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前一阵子,“有间面馆”在各路食客的吹捧之下而爆红,继而在雪隆一带开了几家分店,每一间都座无虚席,用餐的高峰期更是得排队等位。照片上看起来貌似平平无奇的面食,挑起了我的好奇心。到底这碗会让人吃上瘾的面,它的魅力何在呢?翻开餐牌,选择多得有点眼花缭乱,老爸习惯看传统的、简单直接的餐牌,对于这里的多样化选择显得有点手足无措。其实只要厘清几个步骤,就一点都不难了。第一、选择面条 - 米线 vs 米粉米线是这里的特色之一,当然是选它了!看起来有点像米苔目的米线,比黄面稍微粗一点点。吃起来米的味道不明显,完全靠沾在米线上的汤汁。米线的口感顺滑,而且泡在汤里面不会发胀,还有一点就是它不会像米粉那样,泡久了会让汤底带有米粉的味道。第二、选择汤底 - 三鲜汤 vs 秘制辣香汤听说秘制辣香汤的辣度不是一般人能够承受的,所以我选了招牌的三鲜汤。相传康熙皇帝南下访察民情,一天中午,来到池边一家小酒店,点了“一碗汤面,一壶花雕黄酒”,食后感觉味美鲜甜,问到:“店家,此汤面何名?”陈姓厨子答曰:“山鲜汤面。”原来此鲜汤取水于山间溪水,配与溪中鲜鱼烹调,故得此名。康熙一时兴起,把少许花雕黄酒倒入汤面品尝,甚觉清香可口。更把山鲜更名三鲜,谓鲜汤、鲜面和鲜鱼。来过的人一定会注意到他们墙边的柜子放了很多酒瓶,每一个都贴上了名字。这些都是顾客们向店里购买的酒,可以加到汤里提味。剩下了就让店家替你保管在店里,等下一次再来光顾的时候就可以用了。虽然我的三鲜汤没有加酒,但也可以想像得到加了酒之后,味道一定是更上一层楼啊!第三、选择配料浆爆丸三鲜汤米线 - RM10.40看到部落客 Dearhuiying 大力推荐浆爆丸,我当然也要来一份啦!肉丸一大颗的看起来很扎实,话说吃这个浆爆丸是要有技巧的,在咬开肉丸的时候,记得嘴巴要同时把爆开的肉汁吸住,以避免肉汁喷到身旁的人。哈哈~你一定在想有这么夸张吗?如果处理不当的话,是真的有这个可能的。肉丸里面包裹着另一颗小的肉丸子,应该是牛肉做成的,肉汁非常鲜甜,而且还带有一些油香味,吃不惯油腻食物的朋友可能会觉得这个有点油,但我觉得这是有点像在吃小笼包的感觉啦~石斑鱼片三鲜汤米粉 - RM16.00石斑鱼片三鲜汤米粉里面的石斑鱼给得好多,而且每一片都好厚。然而因为熬煮过久,所以石斑鱼片有点过熟而不是嫩嫩滑滑的感觉,但也因为这样,汤头会带有鱼肉的鲜甜味道。田鸡三鲜汤米线 - RM14.90田鸡三鲜汤米线对我而言会比爆浆丸的版本来得清淡,因为味道都还保留在田鸡肉里。同样的,料给得好多,田鸡也是新鲜滑嫩的,但我还是比较喜欢重口味的爆浆丸,听说不爆浆的猪肉丸也是挺不错的!甜品有豆浆布丁和龟苓膏,这些家里都可以做的小甜点,不过不失啦!除了招牌的三鲜汤米线,这里还有干捞和煮汤的板面。不要以为板面这种东西哪里都可以吃得到,据吃过的人所说,这里的板面有比外面的好吃哦!By 阿七 continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-21
had the choice of mi xian or vermicelli noodles and i went for something abit different and what they're famous for which is the mi xian. Had the Mi Xian to go with the bursting meatballs and the soup was super flavourful especially after adding their chili sauce. This bowl only cost me about RM11 after tax which is reasonably priced for noodles in a mall!  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2015-11-02
I have been here four times in two weeks' time. The soup base of the pan mee is awesome and you can really taste the sweetness of the ingredients. Also, nothing can be better than its "bursting meatballs" which are actually meatball inside meatball.. flavoursome!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2015-07-13
I always heard my friend said that there is a delicious soup noodle shop in PJ which can really satisfy my picky tongue yet it is reasonable price overall , but I not believe at all. End up, she finally brough me here.Okay.  The shop is located at Jaya one and for first timer like me, I feel weird about it.I am keep thinking  is there any delicious noodle shop hidden here? which Jaya one always are quiet and not much shops there.However, once I reached the shop, it nearly broken my glasses.I saw many people is Q-ing outside for the shop only and want to try their soup noodle.Feeling suprise, i dragged her to join the Q and there is a man, who looks like the boss quicky arrange us a seats to join a table with a couple.Needless to say, and out of hunger, I ordered Soup bursting meat ball and she ordered Spicy Bitter groud fish paste.Below are how it looksWe both ordered Mi xian, which is what they recommended instead of Mi hun.At the first bite , i totally fall in love with the sweetness of the soup. It is not sweetness from sugar but the sweetness of the soup which boiled with bones for hours.The portion is big enough and the bursting meat balls are fresh and big size from market.It makes me want to order for second bowl of it!However, I do not get the wine from the waiter or waitress and I saw no one is having it as seen from blogger website or others comment. Or maybe it is just promotional stuff.The price for our meal is Bursting meat ball 10.40Bitterground fish paste  11.00and Yes! this shop got GST.Who gonna pay the bill? of cause is me, because I finally admitted that it is the most satisfying soup noodle shop I have for now. Hunger for another bowl now, this time, will try the popular pork slice soup noodle! continue reading
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I didn't know about the existence of this place until my boyfriend mentioned about it!The way he described it like typical steamboat noodles with frozen steamboat ingredients.I told him, "Hey! I must it on my own! Your description is really misleading!" It has a very ancient China feeling.Imagine the scenes you saw in dramas.Oh yes, exactly those! "Noodles", it said. As a first timer, I chose Home made fish paste as my choice!Taste is good, soup is good, ingredients are fresh, portion is generous & the price is definitely affordable. Definitely not a what my boyfriend described it as!This is way better than what I imagined it to be! They only have limited choices of soup base, Clear Fish Soup OR Spicy Soup.You can choose to mix and match by yourself (a.k.a. M.I.Y.).My choices:Home made fish paste (FRESH!)Clear Fish Soup (YUMMY!)Additional vegetables Rice noodles (not Rice vermicelli!) My boyfriend's choicesork ballsClear Fish Soup (He said the spicy soup is nice too!)Bursting Meat balls (This is nice!)Rice Noodles If you opt for extra alcoholic flavour, you may purchase a bottle of chinese wine and keep it at the restaurant.The rice wine comes in different range based on the age.The one I added is 5 years old rice wine. You may add it into your soup for the extra OHM!BUT....Be careful on the amount you add.My boyfriend added too much into my soup.K.O. Go Noodles = 有间面馆OOTD - Black & White stripey bare back dressI will be back for more comfort food!****Oh yes, I love soup!****Go Noodle House61-P1 The SCHOOLJAYA One, Jalan UniversitiPetaling Jaya, MalaysiaPhone: 03-7499 1126Email: gonoodlehouse@gmail.com Operating Hours: 10am - 9pm Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gonoodlehouse continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)