroom, cherry tomato... which you can't really find it in Japanese grill bars.Chuka Sazae Niku RM9So sorry that i didn't take a proper photo of it, it is actually behind of the sake. ><!!! This is an appetizer made from snail meat. Marinated in special sauce so i don't know this is snail meat until they told me, it is chewy in texture and flavourful, but a bit salty and i think it will be best paired with ice cold Japanese beer or a sparkling sake. Eihire (Skate Fin, left in picture) RM10It's a delicacy! The longer you chew Eihire, the more flavorsome it. I just can't stop to eat it before the food serve.Gekkeikan Sake RM19 (per jar)Gekkeikan is one of the world's leading sake brands and naturally brewed with contains no added sulfites. Chicken Wings Salt (Teba Shio) RM7 Succulent pieces of meat on a stick grilled to perfection, with crispy skin. It's the simplicity of skewers but also a delightful bites.Pork Belly Special (Bara Yaku to Age) RM7I am so sorry that i didn't try this because i don't take pork. *paiseh* Chicken Thighmeat with Wasabi Mayo (Momo Wasabi Mayone-zu) RM5 Cherry Tomato RM4 Grilled cherry tomato with salt only, taste the freshness and charred flavor.Beef Ribeye with Miso Sauce (Gyumiso) RM11 Definitely this is my favourite! Indulged me with this juicy, tender and mouthwatering skewers, absolutely delicious!Other than that, some comfort udon, soba, Japanese curry rice and tempura is also available as well as their signature appetizers as well. Seasonal special menu is available such as fresh seashells, do not hesitate to check with the owner or staffs. Squid Stuffed Rice (Ikasaki Raisu Zume) RM27 Succulent squid stuffed with delicious mixture of rice, a sophisticated dish and i have high expectation on it, but it's a little bit salty. Grilled Riceball with Salmon (Salmon Yakionigiri) RM7As a Japanese grill bar, Izakaya Kushi Raku serve a range of awesome beers and sake of course! Recommended the Sparkling Sake which is very good to go with the skewers. Izakaya Kushi Raku is also one of the few bars that serves Kirin Ichiban (Oh My! i love this beer!!! it is kinda gentle and smooth). It must be a wonderful place for sake lovers. =)Izakaya Kushi Raku is a fun place to catch up with friends and stay chill for the evening with some good foods and nice beer. Izakaya Kushi Raku28, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.Operating hours: Mon-Fri : 12.00pm-1.00amSat : 4.00pm-1.00am* Sunday Closed Tel : 03-28569200https://www.facebook.com/kushiraku continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-20
Cloudy Saturday evening , the sky looks slightly dark and don't know when it's gonna rain but I Don't care ! , because I having a food review In a restaurant and not out of the restaurant , HaHa . Thanks again for the Invite from foodInk .Izakaya Kushi Raku is located at TTDI serving yakitori kushiyaki foods , Izakaya Kushi Raku started their operation since December 2014 last year . meanwhile In Japan , Izakaya is a drinking place after everyone finish their work , what we called here happy hour and this Izakaya Kushi Raku in TTDI wanted malaysian to exprience a place where they can hang out after work while enjoying yakitori kushiyaki foods and get some imported Sake .Looks like The owners had put in a lot of effort on the interior design and a huge amount of japanese wall paintting hanging on the wall , as research , the wooden tables and chairs are Customize by their own .A nice palce for sake lovers to hang out too , Izakaya Kushi Raku offerring four different types of sake and they served it in traditional Japanese ways . they served us two kind warn and cold sake that soak in a container .Head Chef(Kim) on the left and Owner(Ken) on the right of Izakaya Kushi Raku preparing our Grill Yakitori kushiyaki in patience . I spot a little secret recipe on their crispy Chicken Wings , hehe . Wanna know about their little secret recipe ??Snail Meat - RM9 , The marinated snail meatTeba Shio Salted Chicken Wings - Rm 7 per stick , they are basically salted chicken wings that are grilled and used only a few basic ingredients .Bara Pork Belly Special - Rm7 per stick , pork belly skewers Perfectly caramelized , smoky-sweet, tender, heavenly morsels of pork belly made each bite a superb . pork is valued for its juiciness, taste and tenderness .Eihire Skate Fin - Rm 10 , Grilled Stingray Fin is a delicacy . When you eat this one, roast it over the fire.The longer you chew , the more flavorsome it becomes . This is one of the appetizers offer in Izakaya Kushi Raku .Grilled Cherry Tomatoes Skewers - Rm 4 per stick , they’re tiny , they’re bursting with Kosher salt juiciness , They were delicious !Sasami chicken thigh topped with wasabi mayonnaise - Rm 5 per stick , Continuing with the wasabi , these are ground chicken skewers with wasabi mayo . Beef Ribeye Miso - Rm 11 Per stick , The magic of miso is FLAVOUR ! Made from fermented soybeans , its rich sweet-salty nuttiness blends perfectly with beef’s . FTry it in marinades .Squid Stuffed with Ika Meshi - Rm 27 , Ika meshi is a simple dish in which a whole squid is stuffed with seasoned rice and cooked . The stuffed squid comes with grilled , the squid is simply sliced and then tare (thickened sweet shoyu) is drizzled over the top . ika meshi is another yummy treat that could make a taste good .Salmon Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball) - RM 7 Per Piece , Onigiri is made of white rice formed into triangular or oval shapes and filled with salted salmon , Don’t want to miss it .Izakaya Kushi Raku28, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur .Monday - Saturday 4pm - 1am Closed on sundayhttp://eddyrushfatboy.blogspot.my/2015/11/izakaya-kushi-raku-ttdi.html continue reading
