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Level4 2015-12-31
Haru Tei is the newly opened Japanese Restaurant located at PV 128 offering affordable ramen andJapanese cuisines. You can get a hearty bowl of ramen for only RM 12.90!! Thatsounds attractive to me especially when I need to spend wisely with everythingboost up on the GST prices lately. For a simple meal with family or friendsthat won’t burnt a hole in your pocket, I will recommend this place for sure.Haru Tei is opened for 4 months and they have gainpopularity among the students. I am surprised of the early crowd at 6pm and by7.30 pm the whole place is fully occupied. Under the experience and skillfulchef, it does have their own concept of Ramen and Yakitori in which uses goodquality of ingredients in their menu.Located beside Choo Choo Kitchen occupying the corner lot.Comfortable dining environment with attentive service from the staffWe are greeted by the manager in charge and introduced the restaurant menu to us. He highlighted that they are flexible and giving customer options to choose their side dish compared to those restaurant which has fixed in the side appetizer for set meal. There are few choices of set meal that you can choose from. The set lunch is start from 11am to 3pm. All prices for set lunch are subject to an additional RM2.00 on top of the main course's price. ( Set lunch consists of 1 main course, 1 serving of salad, fruit and refillable green tea).The signature menu are the ramen and donburi. There are appetizer choices of chicken salad, seaweed salad, cabbage salad, green soy bean and needle mushrooms with butter sauce. The side dish where you can top up are chawanmushi, fried pumpkin, fried minced pork, chicken cutlet, pork cutlet or Japanese pancake. On the other side, you can also dine in to try the Yakitori grilled item to satisfy your palate.Affordable menu price and good savings especially for the studentsServing of hot green teaRefreshing Premium Soda Drinks selling at RM 8.90 each. From left (Hibiscus & Lime and Pineapple & Calamansi).Open concept kitchen You can watch the preparation of Yakitori. The fresh meat and vegetables are grilled and seasoned with salt.Yakitori is only available from 6pm to 11pm.There are choices of skewered meat or vegetables and you get each from RM 1.90 onwards. Here is the serving of Shiitake (Mushroom), Nasu (eggplant), Okura (Lady Finger), and Ebi (Prawn).Enoki Maki (Enoki Mushrooms wrapped in a sliced of pork) and Tomato Maki ( tomatoes wrapped in a sliced of pork)Momo (Chicken Thigh),Tebasaki (Chicken Wing) and Bara (pork belly)My preference will be the Enoki Maki, Bara and Tomato Maki. The pork meat are delicate and tender. You will want to eat them whole - Popping juicy tomatoes and mushroom straight to your mouth. The skewers are always a delight to have and more enjoyable with a cup of Alcoholic drink.We started our main course with the specialty dish of the restaurant- Shoyu Ramen with Chasu (RM 12.90) . Haru Tei offers few types of ramen broth. It comes with choices of Shoyu/ Shio/Miso/ Spicy/Pesto. The noodles served in chosen flavours and toppings, using pork broth as base. The ramen can be served with cha su, pumpkin korokke, tarikatsu or tonkatsu. Additional toppings (seasoned egg, seaweed, soup and ramen) are charged accordingly.Generous portion on the noodle and big chuck savoury chasu. The shoyu broth is tasty and I enjoy the chewy and springy ramen noodle texture. Using omega egg that are perfectly cookedOyako Don RM 12.90. We try one of the Donburi main course menu. This is the usual Japanese rice bowl dish served with egg, chicken and sliced scallion and all this ingredients are simmered together in a sauce. This large bowl of rice are my favourite.Comfort food with tender chicken meat and the egg was beautifully cooked.Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) - (RM 6.90). Takoyaki is a popular Japanese street food that are fried until golden brown with pleasant chewy texture. Savoury,Sweet and tangy taste. Yummy battered octopus ball!Fresh Grill Ika (Squid) RM 21.90. The portion is really BIG!. I think I can't get this size of Ika elsewhere. The squid texture was chewy and and have natural taste without any flavouring.Delectable offerings and tasty snack that you must try along with the homemade chili sauce. Satisfactory Grill Saba (Mackerel) RM 15.90. Perfectly Grilled Mackerel with salt .The lemon slice adds the fish a refreshing flavour and perfect pair for a bowl of rice.More seats available on the upper floor. You can also plan for your birthday parties here with a group of your friends or family membersThe crowd says it all. Perhaps you can drop by earlier to enjoy your dinner I will definitely will visit again for a hearty bowl of ramen.*Students get to enjoy 15 %discount for all the menu. No GST charge at the moment but there are 10% on the service chargeHaru TeiG-M 27,PV 128Jalan Genting Kelang, SetapakKuala LumpurTel : 03-41313008 Business Hours : 11am to 11pmFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/Harutei27/?fref=ts continue reading
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