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An outdoor experience. A place to chill, Barbecue or simply ordering from their ready-to-eat menu. Fuss free place to have the authentic Japanese bbq experience. Most of the regulars are mostly Japanese citizens as this is the closest they could have in KL.If it rains, there will be tent so barbecuing under the rain is also another experience ! Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (6pm-12am)*Serves AlcoholHere is their official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tamandesajapanesebbq/photos  continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-19
We were looking for somewhere to eat around Taman Desa and I was so hungry. We almost had dinner at some random Chinese coffee shop but my friend happened to chance upon a court in the middle called Japanese BBQ. I initially thought it was just a Malay warung and was quite hesitant to eat there. My friend ordered Lamb Shoulder (RM 15), Lamb Loin (RM 10), Beef (RM 10) and Pork Stomach (RM 10). All the meat is quite reasonably priced at RM 10 per plate compared to the Japanese and Korean BBQ restaurants which usually sell at RM 40 a plate of BBQ. My friend helped me to cook all the meat and I kept eating while he kept cooking. I was a bit embarassed though. We totally love the Chicken Ramen (RM 10) where the 2 thin slices of smoked chicken was so tender and juicy. The hard-boiled egg was also just right. The bean sprouts were also nicely cooked and was without the raw taste. For RM 1 each for green tea, it was so worth it that we were given a very big jug of iced green tea which we finished most of it.I love the environment and ambience here. Despite the simple setting, the cool night breeze was incredible. The 80s jazz music on the background makes me feel like dancing on the street. If I were in the states, I would do that. It was like dancing in the air. The music and setting made me feel like I am overseas. I felt that the overhead for setting this place is very low as they only need to rent the area and provide simple tables, makeshift BBQ pit made of big plastic barrels. The BBQ pit is made on top of a wooden chair.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-18
Here is the Pork Meat Soup, all ready to go as a communal starter and perfect for sharing when eating in a big group.There are lots of ingredients inside the soup so the soup taste fabulous. The place is very simply laid and very casually comfortable while highly relying on the weather to affix more joy to the entire dinning process. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-30
Having a colleague who'd always mention about pork during office hours at least once a day isn't helping me into getting a slimmer body figure, but to crave more for the non-halal piece of meat.Thanks to Daniel, another carnivorous eater, who has recently joined force as my partner-in-crime for food explore, hence off we go to the famous Japanese BBQ at Taman Desa. First attempt was a disaster, we went there on a raining Monday night, only to find out that all the 3 restaurants by Mr Seiji Fujimoto (along with Maruhi Sakaba and Sanuki Udon) were closed. Oh yes, don't ever trust the "opens daily" as published from elsewhere, they are all closed on Mondays.Second attempt was a gamble on luck, there was still drizzling at 5pm and finally stopped when we were there. Faber Plaza was pretty easy to find with the help of "Jalan Desa Jaya" on Waze navigation apps.Japanese BBQ is located at the center court of Faber Plaza, easily recognizable with its zinc roof, red bricks, and the red lantern with the words of 居酒屋 (Izakaya).Rustic environment with al fresco dining. Though not preferable especially at this hot weather of Malaysia, we went on a good timing for BBQ which is after the rain, hence the cool evening breeze.豚肉ラーメン Pork Ramen RM10This ramen has quite justify its value of RM10, or even did more than that. Still far from the level of those chain Japanese Ramen restaurants but good enough to fill our groaning stomach while waiting for the meat to be ready.ラムジンギスカン Gengkhis Khan RM20This is the only lamb dish in the menu and would be the first dish if you ever order it, since it comes in a sizzling hot pan.Mongolian lamb stew of tenderness, minimum gamey taste yet so flavourful that I wished to have a bowl of rice with me. By the way, that's the ultimate compliment one can give in chinese culture. We even finished all the cabbages as they have absorbed the essence of both meat and broth.Not even one drop of the soup was wasted as the staff poured it all for us while he takes the hot pan away.キノコホイル焼き Mushroom Foiled Yaki RM10Oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom, chopped onion with butter as seasoning. We've ordered ビーフリブアイ Beef Ribeye RM10, ポークベリー Pork Belly RM10 and ポーク内もも Pork Inside Leg RM10.They are all small in portion I must say.They also offer meat selections of lamb, pork and beef along with long list of innards to choose from, such as tongue, intestines and much more.We then proceed with the grilling after the staff has taken away the hot pan. Dripping pork lard had just made the fire gone wild.While the meat was fresh with minimal marination, it goes great with the sauce provided which is a mixture of Japanese soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar, garlic and sesame.野菜焼 Mixed Vegetables RM5Heated but uncooked vegetable? While this doesn't make sense, it did happen. The vegetable was either overcooked with burnt edges or too raw to be consumed. Top up another RM5 to Teppanyaki Vegetable is highly recommended.Unlike other restaurants that do online marketing, this restaurant has no namecard, no contact number and no facebook. Their only marketing was word of mouth, either from patrons or bloggers. Still, many would come to pay a visit, so do come early. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-11
it is small store near plaza faber. It sell mostly grilled food. Every table there will be grilled stove with charcoal inside for customer to grill food. We have ordered pork belly and pork shoulders. The grilled pork here is nice and tender. Maybe because it is using charcoal to grill. Besides, we also order pork ramen and japenese risotto. It is stewed rice with egg and savory soup. The tastes is special and nice. continue reading
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