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Home Made Spicy Soup Bursting Meat ball Pork Roll Superior Soup Home Made Fish paste Trio Platter Trio Special Dark Sauce Pan Mee
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Level3 2016-05-13
Go Noodle House, one of the restaurant that serve good quality noodle at Publika, they offer you a really good bowl of noodle at affordable price, without sacrifice the taste of the noodle.You will be greeted with authentic Chinese decorations the moment you step into the shop. From the wooden furniture, the red lantern, the brick wall and even the dress code of their waiters, everything is almost the same as what we can see from traditional chinese drama. It gives you a delusion as if you are back to hundred years ago, where everything is old but nostalgia!Here’s a little sneak peek of their menu. Besides main dishes, you can choose different kind of side dishes as well, ranging from pork ball, fish ball, fish paste and etc. The varieties of side dishes will definitely satisfy your picky taste bud.Trio special dark sauce noodle, which is also one of their signature noodles, comes together with black fungus, fried anchovies, minced pork, fried shallot and complementary bowl of soup. For the noodles, you can actually choose from thick noodles, thin noodles and pinched noodles according to your liking.Their dark sauce noodle tastes average, springy noodles pair together with the crunchiness of black fungus and fried anchovies, nothing really surprise me but the texture of the noodles considers quite good.What I would like to recommend is their Superior soup pan mee, which is really surpass my expectation! The rich broth simmers with fresh fish and pork meat completely stole my heart away. Simmer with fresh ingredients the broth brings the freshness of the dish to the next level; I ensure that in the end you will finish the whole bowl of soup irresistibly.I’m not the soup-based mee kind of person because most of the soup mee goes very tasteless, but this Superior soup pan mee is super savory and aromatic! The chewy noodles absorb the soup and make me can’t stop after having first mouth! It just slurps into my mouth smoothly and I was like “omg how can this tastes so good!”Overall, if you are looking for a good bowl of noodles to cure your hungry tummy, head over to Go Noodle House, they have few branches located at klang valley too! continue reading
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