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Insides scoop was very popular among my group of friends so I decided to hangout with my friends in the Bangsar branch. The outlook of th shop was very attractive, a cute ice cream parlour that easily distinguish itself from other restaurants. There are plenty ice cream flavours in the shop with the Cempedak, Durian and Valrhona Chocolate being highly recommended by other online reviewer. Instead, we ordered the buttermilk waffles with a single scoop cookie and cream ice cream. The ice cream could be firmer and possibly improve on its melting properties. It melts super fast which I find it a little too messy and I can hardly taste the cream balls properly. Anyhow, the sweetness was just right for me, but the waffles needs more volume and has a denser texture. It was too light and it was more like a biscuit instead of the usual soft bread like texture. Besides that, I personally liked certain flavours like the Throwback by pulp, an oldschool yet nolstagic coffee flavour. It does give a pleasant authentic coffee aroma and taste! Besides that, the Hojicha or roasted tea also gives a distinctive pungent aroma and slight bitter of the tannins of the tea, cutting off the sweetness to a appropriate level, which complete the whole sensory experience in the mouth! The premium ones charged at higher prices of additional RM 2, were said to have used ingredients with superior quality. For example, the Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream was really really rich, and it does showcased how good Valrhona chocolates are! The shop in Bangsar was quite small and usually full at night, so taking away is a better idea, if you're not taking waffles. The simple and homey style of the interior designs were very "photogenic", where simple yet pretty wall paintings can be act as a backdrop! Besides that, the environment in inside scoop was rather cheerly and welcoming, and this might be one of the plus point where people will still line up for it! continue reading
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Level2 2015-11-30
Inside scoop have three branches which located at Taipan,Bangsar,Damansara. The place is small but cozy and comfartable for those who wanna hang-out and have some quick bites or take pretty pictures. If you are here during holidays or weekends ,its gonna be crowded with no empty tables and long queue .They are famous for their waffle which they have buttermilk or charcoal waffle(add on RM1) and serve with ice cream of your choice (Type and how many Scoops). The crispy outer and soft inner with side ice cream is the main order of the shop.Their ice cream is said to be serve premiumly with no artificial colourings,flavourings or preservatives.For premium flavours,addition of RM 1.50 is charged.You can try the ice cream flavours before deciding your wanted flavour.One scoop (RM7.80),2 scoop (RM12.80),3 scoop(RM17.80) Rm2 is added if you choose handmade waffle cone.Inside scoop offers wide selection of flavours for like Valrhona chocolate, XO cranberry , Pistachio Milo Dinosaur,Nutty Nutella,Peanut Buttercup,Almond Butterscotch and many more. They come out with a lot of traditional flavour such as durian cempedak and the tarikRM30.50Coffee,Tea,Cool Concoctions or tirst quenchers is available. continue reading
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Level3 2015-09-16
We just got back from the grumpy cyclist and table talk so we would like something light to end our food hunting day. Luckily we found this small little shop called Inside Scoop.The inside scoop is definitely a very unique ice cream shop. Who doesn’t love ice-cream? Well, try to remember those days when you were a kid and your parents will always offer you ice-cream to shut you up? . That’s when it all started with me to loving ice-cream.This Ice-cream shop got a lot of different flavors such as durian, cempedak, teh tarik and etc (all those weird flavors!). We tasted some of the flavors there but the one that interest us was cempedak, coffee, and dark chocolate. There were 3 of us, so each pick their own favorite flavor. Each flavors cost around RM8 per scoop.To be honest, my flavor which is dark chocolate taste is very strong and for me, it doesn’t really taste sweet and milky (7 out of 10 for this flavor). Then, coffee flavor is not our favorite. The taste is really strong that you don’t really enjoy the taste of milky ice-cream (maybe some people like it). So we can give only 5 out of 10 for this. Next is Cempedak flavor. The taste is really delicious and it is purely cempedak taste! So, my friend’s flavor won! (we bet which one taste the best) . The rate should be 10 out of 10!By the way they also told us that there are some flavors got some alcohol. So, for muslims, you need to check with them which one is non-alcoholic and alcoholic flavors.Overall: can’t sit for long, small shop, fantastic weird flavors, the best pure ice-cream flavors continue reading
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Level3 2015-08-19
 It is a must-visit place if you love to eat both waffle and ice cream at the same time. The combination is just very well and tasty. I would give them a thumb up withoust hesitation!There are around 13 types of ice cream's flavour to be served. The Varlhona Dark Choco was creamy yet smoothie as in texture as well. Of course the it is nice to have it! While the other flavour is Blueberry, fresh and fruity  If you are looking for Non-fat ice cream yet tasty, then you should go for this and also there are the other fruity flavour to be chose.Oh and don't forget their waffles too! soft and fluffy, a little crispy at the top of layer! So how do you say waffle lover?Inside scoop scores strongly for both texture & taste, and I also recommend all of you should have go for a try. Maybe you will get addicted just like me  continue reading
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Level2 2015-05-29
Although its small, half a shop, but its filled with magic! They let us taste each ice cream that they have and we decided on which ice cream to choose. Can't believe my friends like chocolate so much, they ordered almost chocolate with another flavour on their own ice cream. They were friendly too, even though we were so indecisive on what flavour to pick on, they were very patient with us. Their flavours are really extraordinary. Bursting through our taste buds. So do head down in any of their branches!Visit my blog to know more!http://felicia-grace.blogspot.com/2015/05/inside-scoop-bangsar.html continue reading
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