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Level4 2014-06-06
GRaB has a few interesting ideas, though this suburban burger outpost can't completely be extolled as a champion of originality. Still, it's probably worth checking out for enthusiasts in Petaling Jaya.The big attraction here: Braised beef rib burgers, made distinctive with tender chunks of meat still on the bone. The flavoursome flesh falls off with ease; it's a fun alternative to processed-patty burgers.Also very hearty: "Lamb Bizkit" (RM16), with a lamb patty that's perhaps overwhelmed by toppings of onion rings, a hash brown, cheddar cheese, sauteed mushrooms, gherkin pickles & minted mayo (phew!).For vegetarians: A falafel burger with garlic mayo sauce. The patty's pretty dense, for better or worse.Service is polite but somewhat sluggish here: The wait for "Egg Crush" (panko-fried chicken, portobello mushroom, sunny-side-up egg, caramelised onions & smoked BBQ sauce) can take more than 15 minutes even when the cafe is nearly empty. On the bright side, the ingredients taste respectably fresh. This one is overkill though; far too hefty to comfortably fit into the mouth.Parting shot: Another vegetarian burger, pairing portobello mushroom with hash brown. Patrons can also customise their burgers, using components like wild arugula, Japanese cucumbers & guacamole (note: not all ingredients are always available).The fries? Well, it would be churlish to totally dismiss them, but they're not unmissable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
Chalkboard exactly like MyBurgerLab. Kitchen layout exactly like MyBurgerLab. Price point exactly like MyBurgerLab. Naming styles exactly like MyBurgerLab. Serving style exactly like MyBurgerLab. Food appearance exactly like MyBurgerLab. Serving size exactly like MyBurgerLab.Wow.Flavour? Can fight MyBurgerLab, definitely. But no queue! Service a bit bad though. I was standing there, and the cook just looked at me, while the cashier was looking away playing on her phone. But at least no queue.Burger was super soft and juicy. The burger was even softer than the bun. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)