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Run by the sameowner of Pickle & Fig, Kushi Rakupresents you a laid-back yet cozy Izakaya-styled restaurant where you couldbask in the scrumptious array of kushiyaki freshly grilled by Ken himself,together with the assistance of Chef Kim, who has just joined the bandwagon recentlyas the business expand further that dictates more resources are needed toensure guests’ comfort dining.Words about perfectlywell done Kushi Raku’s skewered meats got around since its humble operation inDec 2014, making it a popular hangouts among TTDI folks and foodies of KlangValley, who are looking for that vintage and casual place to wind down overawesome food, coupled with swigs of premium Kirin draught. I mean, who don’tlove this simply hearty and fuss-free Japanese street food? Not only are thekushiyaki treats are lusciously served here, but also come at truly affordable price.Riding on a skewered-centric theme, your palate would be amusingly tickled bythe relatively large variety of kushiyaki choice, such as grilled chicken meat,pork, beef and many more. Wanna go easy on the meat perhaps? Then udons wouldbe a good option too. Most of thegrilled sticks are glazed with sweet and savory yakitori sauce that is inhouseprepared and discreetly adjusted. Appetizers tosorta warm up our palate first before welcoming kushiyaki to our table.CHUKA SAZAE NIKU- SNAIL MEAT (MYR 9)Resembles theusual Japanese marinated chukka hotate except that this snail meat is much denserand springier.EIHIRE- SKATE FIN (MYR 10)Both smell andtaste got me hooked on for more- can’t help but it’s as enjoyable as theaddictive dried grilled squid. Very fragrant and ideally pairs with beer!Guess it’s timeto showcase the much anticipated Kushiyaki!Assorted grilledskewers are available, from chicken, beef and pork- it’s all depends on yourpreference. But for me personally, I love their pork most! (=SHIO TEBA – CHICKEN WINGS WITH SALT (MYR7)Grilled by Kenadeptly over Japanese imported machine that uses infra-red heating system toensure even heat dispersion so each kushiyaki is done to perfection. Not overlycooked but just nice to retain the succulence and tenderness.You just can’tgo wrong with this grilled skewered chicken wings with salt. Its natural sweetness and meat tenderness arewell retained rendering very delightful bites encased within a crispy skin onthe outside. Oishii!Here you go, aninterlude made for butaniku entry.TSUKUNE- PORK MEATBALL (MYR 6)Tsukene it is! Literallytouted as crème de la crème of the day- personal fave (=Am not a usualself-proclaimed lover of any meatball sort, but this nosh is simply lovely!Each munch is so uber juicy that most probly, you would beg for another helping,double thumbs up!!! SO-SU BARA- PORK BELLY WITH SAUCE (MYR 6)RAISU BE-KON MAKI- BACON WRAP RICE (MYR6)Barbequed deepfried Bacon roll with Japanese spiced rice to attain that caramelized texture.It’s quite filling after bite or two, sonever think that skewer grubs will never feed your tummy to the brim (=SHIO GYUUNIKU- BEEF RIBEYE WITH SALT (MYR11)Meat slices ofthe angus beef are still lush as they are grilled till medium done without anyheavy sauces but merely salt to bring out the natural flavor of gyuniku. Some greens tobalance out the meaty session, hehe.CHERRY TOMATO WITH SALT (MYR 4)EBI TEMPURA (MYR 22)Tempura prawn isone commendable dish here as it’s brilliantly breaded and deep fried tillgolden brown and yet no too greasy. Bouncy prawns to be dipped with tempurasauce that have been added with some grated radish. Would be better if thetempura batter used is slightly brinier, just a personal preference by the way.CLEAR SOUP UDON (MYR 12)Udon wasdecently good with clear soup paste entailed with some subtle briny flavor. “Where is the Japanese prime brew?”, you mightbe asking. Here you go, themuch anticipated draught Kirin. DRAUGHT BEER-KIRIN (MYR 22- HALF PINT)True enough,it’s so much smoother and remember to have it quickly- to get the very foamysip upon served. You’ll definitely be captivated by the silken nuance of theJapanese premium beer, and this all thanks to Gary for his in time headups tothis novice when comes to drinking, haha……Aha, some new discoveries!Sparkling Sake from Gekkeikan!According toKen, sake is best drunk cold to seize that enamoring tastebud. But for now, letus give this elegant bottle a try, shall we? SPARKLING SAKE (MYR 40)First siprenders a pretty stronger yeast taste near to mirin, round up cleanly andrefreshingly light with a sparkling sweet hint. Seems like now I have better ‘sparkling’choice other than sparkling champagne of FürstenfassPheromon 750 or sparklingwater of San Pellegrino (=All in all, itwas definitely a great and delightful Izakaya session, sampling the deliciouslygrilled kushiyaki that are ideally paired with Japanese beers. If you’re arelooking for some quiet place to spend your lazy day leisurely, Kushi Raku mightbe one pit stop you’d like to stop by, chilling out and catching up withlike-minded camaraderie. Cheersfor now and follow us at Carpe Diem for more ‘food-ful’ discoveries! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤For more yummy food adventures, feel free to drop by :https://www.facebook.com/joiedevivrelasshttp://lwinlee.blogspot.my/  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)