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Level4 2015-10-23
Bringing you the best from the Land of the Rising Sun, Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ Restaurant which has garnered various accolade of dining awards, has been whetting the palate of local folks here with its moreish array of quality premium beef as well as tantalizing Japanese dessert. Gracing strategically at the friendly neighbourhood of Tropicana City Mall, Gyu-Kaku welcomes you to a cozy and smokeless sizzling session, where each table is equipped with a down draft system whereby the smoke is sucked in to the bottom of the table, which is a polar opposite to the common Yakiniku restaurants that see smoke sucked up through the vent, making guests’ face and clothes slightly smokey. Hence, no problems even if you are going for a date after the yakiniku session at Gyu-Kaku (= Over here, customers are ensured of a comfy dining experience where customers share and cooked meats by themselves over a flaming charcoal grill while indulging in the camaraderie gleefully within the an ambiance of elegance and conduciveness.And so, we started off with the recommended appetizers like……….. WAKAME SALAD (MYR 9.90) Greens mixed seaweed and green with Japanese citrus soy dressing. It’s light and refreshing, perfect as the prelude before the mains. And the wakame is also a joyful companion to be served cold this wayHORENSO SALAD (MYR 9.90) Japanese style spinach with crispy garlic and goma sesame dressing. Somewhat more saporous from the former one with the aromatic sauce, its bounteous and crisp leafy greens are equally inviting and health-promoting too. Love the generous helping of the crisp and additive bites of garlics dearly.…………………. or some Japanese staple to first warm your tummy. GARLIC FRIED RICE (MYR 10.90) A quintessential plate of stir-fried rice with grated garlic, served with capsicum and shiitake mushroom, and then topped with great amount of fried garlic as well. Each grain of rice is fluffily enveloped with the butter fragrance, making it more satisfying.Saw a familiar face here! TOFU CHIGE SOUP (MYR 16.90) Tofu and chicken in spicy kimuchi soup served in hot stone bowl. Chicken meats taste are tender alongside the silken beancurd that makes the whole combo a mouthwatering one. Best enjoyed when served piping hot with a bowl of white rice. Compared to its Korean peers, the jigae soup here is tad sweeter and made more savory. Pretty good though…..More kimuchi, if you still can't have enough of it (=Soon, ushering one of the many highlights of the day; charcoal grilled yakitori being one of them.ASSORTED YAKITORI PLATE (MYR 39.90 – 6 SKEWERS) Get ready to relish in the succulence of enoki shabu yakitori, chicken yakitori and asparagus shabu yakitori, all gracefully skewered and lusciously beckoning.Barbequed- fresh off the grill!Enoki shabu yakitori is my favourite pick amongst the crowds.Coming up next is the crème de la crème session of yakiniku! For the meat selection of marinade diners could choose from spicy miso, tare, shio, miso, teriyaki or garlic. FILLET (MYR 38.90) Undercut of the sirloin of beef that is tender and has a delicate flavor.Deviating from the conventional thin-cut slices, Gyu-Kaku offers a different enjoyment by presenting them in a cube form, for a much more texturized bites with addictive chewiness. Do remember to cook it properly by flipping the meaty cubes every side while grilling them to ensure an optimum grilling. HARAMI (MYR 20.90) One of the bestseller and popular especially among the fairer sex!A hit amongst Japanese ladies for its tenderness and low in fat content. It has a leaner meat composition compared to fats, thus explains the skewered preference (=WAGYU KARUBI (MYR 47.90) Also known as Wagyu Oyster Blade, the quality wagyu beef of marbling 5, easily wins any foodie over with its melt-in-your mouth nuance. The luscious chuck is thickly cut, its flavours and juiciness are simply umami! You really gotta try this out.CALPIS WATER (MYR 7.90) A common drink back in Japan, the beverage has a light, somewhat milky, and slightly acidic flavor, akin to a plain fermented Yakult. I would say it’s rather an acquired taste to me (=YUZU FLOAT (MYR 9.90) Here comes the much more acceptable pairing, zesty yuzu sorbet with frizzy soda. What’s to complete a Japanese meal without their signature sweet craving such as green tea and black sesame gelato? ICE CREAM/SORBET (MYR 10.90) Double Scoop ice creams to further delights your extra tummy for dessert with flavor to choose from Vanilla, Yuzu (Japanese Citron), Kurogoma(Black Sesame) and Matcha(Green Tea).And my favourite has always revolving around these two (=Alright, something new to titillate my ever curious taste bud….. MILK PUDDING (MYR 10.90) Milk pudding topped with soya bean powder and Japanese brown sugar syrup. Thankfully, it’s not that saccharine and I would like to regard it as a healthier choice for the sweet tooth craving. The pudding is velvet and comes mildly milky with each spoonful is teastefully promising Wow, look, what do we find here, scouts! S’MORES (MYR 6.90) Graham crackers served with roasted marshmallow and Nutella. A traditional nighttime campfire treat popular in the United States, consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham crackers. Indeed one of the easiest and hassle-free BBQ session I’ve had so far (=Gyu-Kaku offers the fun of “shared plates,” inspiring laughter, conversation, and good times. You can’t help it – with a personal grill installed at every table, everyone instantly becomes an expert cook. The staffs at Gyu-Kaku are friendly, leading you through the night with helpful suggestions. The sounds around you are of parties and laughter - the perfect choice for first dates, families, and catching up with friends. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant serves halal-certified dishes and the menu includes a fine selection of wagyu beef, seafood, poultry and lamb. So if you are looking for a great time in sizzling without the smoke or to put your cooking talent to test, this is the place to go! There are also affordable set for 2 pax at MYR 128 ; 3 pax at MYR 168 and 4 pax at MYR 218.Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤Location: Lot G-36, GF 103, Tropicana City Mall, Jalan SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Contact: +603 7725 6796Opening Hours: 1130am -10pmWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/GyuKakuMalaysia continue reading
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