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Chee Cheong Fun Loh Mee Penang Char Hor Fun Penang Curry Mee Seafood Fried Spicy and Sour Fish Mee Hoon
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Level4 2016-02-29
Good service with nice Penang delicacies. Often we came here for lunch and it's always pack during lunch hour. You get to try the typical Penang Assam Laksa, Shrimp Sauce Chee Cheong Fun, Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow, Mee Raja etc.I've tried their Duck egf chat kuey teow, not bad though, but still can't beat with the local char kuey teow. Something is missing, I guess is the charcoal taste of the original one.As for their chee cheong fun, taste exactly same. If you're hunger for this type of ccf, here's the place!As for the special mee raja, looks appealing and the sauce is just right. According to my friend he likes it so much. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-27
This is Penang-style lam mee, which uses clear soup and you add in the sambal belacan, instead of the KL-style which is dark and starchy. Tastes better than it looks. The belacan really does the trick. Pungent and strong, with fresh plump juicy shrimp and chicken shreds. Highly recommended. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
So I've read a couple of reviews from friends on this spot in Kota Kemuning, serving some nice Penang food. Aptly called the Gurney Delight Cafe, derived from Gurney drive in Penang I suppose. We were there yesterday on a sunny day to try out some of their fares, so do check out my simple review below. Kicking off our lunch at Gurney Delight Cafe Kota Kemuning, we ordered the Chee Cheong Fun to share. Served on a plate with nice shrimp paste sauce, I did take note that the shrimp paste wasn't exactly the colour I'm used to, brown versus black. The taste was similar though, and at RM3.50 for 2 rolls which I requested to be opened up, I did like the taste of this dish. The dried onions and sesame seed sprinkled on top added to the crispiness and texture of the whole dish. I must say first that my mum makes the best loh bak (My Chinese New Year Home Cooked Dishes) , but the ones I had here at Gurney Delight Cafe did not disappoint. Served with the mandatory "egg sauce", the Loh Bak had enough meat inside to satisfy our cravings. I wasn't too sure the spring onions finely chopped and added into the loh bak was to my liking though, as I preferred my loh bak full of meaty flavours without any extra veggie. Up next was the Jawa Mee, which came looking quite pretty with the bright colours. The serving was huge for Penang standards, one which sort of surprised me. The taste however was kind of lacking, as I could not feel the "zing" which was supposed to add to the flavour of a typical Penang jawa mee. Probably I was too used to the type some Indian stalls serve, hence the one here lacked in the sweet and sour flavour.A visit to any Penang themed cafe would not be complete without trying the signature Penang Char Kuey Teow dish. Served with prawns, cockles, and the mandatory chinese sausage ("lap cheong"), the dish came looking and smelling real nice. It could have been better had the kuey teow been stir fried longer to make it drier, as it was a tad too wet for this Penang dish, but no complains on the taste. With enough "wok hei", the edges had a certain burnt wok taste to it, which I like. Probably my next trip here, I might request for more chilli for the added spiciness. continue reading
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