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My friend has been looking everywhere for Tom Yam seafood since yesterday. When this could not be found in ss2 area, we even went to Puchong but the shabu-shabu steamboat there is too expensive. So finally today it is a must to have steamboat. We went somewhere familiar this time in order not to waste time looking around. We ordered Seafood Steamboat for two, priced at RM 17.50 per person. The portion is very big, almost for 3 pax and more worth it than the China steamboat at Kuchai Lama which cost RM 18.90 per person and yet they charge RM 4 for sauce and also RM 10 for the pot of tea. Also, I found this place cheaper and tastier than the steamboat kopitiam opposite the road. Here, there were so many varieties of fish balls, yong tau fu such as wantan sui kow (which was amazing with red meat), meatballs, a lot of white cabbage and also a type of potato spinach or some sort, 2 prawns, 2 pieces of fillet, 2 yam, 4 century eggs, 2 chicken eggs, ample bihun and 1 ball of yee mee, so much fried foo chuk, tofu, thick fish paste noodles and so many other types of fishballs which are my favourite. Totally worth the price paid. The clear soup and tom yam soup was in the set. The tom yam soup was quite tasty. I love cooking watery egg (uncooked egg) in the soup and eating it with noodles, after making sure the egg did not harden. My friend liked to hard-boil his egg till halfway and the yoke is not that hard-boiled which I find disgusting. (Pic attached). We ordered the Kuan yin tea which we did not finish as the food was too much to eat.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-24
After a hot pot of steamboat with spicy and empowering flavours, its nice to have some ice cream to cool yourself down with. The chocolate fondue in Hometown steamboat only costs RNM20 and has a wide variety of fruits, biscuits, marshmallow and of course ice cream. The ice cream comes in 2-3 flavour depending on their availability. The melted chocolate itself was pretty good as it didn't taste like cheap chocolate you can get from pasar malam. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-09-17
Steamboat is one of the famous and wanted by not only locals but also tourists. Jack Heng Chun Jet and Vincent Heng Chun Voon are the recent owners of the restaurant group. One of the branch is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong. It has 6 main exotic soup where those top recommended will be firstly their traditional clear soup which boiled more than 5 hours inside with chicken bones and ‘jo hao yu’, secondly will be their tom yam which slightly sweet suitable for children and oldiest citizens. Moreover, their chicken porridge and pumpkin porridge base steamboat are the most wanted by the visitors. Another, their fish head noodle soup boiled using fresh ‘sek kap fish head’ boiled upon order to present the top freshness. One of their signature dessert is Chocolate Steamboat which serve with fruits, ice cream and snacks round beside. Their Cheeesy Steamboat also the top recommendation in the restaurant which is the Malaysia Best. For side dishes, they have more than 100 choices to pick on and the top wanted will be the fresh raw thinner pork slice and the bamboo tube fresh raw fish paste. We have ordered Ketam Crystal Ball Set and Tom Yum & Coriander Perserved Egg Soup. FYI, you need to pay RM4 for half pot of the Coriander Perserved Egg Soup while Tom Yum Soup is free. For side dishes, we ordered Special Super Thin Pork Slices, Pork Balls and Needle Mushroom. All the ingredients here are very fresh and the soup is very nice. Do come here early during dinner to avoid long waiting queue. Overall, I am very satisfy with the steamboat here. continue reading
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This is a newly opened shop here in Bandar Puteri Puchong, with few other outlets already established in KL. We have heard good comments about their steamboat, hence boosting our confidence in this restaurant.We were there for dinner and the places was nearly full house. We opted for chicken soup and the obligatory tom yam soup to cook our steamboat ingredients such as fishballs, prawn, fish, beancurd, dumplings, dried beancurd sheets, egg, yee mee, cabbage and other standard items in a steamboat set meal. The soup base tastes pretty good, while the ingredients were fresh. I guess the 2 criterias are the basics to a decent steamboat meal experience. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)