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Level3 2016-07-21
Good news for sweet tooth lover like me. You will definitely fall in love with their crispy waffle and delicious Bingsu . I was astonished with Go Getter cafe interior design. Go-Getter cafe is located at Bukit Jalil and it can be found if you using waze.Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal WaffleHow can I resist such a wonderful and delicious charcoal waffle filled with salted egg yolk. You might think the taste weird but I personally think the waffle is unique. Challenge yourself to try on the waffle and you will fall in love with it. Yumilicious!!!!!Fancy BananaLook at the waffle, you will agree with me that it really look fancy. But the taste really will "wow" you when you take a bite on it. Contain banana, chocolate shred, charcoal waffle, chocolate syrup, blubbery jam, vanilla ice-cream and baby rolled oats.Ondeh Ondeh Pandan WaffleI love the pandan waffle and this is my favorite. Contain Hawaiian shredded coconut , coconut flakes, pandan waffle , a scoop of ice cream , salted caramel sauce and aromatic gula melaka.AngelababyThe name of the waffle really attract my attention and it sweet as the name of the waffle. Contain cream cheese, red velvet waffle, orea crunch , chocolate shred, strawberry, blueberry, salted caramel and a scoop of ice cream .Mango Durian Bingsu & Homemade Gula MelakaLooking forward for Go-Getter cafe signature Bingsu? I will personally recommend Mango Durian Bingsu.VeniceMark 1Give a try on their coffee as they used coffee bean that imported from Australia. The nice aroma of the coffee really make my day.Latte & Ginger and Lemon TeaHot ChocolateMacadamiaNo forget to introduce Go-Getter Cafe specialty " Eiffel Tower". Eiffel Tower is their new menu. Served with ice-cream together with selected bingsu and fruits.Go-Getter Cafe12A-1, First Floor , Block 5Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil57000 Kuala Lumpur.Business Hours : Thur - Tue 12 PM - 11 PMClosed on WednesdayContact No: 019 260 2288 continue reading
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Level4 2016-07-16
-- In the deep inside of bukit jalil comes a miracle of a hidden gem for dessert lovers , Jalil Jaya Shop area was a famous place that loaded with Nice foods around .-- Di pendalaman bukit jalil terdapat sebuah kedai yang tersembunyi untuk pencinta pencuci mulut , kawasan kedai Jalil Jaya adalah tempat yang terkenal yang dengan makanan sedap disekitar .-- 在Bukit Jalil的深路里隐藏了爱吃甜品的地方 , Jalil Jaya是一个著名是周围都是食物的地方 .-- Go-Getter Cafe located at Bukit Jalil , Between the shop area and situated at the first floor . To get a parking spot may difficulties , try Your Luck .-- Go-Getter Cafe terletak di Bukit Jalil, Antara kawasan kedai dan terletak di tingkat pertama . Untuk mendapatkan tempat letak kereta memang kesukaran , cubalah nasib anda .-- Go-Getter Cafe 位置是在Bukit Jalil , 在店铺之间的一楼 . 得到一个停车位可能会点困难 , 试试你的运气吧 .-- Disney’s Pixar and DC comics wall mural paintings was colourful , fun ambience and comfortable . Go getter cafe serve various kind of food which include waffles , however They have their own Decoration For the waffles too . just wanted to inform that Go getter cafe just started to extend their operating time till 11pm on last two week , before that Go getter cafe is operating their business from 12pm till 7pm . On the nite time Go getter cafe only serve full range of desserts .-- Disney’s Pixar dan DC komik lukisan mural di dinding adalah berwarna-warni , suasana yang menyeronokkan dan selesa . Go getter cafe mrnghidang berbagai makanan termasuk wafel , bagaimanapun Mereka juga mempunyai hiasan mereka sendiri Untuk wafel . Hendak memaklumkan bahawa Go getter cafe bermula beroperasi sehingga pukul 11 malam pada dua minggu lalu , sebelum itu Go getter cafe beroperasi dari 12:00 hingga 7 malam sahaja . Pada waktu malam Go getter cafe hanya menhidang pelbagai pencuci mulut sahaja .-- 迪斯尼的皮克斯和DC漫画的壁画是丰富多彩的 , 有趣的氛围和舒适 . Go getter cafe有各种西餐类的食物包括华夫饼 , 但他们有自己的装饰品的华夫饼 . 在这里想通知下Go getter cafe近着两个星期开始延长他们的工作时间到晚上11点 , 之前Go getter cafe是从中午12点直到晚上7点而已 . Go getter cafe在晚上只卖甜品 .Macadamia Latte Hazelnut LatteHot Chocolate-- All the Coffee That served by Go Getter Cafe in their Menu was imported Fine Coffee beans from Australia .-- Semua kopi yang dihidangkan oleh Go Getter Cafe di menu mereka adalah biji kopi sempurna yang diimport dari Australia .-- 所有在Go Getter Cafe的菜单中的咖啡都是从澳洲进口精细咖啡 .Salted Egg Yolk Sauce Charcoal WaffleSalted Egg Yolk Sauce , Salted Caremel Sauce , A scoop Of Ice Cream Fancy Banana Charcoal Waffle , banana , chocolate shred , chocolate syrup , blueberry jam , baby rolled oats and vanilla ice cream .Ondeh Ondeh Pandan WaffleHawaiian Shredded Coconut , coconut flakes , pandan waffle , a scoop of ice cream , salted caramel sauce and aromatic gula melaka .AngelababyCream cheese , red velvet waffle , orea cruch , chocolate shred , strawberry , blueberry , salted caramel and a scoop of ice cream .VENICEEarl Grey snow base with Baskin Robbins ice cream, strawberries, Orea flakes and almond flakes! MARK 1 Korean Premium Soy Powder Injeolmi Bingsu Series espresso with Adzuki Red Bean and Baskin Robbins .Mango Durian Bingsu + Homemade Gula Melaka.New In MENU - EIFFEL TOWER Serving Baskin Robbins Ice Cream together with selected bingsu and Fruits , this is not on the menu BUT you can order it out of the menu ans ask for EIFFEL TOWER . Go-Getter CafeAddress :12A-1, First Floor, Block 5, Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .Hours : Thu - Tue 12:00 pm - 11:00 pmClosed on wednesday Phone : 019-260 2288 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2016-04-17
cup of ice chocalate 价钱和味道的对比率实在太差了,在家泡的milo ice 都好喝过它。点了一份咸蛋口味的意大利面,挺特别但吃多了会腻。牛油果汁味道还可以,应该不是纯牛油果感觉上应该有 其他的味道。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-12-25
Salted egg yolk sauce with vanilla ice cream on top of black charcoal waffle. very drippy salted egg yolk sauce which had good consistency but wished that the charcoal was slightly abit more fragrant on its own. had the pasta seafood putanesca as well but the smaller one. love the sauce but didn't taste anything like how they describe on the menu as sweet and sour somehow.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)