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Weekend is always time to rest and enjoy after a hectic work week. My previous housemate introduced me this famous stall located inside Hong Seng Coffee Shop at PJ Section 17.I craved for it so much, so this weekend I decided to treat myself with their signature roasted chicken rice.I reached there about 11am and it’s full house, but there are only a few people queued up. After joining the queue, I found out people started queueing behind me. Finding a seat could also be another hassle, I was lucky enough to get a seat right after placing order. Do come early to avoid the long queue.Instead of the normal soy sauce, their chicken rice served with the super yummy barbecue Char Siu sauce. This barbecue Char Siu sauce can be said to be the soul of their roasted chicken, tasted sweet with the nice aroma.I ordered Char Siu roasted chicken with chicken gizzards. The skin is paper thin with a little bit crispy, dip with the barbecue Char Siu sauce or the chili sauce, simply gorgeous delicious.Their Char Siu is the perfect combination of fat and lean meat of pork belly, with a soft texture that it literally melts in your mouth.I loved sour asam mustard green so much. Their sour asam mustard green quite big portion, but slightly salty for me.The garlic chili is hot but super delicious, I love it.Finally get my craving satisfied. The price was reasonable as I only pay RM11.50 for so much stuff. Definitely worth the price. continue reading
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