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Level4 2016-12-12
Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city life , the Green Tomato Cafe located at the beautiful garden surrounding tastefully adorned with batik textiles and paintings . It's the perfect spot to nurse a skilfully brewed flat white while nibbling on your buttery croissant as you suft your Ipad using superfast Wifi . Worth of visit makes Malaysian and Tourist love the place because client claims that the best best coffee & Tea in town , a 40k sq. ft. garden allowed the children run around with Child friendly environment . Around the compound was planted with fruits and spice , so just can pluck fruits from the tree if available make it like your own garden , the place is pet friendly and have a special space allocated for dogs . While enjoying the great place environment get a freshly Squeezed Juices along and healthy homemade foods that Msg free & Halal . Easy access from town that located in central and no worries about parking slot here with private guard house guarding the large compound . Ms. Emilia Tan The owner of the place gave me an opportunity to do canting on my T-shirt by my own , Batik is a technique for decorating textiles, by which parts of the textile that are not to be coloured are covered in molten wax. The wax prevents the textile from absorbing the dye during the decorating process . The word batik is of Indonesian origin, and is related to a Malay word for dot or point . Step 1 :The first wax is applied over the penciled-in outline of the pattern. Almost always the original cloth is white or beige . the first wax is applied over the penciled-in outline of the pattern. Almost always the original cloth is white or beige.Step 2 repare colouring to apply on the T-shirtStep 3 :Mix and match your own favourite colourStep 4 aint your own passion to make it perfect "as you like" Step 5 :After done with painting , use hair dryer for fast dry up .Step 6 :Soakthe T-shirt into sodium silicate for maximum five hours in fixing colours onto fabrics .Step 7 :After the five hours waiting , Boil hot water with soda ash powder .Step 8 ut the fabric into hot water to remove the wax .Step 9 :Remove and transfer into clean water to make sure all wax is dissolve .Step 10 :Finishing piece is hang for drying without direct sunlight exposure . Latest Update :Traditional Nasi Lemak cooking workshop is coming toGreen Tomato Café. Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malaysian breakfast that means “rice in coconutcream”. Nowadays, Nasi Lemak sambal has evolved through time as Malaysians added someingredients like prawns, chicken, beef, squid, and clam to make it more interesting and edgyfrom their competitors. Green Tomato Café (GTC) is located next to myBatik workshop where visitors can view thebatik making process and try the hands-on experience. MyBatik is founded by batik Artist EmiliaTan since 2004 and now she is promoting traditional local cuisine cooking workshop in GreenTomato Café on a daily basis. The on-boarding of Chef Rica inspired Emilia to push thetraditional cooking workshop into the public. The objective of GTC cooking workshop is to make every Malaysian proud of their food cultureand at the same time teach them the step by step process on how to do it . A profound interest inthe local cuisine by the public is essential to ensure a better future Malaysian gastronomy. Our GTC cooking workshop caters customers as young as 5 years old. For the junior cookingclasses, “little chef” program we have pizza and muffin baking classes, hot chocolate artworkshop, and so on. For the senior cooking program, we do have the famous Nasi Lemakcooking class, Nyonya Curry Chicken, Teh Tarik Making, Curry Puff Making, and many more. The workshop booking is very easy. Just visit www.mybatik.com, pick-up your desiredworkshop, mark the date and time, pay, and your booking is confirmed. The fee for the entireworkshop is as low as RM47.70 per person. For the corporate team building, family outing, andschool field trip, group booking special discount rate is available. Kindly e-mail your booking tomanager@tmsart.com.my. We are open every day from 8am to 5pm. For event photos, please check out our website www.myBatik.org.my . Egg Benedict Wild Mushroom Soup Homemade Iced Lemon Tree Whole wheat bread House Cheese Cake Strawberry Cupcakes Bradley's Tea Selection Tomato Cafe @ Yayasan SeniAddress : 333, Persiaran Ritchie, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur .Contact : 012-257 9775Hours : Daily 8AM - 5PM continue reading
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Level1 2015-12-28
Green Tomato Cafe 位于 Yayasan Seni 里头,是一间充满艺术气息的Cafe。Green Tomato Cafe 的前身其实是That Latte Place,以前在网上看到其他评论时就被它的清幽环境所吸引了,无奈后来That Latte Place 搬走了,所以就遗忘了这个地方。今天在一个偶然的机会下,我和欧巴被邀请到 Green Tomato Cafe 做客,所以终于有机会来体验一下这个被大自然所环绕的Cafe了。Pancake (RM 14)Pancake 摆盘很吸引人,还配有漂亮的草莓在上边。松饼一共有三种不同的酱伴之,有yogurt、fresh cream和maple syrup。松饼略带咸味,整体蓬松度不错。和酸酸的草莓和 yogurt搭配得宜。值得一提的是,店家注重健康,所以草莓没有浸糖浆,保留了原汁原味。Australian Beef Burger (RM 18)Australian Beef Burger 用的牛肉是属于 Topside 的部份,是动的比较多的部位,所以咬起来,口感很好。牛肉是用BBQ的方式去烹调,比起其他店家所用的pan-grilled方法更别有一番风味。牛肉的肉汁饱满,更丰富整体的味道和口感。汉堡里有洋葱、番茄、芝士和腌黄瓜。全天然的食材,口感很脆,而且很多汁。酱料不会太多,因此不会很腻,比较健康。而且,高高的汉堡是因为店家豪不吝啬的给了Double Layer 的配料,所以很有饱足感。新鲜的沙拉,配上balsamic vinegar和橄榄油,酸酸、脆脆的很开胃。甜品和各种饮料店家主打的batikGreen Tomato Cafe 里所使用的桌布,餐巾甚至是枕头套都是用 batik 做成的,风格非常独特鲜明。我个人很喜欢这样的concept,充满艺术气息的Cafe,在一个融入大自然怀抱里的环境,特别能让人放松。Latte (RM 10); Chocolate Muffin (RM 10 - 2pcs); Oreo Cheese cake (RM 10)Latte 的拉花很可爱,打招呼的问候让人心情愉悦。这里用的奶份量比较多,所以咖啡的苦味比较少,提升整体的滑度。而且这里用的是brown sugar,看得出店家注重顾客的健康。我们加入了少许的糖,咖啡的浓度被暖和了一些,令味道更讨喜。Chocolate Muffin 的口感比较扎实,整体上感觉比较干,所以也比较香,可是欧巴还是比较蓬松和湿的口感。Oreo cheesecake 的口感很顺滑,感觉起来很像在吃cream一样,让我非常惊艳!蛋糕甜中带酸,cheese味较轻。对我来说,cheesecake 本身的甜度已经足够了,如果加上 fresh cream 就会有点太甜了。连里面也挂了很多batik,很有文化气息小记:Green Tomato Cafe 的环境清幽,在大自然的怀抱里享受一杯咖啡或一块蛋糕都是一件让人心广神怡的事。早上的 Green Tomato Cafe 气氛很好,阳光普照,让人用愉快的心情开始一天。但是,我们去到的时候是下午了,天色也转暗,之后还下起毛毛细雨。本以为这美景就会这样被破坏,意想不到的是,坐在凉亭里静静的看着雨滴落下也很让人放松。请Follow我们的Facebook一起追踪美食!Green Tomato CafeYayasan Seni, 333, Persiaran Ritchie,Off Jalan Ritchie,55000 Kuala Lumpur.Tel: 03 - 4251 5154 / 012 - 388 7343 / 016 - 220 3190Opening Hours: 8 am - 5 pm店家FB continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)