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Organic Cotton Candy Original Cookie Monster Dark Chocolate Honey Comb
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Level4 2016-03-05
I had each of the famous signature Honeycomb soft serve as well as the Comb Honey.The soft serves at Honeycreme were much milkier and creamier in texture in comparison to those churned by other soft serve joints.However, the whole combination was a tad bit surprisingly too sweet for my liking. The soft serve sundaes are already enough sweet, and in addition to it, are the honeycomb and honey drizzles which levels up the sweetness.If I were a diabetic, I would definitely lay this off and opt for a healthier option such as the froyos from Llao Llao. In terms of the portion, it was generous, but the sweetness was too overpowering to an extent that it turned out to be super cloying in the end, making it hard for me to finish the whole thing on my own. continue reading
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