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Beef Carpaccio Blackpepper Fried Rice Indo Mee with Ayam Pandan Nasi Dagang
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Level4 2013-08-13
Girls (ok and boys too) please spend some time at their beautifully decorated store at the entrance of the café. With beautiful natural lightings coming in from the glass pane, the blings shines and sparkles when I was browsing through it. There are cloths, accessories, bags, baseball caps and more the fashion is very street hip given how they started with passion for bikes.Grafamama’s Grilled Lamb Chop is cheap given the portion of the dish. Selling at RM 25, this lamb marinated with special homemade herbs in white sauce gravy served with mashed potatoes is supposedly great for sharing if it hadn’t been all charred like charcoal.Let alone sharing, I don’t even wanna eat this. Well I do hope they’ll be more consistent with the food quality.At least the Barbecue Chicken Wings managed to redeem themselves. Four pieces of full wings marinated with herbs and special homemade BBQ sauce, served with wither fries or onion rings for RM 15. This one is not good enough for ala carte unless you are a very small eater. The chicken was ok and nicely marinated. The fries on the other hand, should be fried only when there is a order and not to be left standing too long before serving to the customers.Their sandwich is very homely and that’s great for those craving for mum’s cook. Using simple slices of white bread, and cucumber slices with fries served by the side, this grilled chicken sandwich is sufficient to satisfy hunger but not the palate.Slow eaters should never order this because by the time you are done with half the sandwich, the other half would be soaking wet from the sauce already.The oriental menu looks promising, but the Garlic noodle that we ordered tasted exactly like commercially produced instant noodle. With no extra ingredients except some ham slices in the noodle, I’ll do better ones at home.Dessert cakes are not their forte, and they don’t make their own cakes. I tried the Red Velvet and it was horrible right from the presentation, to the texture, and the taste of it. First of all the colour was way too much and secondly, the cream wasn’t fresh and lastly, the texture was bad. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-08
Iced Peach Tea and Orange Juice. There's nothing special about the drinks, except that they are slightly too expensive that they should be. The Iced Peach Tea was RM4.50, and the Orange Juice was RM5.00.Anchovies Poached Egg Spaghetti with Chicken. It was a plate of pasta with crushed peppers, cooked together with olive oil and chili, and topped with a poached egg. I requested for one without anchovies because I never like anchovies. Definitely, just like many other dishes available in the cafe, you can choose between chicken and beef. Because of the generous amount of chili added by the chef, halfway through enjoying my meal, my sweat was close to dripping from my cheeks.Chicken Spallopini Pasta. My boyfriend, Don, and I thought that it was slightly too salty for our liking. Don is always a person who prefers stronger flavor than I do, so you can pretty much imagine it based on your preferences. Despite so, Don enjoyed his meal that night, perhaps due to the special environment and the unusually huge portion.Surprisingly, the services of the cafe of the night was much better compared to my previous visit (http://my.openrice.com/klangvalley/restaurant/commentdetail.htm?commentid=39759), although the food served was yet to be improved. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-04
The deco was very... hipster-ish if I might say. It feels kinda dark but it is bearable for me. There is an air-cond but I don't think it ventilates the area very well because it's open space rather than an indoor one. But the temperature is still bearable because it's night time. The menu didn't state any desserts that they serve, so we went to the counter and look what they had at the moment. It was around 9pm when we arrived there by the way.They only have the Panna Cotta(left), RM10 and Pavlova(right), RM12 when we were there.I have to say, this is the first time I've tasted a panna cotta. I didn't know what it was, but one taste of it, it's like Romeo fell in love with Juliet again. I love how milky it taste and it is not sweet at all. The sweetness comes from the syrup so for people like me (who doesn't like food that are too sweet), it is perfect. The Pavlova was good too! Not disappointed with our choice. How can you not like the generous berry toppings? I love berries! These two dessert hit the spot!(for me of course) continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-16
Thanks to a refurbishment, a revamped menu & extended business hours, Grafa has transformed from a simple suburban cafe that sold cycling merchandise into a full-blown restaurant that's now one of Subang's liveliest, most youthful hangouts.The retail section & the eating space coexist harmoniously; pop by to buy bike accessories, then stay for hearty meals that won't hurt the wallet too much.The menu features fare that'll be familiar to fans of William's of Taman Mayang. Popular choices include spaghetti with seafood & salted egg yolk (RM25).Similar to William's, servings at Grafa are Goliath-sized. This grilled lamb with Persian rice (RM45) will feed no fewer than two (even four's possible).Double-beef, triple-cheese burgers with pastrami (RM25), soft-shell-crab fried rice, chicken kiev, salmon risotto, barbecued beef ribs, mee hoon tomato cili padi & black pepper beef ball soup are among Grafa's numerous other wide-ranging attractions.Come in, the coffee's fine: caffe latte to take the temperature up, affogato to cool things down.Hello, Ribena Longan, my old friend, I've come to drink you up again. continue reading
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Level2 2013-05-08
This was my first visit on Grafa cafe when i was on a short *yamcha* session with my friend.He brought me to this place at Subang. The environment was not bad, it just that i don't really like the indoor was too small so we don't have enough seat to sit so end up hav to be at smoking zone.The food was extremely huge and price was affordable. But the fried onions was a bit oily. continue reading
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