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Level1 2016-04-01
first time here....tried 3 flavors: d24 durian, peanut butter jelly and valronna chic with some waffles. my personal favourite has to be d24 durian . I like peanut butter jelly too. the choc wasn't my cup of tea. but I enjoyed the soft, fluffy waffles. definitely coming back to try more flavors. moreover the place has swings for kids to play continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-22
My friend called and wanted to go out for ice cream during tea time. Weather like this, how can I resist ice cream? So, we went to inside scoop. The car park here has always been an issue; we had to double park.The cafe only had one customer when we arrived. The environment and ambiance was just right. Best of all, all the swings are available!  Anyway, the choices of ice cream here were quite limited, as compared to Baskin Robbins and Haagan Dasz. My friend ordered Rums and Raisins with Vanilla Cone while I ordered Nuts about Bananas with Chocolate Cone.Those flavoured cones required an additional RM 2. As both of the ice creams are premium flavours, they costs RM 9.50 for single scoop.As mentioned earlier, I had Nuts about Banana with the Chocolate Cone. The ice cream was sweet as it has a lot of chocolate cubes but minimal amount of nuts. Besides, it doesn't really taste like banana to me; it taste more like vanilla with chocolate chip? As for the chocolate cone, I didn't really like it as it wasn't cripsy anymore.However, according to my friend, the Rum and Raisin was normal and the Vanilla Cone is the best cone that she has ever tasted. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-08
For someone that loves durian, I literally jumped at the chance to visit Inside Scoop when a friend told me that they serve really good ice cream. Plus odd flavours such as Teh Tarik, Cempedak and Durian.Since I didn't know the way, a friend drove and thankfully he did or else I'd get lost before getting anywhere near this place. Not unless you're familiar with the area, this Inside Scoop isn't the easiet to find as Waze is not in the slightest bit reliable. When we got there, I knew what I wanted instantly. Though was happily trying the other flavours like Verona chocolate, Teh Tarik and Cempedak. I was initially going to get a scoop of Cempedak too but then it didn't live up to expectation so I just picked the Durian flavour.Rather than get the ice cream in a cup, I opted for the one because that's how I like it. For Rm10 and a giant ball of durian ice cream, I think it was quite worth it because it wasn't just cream with some durian flavour in it. The taste & smell was stronger than any other durian ice cream that I have ever tried.Though, not something I would eat on a regular basis and it has nothing to do with the added calories.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-01
Planned to go for dessert with my friend since we are meeting each other after a couple of months. My friend recommends Inside Scoop for dessert as the waffles are heaven with Ice- Cream therefore we planned to go there for dessert. Inside Scoop is located at Damansara Jaya (Next To Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong) The Ice Cream Parlour serves a variety of Ice Cream in cones, scoop, and waffles. The Ice-Cream parlour was full house when we arrived but thank god, we managed to find a place in a while. You have to order and pay at the counter. I choose Waffle with salted caramel and Chocolate Ice Cream. You can also try the Ice Cream before choosing your flavour. After chosen your Ice Cream, the person at the counter will write your order in a paper and you just have to pay at the counter. After payment, the cashier will give you the order number and once the order is ready, the waiter will serve it to you on the table.The waffle was fluffy and spongy. I loved them. The salted caramel was yummy and it goes perfect with the waffles. Chocolate Ice Cream tasted good and has a rich chocolate flavour.It was a perfect hangout with my friends. Their Ice Cream was yummy and the waffles are awesome The service at the cashier and waiter was friendly but the person who is at the Ice Cream counter was rude to us when we took a long time to decide our order. We are paying for the food and of course, we want to have good Ice Cream. Please be kind to the customer in future. The total bill was RM 20 for the Waffles with 2 scoop of Ice Cream. Additional RM 1.50, when you choose a premium flavours Ice Cream.Inside Scoop,57, Jalan SS22/19,47400 Petaling JayaSelangor continue reading
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