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Level3 2016-04-25
Oh well i haven't finished writing about all of the restaurants and cafe that i've been to for my birthday. So here is another restaurant that i went to for another birthday celebration. This time around i went to Homst chinese muslim restaurant. Its time to have some thai cuisine (i have been eating western food since my birthday on friday) Because i have eaten all day since breakfast, so i only ordered salted egg squid and butter chicken. I didn't look at the price because my friend is paying for it (hehehe). I can see mostly families and some huge group eating here, most probably some family time over the weekend. It was quite full. Luckily we need only 2 seats. So once our food has arrived i tried the squid first and it actually tasted better than Mohd Chan restaurant. As for the butter chicken, it tasted a bit of curry which i think quite okay because you will not feel bored eating it lol. The services is fast, everything else was good. Even the waiter were able to take a very god picture of us haha. And yes after all the food i had for the day, i can't stand up after finishing my dinner. I am very full!. I am thanking to all my friends and my families for making me fat for 3 days in a row.hahaOverall: good food, big spaces, huge crowd continue reading
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