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Level4 2015-06-02
Gobo Upstairs is a quaint restaurant in Traders Hotel. It does not get much PR but by word of mouth, it is one of the best places for lunches. If you work around the KLCC area, Gobo Upstairs have a lunch menu that is very value for money.Why do I say that? Well, the lunch menu comes with free flow of starters and desserts!!You may find that the main course is rather small but when you indulge on the antipastos and the petite cakes, it is actually a very fullfilling lunch.One of the main course available for customer selection is the Chicken Coq Au Vin.The chicken is cooked till tender and falls off the bone. The Chef's special gravy makes a normal chicken dish unique Another must try main course is the filet mingnon, which is essentially Black Angus.For such good quality beef, the price for the lunch menu is truly worth while. The filet mingon  is cooked 50% through and it sits on a bed of creamy mashed potato  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Went there last year for a dinner with my team with high expectations from all the reviews to only end up leaving hungry and disappointed. Imagine a 2 course meal that took 2.5 hours, majority of the time just waiting for our food. Service was mediocre for such an establishment.Firstly they messed up orders. The doneness of our steak was wrong and when we questioned the reply was 'that is how we do it here'. Then they forgot to give the sauces only to give the wrong ones later. The servers weren't that attentive and you can't be shouting out for their attention at such a restaurant.Food was a hit and miss. The highlight surprisingly was the olive roll and amuse bouche of beef ragout which were free! While the items we ordered were mediocre at best. I think Campbell's clam chowder is nicer than what I had. Quality of steak was good but the mistake in doneness messed up the overall enjoyment. Not getting the sauce on time didn't help either although the sauce was lovely. For dessert we had the pavlova which was too hard, like biscuit hard. It should have been crisper.Ambience wise the restaurant is lovely and suitable for a romantic date however with the poor service and so so food I wouldn't recommend it. Especially when you are forking out quite a bit of money! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-07-03
I have never been to a Traders Hotel for any meal and this being my birthday celebration, my friend brought me here today.I did not know what to order initially. The waiter recommended the Surf and Turf Tenderloin which I stupidly ordered medium rare, the same method chosen by my friend as I was not an expert in ordering steak/lamb or meat. The meat was quite tender and there was blood oozing out to my surprise. Mine cost RM 150 where it was served with smooth smashed potato and also asparagus which was properly cleaned, unlike the asparague as Sakae Sushi. My friend ordered the Sirloin (RM 70) which tasted better than mine. It was just a slab of sirloin with one big fat tomato right smack in front. The garnishing is too simple and does not fit a fine dining style. I ordered the Pina Colada (RM 20), non-alcoholic, which was quite ok, a mixture of coconut and some other thing. I finished the drink. My friend ordered the Hot Chocolate which was not hot enough when it arrived with a small marshmallow. The chocolate is quite alright, but not as chocolatey as I expected it to be. We ended the evening on a high note with Chocolate Lava, the signature dessert. The hot lava oozed out, mixed with the vanilla ice-cream, pure bliss when melted in the mouth. I am not sure how much the desserts and hot chocolate cost as it was a treat after all. The ambience here is very romantic, very suitable for intimate conversation. Unfortunately, it does not overlook KLCC as expected but the music is incredible, soft blues and jazz just the way I like it. Romance is in the air when dining at Gobo.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-04
Specializing in grilled meat and seafood, this place deserves to be packed every night, but the opposite is usually the case. The lack of crowds means a more tranquil dining experience for customers who appreciate that. The truffled butter was exceptional. We finished the butter, but not the bread! Hokkaido scallops were plump and juicy, just as scallops should be. The eight-hour Cabernet braised beef short ribs were like a miracle from heaven. Fork-tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat with lots of fatty portions (OK, not everyone likes that, but I'm licking my lips while typing this). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Gobo Upstairs is a semi fine dining outlet with a nice cozy environment. You can choose to sit at the dining area or the bar but you can only order from the snack menu if you sit at the bar and not the full food menu.I ordered the filet mignon and tiramisu for dessert. The meat was absolutely splendid, it was juicy, tender, succulent and whatever other word you wanna use to describe it. The flavours just explodes in your mouth when you bite it, it was truly cooked to perfection.The first thing you will notice when the tiramisu is served is the nice presentation. In a triangular bowl resting in a another bowl with coffee beans in them, it was pleasing to the eye. The taste was great as well, it wasn't very bitter or too sweet and it just meets nicely in the middle for a nice balance and the sweet cookie stick thingy (not sure what you call it) was a nice touch to compliment it with a little bit more sweetness and crunch.They have a nice selection of fine wines and cocktails, do try out their refreshing Mojito, Singapore Sling and if you plan on getting a Margarita, I advise you to get a shaken one oppose to the blended variety. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)