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Level4 2013-07-08
Black Coffee and Tea. There were 3 drinks included for that night's dinner: syrup selasih, asam boi and lastly either coffee or tea. The black coffee was rich and very aromatic, while the Earl Grey Tea was light in flavour. I added some sugar in it to give some sweetness to it. The cup was small so we slowly sipping away while chatting with a bunch of good friends that night. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-07
To complete the meal, tea and coffee were served. We can order earl grey's tea, white coffee and black coffee. The tea and coffee served during dessert time was good to refreshed our palate and made us all relax after an exciting night. We all felt that the tea and coffee were good quality. We paid RM88 per pax for the set meal. To conclude the night, i feel that the overall experience including food and service is important. I did came with high anticipation, but mostly let down by the service staffs that weren't ready. The small hiccup in one of the main courses was also truly unexpected. I would like to stressed that when something went wrong, apart from rectifying the mistakes, I also like to see sincere apologies. If the service staffs do not know how to handle incidents and left the customers at dark, it will totally spoil the whole dining experience. continue reading
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这个Baked Fish Topped with Cheese and Oats吃起来一点都不油腻。鱼肉的肉质很新鲜多汁又软嫩,外面的麦片很酥脆,幸好上面还有芝士在上面,更加增添了湿湿的口感。下面还有味道带酸的意大利面。 continue reading
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Level4 2012-10-10
Huck moved his popular cafe this month, leaving Petaling Jaya for Bangsar. We're ecstatic, since it's much closer and more convenient for us here! Huck's secret weapon at his captivating new venue: a "Secret Garden," where customers can sup outdoors and surrender slowly to the night's calm embrace. Ceiling fans swirl overhead to ensure that everybody stays cool. Expect a few insects to pop by, but that adds to the allure of the ambiance. For air-conditioned comfort, reserve a table inside. This bungalow is more spacious than Huck's former location, with thoughtfully furnished rooms, including one with tatami-like seating. We can't decide what's our favorite aspect of Huck's: the charming host, his beautiful home or his creative cooking that feels like a genuine labor of love. Chicken breast with banana filling (!), wrapped with smoked turkey bacon & served with corn & refreshing mint leaves. Huck calls this "Sweetcorn Maryland;" the mix of savory and sugary sensations turned out to be a real pleasure. It helped that everything was well-prepared, from the tender breast cooked with white wine to the soft but not mushy banana. French Merlot. Huck's has a fair selection of wine priced between RM80-100. continue reading
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Level2 2012-08-07
one of my friends told me before~ he wanted to have a home dining business when he is retired... the idea sounds great and warm... that is why when i 1st read about Huck's Cafe, it attracted me~ planned to give it a try with my beloved buddies on my birthday... something went wrong, i didn't manage to visit as planned... an invitation given as sincere apologize... and we decided to accept~1st impression of Huck's Cafe: they are so understanding that they thought about the car parking problem of their guests... spacious courtyard for the guests to park their cars... walked into the bungalow, warm lighting, soft music and of course nice decor and furniture gave me a cozy and comfortable feeling like i'm at home~ that's the most important element of home dining i suppose... i didn't take any picture of Huck's Cafe's interior... visit them if you are keen to find out~ as soon as all of us were seated, 1st drink served... before we were there, plain water in bottle and glasses, basic table settings were already nicely set on the table... a table of 6~ let's see what Huck has prepared to surprise us... tasted great with the chopped asparagus in it~Huck said he created this specially for Lovebirds~3 types of fresh mushrooms fried with olive oil, garlic and black pepper...wrapped with chicken breast and again with layers pastry...served with creamy mustard sauce that cooked with white wine...the pastry was crunchy, the chicken breast was tender and juicy...overall was a great matching...this Nyonya fusion was great!when it was served to our table, the fragrance of it already stimulated our taste bud...spaghetti in Nyonya style with scallop, New Zealand muscle and prawns...i believe this is another Huck's creation of fusion dish...with lots of wild rocket, chili, mushroom and lemon~topped with fresh vegetables and sprinkled with cheese...it was great~ i only managed to have very little bit...they forgot i haven't tasted it... the disadvantage of eating slow~ boneless chicken drumstick topped with cheese and grilled to perfection...the very special mushroom sauce added some extra points to it~the chicken drumstick was well marinated and juicy...another hot item of the night~ finished in seconds... the best selling item in Huck's Cafe according to Huck~and i will agree to everyone who said it was awesome!the homemade lamb patty with special sauce...healthier bread to replace the normal burger bread...fresh vegetables and the cheese... hmm~ yummy!i love the side dish very much too... the cheesy sweet corns... slurp!lamb shank marinated with rosemary, thyme, garlic, cumin and other herbs~roasted for 2 hours... served with mashed potatoes and button mushrooms...the lamb shank was tender and juicy... the mashed potatoes was great!but because we cut it into small pieces for sharing, the sauce wasn't enough... we picked a 5 sharing dessert which named Bird Nest...it was a mixture of ice-cream, chocolate bar and chocolate cookies...served in a dark chocolate made bowl and topped with toffee...it was nice but we tasted the durian taste in it~i guess they must have keep some of the ingredients together with durian in the fridge...but still we finished most of it! it was a great dining experience in Huck's Cafe... we may have an unpleasant starting, but now i will recommend Huck's Cafe to everyone that is looking for a quiet, private and cozy place for gathering or dinner... i like the way Huck treat his guests... with all his sincerity, his passion and his creative cooking... for a man who is not from cooking background, he really has the cooking blood in him~ he told me, he started with cooking for his kids... then his friends, his friends' friends... and now he has his own real Huck's Cafe... i believe what the fortune teller said was right... he was a chef in his last life~ and his talent remains... =) will definitely go back to try more of his cooking... this time, with family maybe? ^^little tips for you who wanted to visit Huck's Cafe~ go on Tuesday or Wednesday, so that you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful dinner... if you like the environment to be more lively, Thursday to Sunday will be good as they will be full house and you can see kids running around~ (information provided by Huck) to make reservation, kindly go to their Facebook page for details and information... and of course, for your choice of menu... Bon Appetit! continue reading
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