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We believe WAGYU Japanese beef is a Japanese national food next to SUSHI, and we are proud of its world-class taste and safety! We serve high quality WAGYU beef at reasonable and affordable price! It is our mission to introduce WAGYU and tell its deliciousness to our community Yakiniku BBQ is a Japanese national dish. In addition, WAGYU beef is Japanese national food that we are proud to the world. Hence, we will continue to suggest the Japanese style BBQ with cherishing the Japanese mind of “Wa” (harmony). In Gyukingu, we enjoy Yakiniku BBQ with friends and family, people gather around a grill at table, enjoy conversations and share a good time together — this is the unique style of Yakiniku BBQ, and the biggest reason why everybody loves Yakiniku BBQ. Moreover, beef is a great source of energy, stamina, energy, and health. continue reading
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