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Level3 2016-03-31
My aunt came over to my university to have tea with me and my cousins. She wanted to try out the messed up family, thus we headed over to Garage 51 for tea. The cafe was still filled with people, majority of them were students even though it was 4 p.m. We ordered The Son and The Cousin from the messed up family series. Both cost RM18.90 each I think think it was too pricey. The Son was actually a milkshake with Nutella with hints of hazelnut awesomeness while the The Cousin was a milkshake with salted caramel with brownies. Both were very pleasant to the eyes but taste wise, not that great. The Son was topped with pretzel biscuit, caramel popcorn, marshmallow and drizzles of chocolate sauce. The popcorn were not crunchy at all and in fact they were quite soft. As for the cousin, the brownies were super hard and we felt like we were eating rocks. The different elements that make up the ‘work of art’ doesn’t taste as great as we expected but it was okay as a whole.Apart from that, we had the chocolate ganache cake and lemon cheesecake. Both cakes tasted very good! As for the mocha and flat white which my aunt and cousin ordered, the mocha was of really good taste while the flat white was just too bitter for my aunt’s liking. The mocha cost RM12.50 while the flat white cost RM10. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-26
I dropped by here for lunch the other day because most of the shops nearby Sunway Uni were still closed due to Chinese New Year. I ordered the Thursday Lunch Set which cost RM 10. The lunch set consist of Breaded Fish and Chips with Hollandaise Sauce and a drink of my choice. I can either choose Ice Lemon Tea or Lemonade. Since I have never tried Lemonade before, I though of giving it a try. One sip of lemonade, my entire facial expression changed! It was so sour, I have never tried something ss sour in my life before. But after a few more sips, I eventually got used to the sourness.Anyway, the Breaded Fish and Chips with Hollandaise Sauce taste like the one I had previously in Underground Societe, the only difference was that they served chips here whereas US served mashed potato. Personally, I prefer the chips here as compared to mash potato there. I also requested for extra sauce for my fish, and the waitress gave me a weird look, I guess nobody ever asked for extra sauce before? Haha.P/S: The lunch set in Garage 51 rotates every 2 weeks. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-12
Garage 51- a café located at Bandar Sunway nearby Sunway University. I believe most of you have heard of this café which they are famous for their drink series- Messed Up Family. Therefore I have purposely made a trip there just to try it out. Upon reaching, the café was rather full luckily I manage to get a table otherwise would have need to queue up at the door front. A glance of the drink menu, Messed Up Family is consist of 4 different flavours- The Father, The Mother, The Son and The Daughter. I have randomly picked 3 out of 4 flavours available.Messed Up FamilyThe Father RM18.90 – Chocolate with Peanut Butter. I was impressed by the presentation of the drink. It was so adorable. The cute little bear cookies been glued on the glass using peanut butter. You will find other condiment as well such as caramel popcorn, marshmallows, chocolate biscuit and topped with lots of cream further drizzled with chocolate sauce. Wow, what’s a sinful drink I have.Another twist from The Father, The Cousin RM18.90- Salted Caramel with Brownies.The Cousin was topped with Pretzel Biscuits, 3 layers of Brownie sandwich with thick creams as well as chocolate thick sauce. This is a challenge to finish these 3 layers of brownie. Anyway, just prepare to enjoy the sweetness and richness of the drink.Perfecto Joyful White Chocolate RM19.90, full with Perfecto Caramel Pop Corn with 2 layers of Brownie topped with thick cream and cookies crumbs. I enjoy munching the Popcorn while savouring the white chocolate milk shake. I love the brownie it was very tasty and soft. First time having brownie with thick cream which usually paired with Vanila Ice Cream instead. LOLX.  Myself to be greedy, I have topped up one more coffee- Garage Latte RM10 to end the sweetness of the above drinks. Anyhow, the coffee is good. continue reading
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Spending my valuable time with some bloggers during Christmas is most memorable and meaningful thing. We plan to enjoy our dinner first before the gift exchange.The specialty regarding Garage 51 is their milkshakes ( The Father, Mother Son and Daughter). Each of this milkshakes is specially crafted and the tasted is unique. The creamy and rich in chocolate give the perfect taste of their milkshake. During this Christmas, Garage 51 created the unique milkshake and they name it as Messed JP Family.Perfecto Joyful White Chocolate (White Chocolate) - RM19.80 The Father (Chocolate Peanut Butter) - RM 18.90 The Son (Nutella Flavour) - RM18.90 The Cousin (Salted Caramel) You will never feel boring with their food as Garage 51 brings more excitement in their food in term of taste, food presentation and uniqueness in their ingredient.Grilled Salmon Spaghetti with Lemon Cream - RM 24. Fresh salmon and the portion is big. Worth for money and the dish is not oily.Pan Fry Dory Fish with Caponata, Fluffy Cream, Basil & Strawberry Soil - RM 22 . The Fried Dory Fish mixed well with the strawberry soil. Personally think the price for this dish a bit expensive.Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Fries & Avocado - RM 29. It suit for those on diet and prefer a healthy meal.Spaghetti Aglio Olio with smoked Salmon - RM23. The spaghetti is so chewy and smoked . While the salmon is fresh . Usually I prefer Aglio Olio style as it healthy and not so filling like carbonara sauce.Penne Basil- spinach Pesto with Grilled Chicken - RM16 . This is my favourite dish and the taste is awesome as i love spinach pesto. You can ask the chef not to add too many oil so it will not look so oily. Overall this is the best meal at Garage 51. (personal opinion ya)Australia Beef Sirloin Spaghetti Anglio Olio -RM19. The beef is so tender while the spaghetti is a bit spicy. I did not take much as I cant take spicy food too much.Chicken Pamigiana with Mashed Potato & Salad - RM 18. Not my favorite I try to cut taking too much fried food. But the chicken skin is so crunchy. You can try it if you love to eat Chicken Pamigiana and the price is reasonable if compare to other cafe.If you are coffee lover, give a try on the Mochatella - RM16 (combination of mocha, milk and nutella ice cube). My boyfriend like it so much.Non coffee - You can try their rich Chocolate drink.After a nice meal, is time to exchange gift . Here are friendship quote that I love to dedicate to people that I love and care.Friendship is not about whom you have known The longest;It is about who came and never left your side.Merry Christmas my sister and brotherThank you for make it for the gathering.Photo Credit to Eddy RushLocation : Garage 51 51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar SunwayContact : 03 5612 5618Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Garage51MYWebsite : http://cc.garage51my.com/ continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-02
A few of us active food reviewers gathered together at Garage 51 on 19 Dec 2015 (Saturday) evening at 7pm. This time round it was on our own pockets. It was my first time doing this with them. I was contemplating the whole morning whether I should come since I had a pile of year end work piled up from the recent work trip of Vegas. Finally, after completing some of my work, I made a last minute decision at the nick of the hour to attend the food reviewers' gathering at Garage 51.I have heard so much about Garage 51 but I have never actually gotten the chance to dine here. Since it was a food reviewers' session, they all ordered the entire segment on main dishes served inly after 8 pm.SERVICE:The service is just awesome! The waiters here are super friendly and ever ready to snap photos for us so it is the perfect place to hang out whereas usually places like this have terrible service due to lack of manpower and too busy place.Chicken Parmigiano with Mashed Potatoes and Salad (RM 18) The chicken is deep fried but it was definitely not chicken chop. I love the mashed potatoes which did not taste like the instant ones sold at the mall or at the hawker's or hawker stall at a food court or kopitiam. There was a big dollop of cheese on top.Grilled Salmon Spaghetti with Lemon Cream (RM 24) This dish looks really simple. Anyone can whop this out but the trip lies in grilling your salmon in such a way that the salmon is not over-grilled till it's hard. The cream sauce is not as creamy as carbonara.Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Smoked Salmon (RM 23) The spaghetti is usually a very common dish but they managed to make a common dish delicious and I applaud them. The salmon pieces are in very small chunks and pieces.Penne Basil Salmon Pesto with Grilled Chicken (RM 16) This is one of the best pesto and spaghetti in Klang Valley. I am not a fan of the chicken breast meat used but thank god the pesto sauce remains rich and tasty and managed to coat the pasta. The piece of deboned chicken on top makes everything looks easy.Australian Beef Sirloin Spaghetti Aglio Olio (RM 19) The 4 pieces of thin slices used to make our breakfast. The beef is just nice .Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Fries and Avocado (RM 20) The thin piece of avocado is somewhat insufficient for me. I crave for more. The sandwich is just plain and I did not feel much of the avocado. The french fries are all too soggy and not to be eaten by human beings. Can you believe it that we actually asked the friendly waiter to cut this sandwich into 10 pieces? Seriously? Anyway, he understood us and was more than happy to help.Pan-fried Dory Fish with Carbonara, Fluffy Cream, Basil, Pesto and Strawberry sauce (RM 22)Among the rest of the food, this is THE WINNER For me because I loved the thin corn flour pastry used to make the crispy wrap and eaten together with salsa, diced avocado, cheese, olives, tomatoes.Next up, is dessert galore!DESSERTS FOR CHRISTMAS 2015For Christmas 2015, there are special desserts called the Messed Up Family (RM 18.90). Being bloggers, we have ordered everything on the banner. This is the current hot item so much so that one can see every table ordering this.1. The SantaThere is milk shake at the bottom with 2 big pieces of chocolate brownies and a lot of Garrett style chocolate flavoured popcorn overflowing at the bottom.2. The CousinThis has pretzels as the crown with dark chocolate brownies below. Way right below is a mug of chocolate shake. The shake is very dark and thick with a syringe at the side. At first, I wonder what is the purpose of the syringe then my dearest friend Xin Yee explained to me that it is left there for us to pump in more milk shake when needed.3. The SonFirstly, I am not sure of why this is the name. There are pretzels laid surrounding the top of the mug and marshmallows at the top. The milk shake is of nutella with hints of awesomeness (according to the menu) but I thought it would have been better with more nutella.4. The FatherOK, this has chocolate teddy bears surrounding the top of the giant mug. It reminds me of the chocolate biscuits babies and children eat. There are cereals and Coco Crunch on top and chocolate peanut butter milk shake at the bottom so naturally this is my top favourite.Garage 51 has many awards on its hat, amongst which:Best Cafe by TimeOut KL, Top 5 New Hidden Cafes in KL - Malaysia Tatler Top 20 Must-Try Coffee Places in KL - SAYS.comGreat Gourmet Coffee and Cafe Food - New Straits Times So naturally, the coffee love (yours truly) could not help trying the Mochatella (RM 16), one of my favourite things to order as it contains thick mocha ladden inside the ice cubes drank with milk and nutella. This is simply remarkable and I would have finished every sip if it isn't because it was dark. Hot Dark Chocolate It looks like a great one looking at the dark brown colour. One can sense the richness of the chocolate. Finally, it's present exchange time! Due to my last minute arrival, I did not get to exchange presents. continue reading
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