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Kumamoto Oysters with White Miso Vinaigrette Pan Seared Foie Gras with Apple Rendang
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Despite all the glowing reviews, all this time I haven't had a chance to dine at Frangipani, but when I heard that Frangipani has now a new executive chef thus a brand new signature menu, I knew I had to check it out. Hails from Malaga, Spain, Chef Manuel Lopez Quinones has worked in many countries as well as his homeland, and most impressive accomplishments includes his stints at 2 Michelin Star "La Broche" in Madrid and 2 Michelin-star "Arola" in Barcelona, under the famed Sergio Arola. Previously a predominantly French menu, now Chef Manuel brings a bit of Spain to the table. We were most impressed with the beautiful layout of the intimate dining area with a pond in the middle, and the lighting was sufficiently dim to create a romantic ambiance. Service staff was most attentive and polite, they definitely know the menu very well. Without further ado, we were given a menu to choose our dishes from the Signature menu. And I decided to stick to seafood and let the service staff do the wine pairing for me. Of course, the amuse bouche was first given to us.Arugula, Smoked Salmon, a touch of cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts. Tasty combination. The arugula lends a peppery and bitter note this which I enjoyed. My first course was Sauteed Baby Squid and I love the simple and elegant plating. Adorned with super finely chopped parsley and chives (impressive knife skill), garlic, extra virgin olive oil with a quenelle of mash on the side and dots of aioli surrounding the baby squid, this was almost too pretty to eat. The herbs and EVOO definitely enhance the flavours of lightly sauteed squids. They were cooked to perfect, tender with a touch of bite. The mash is on the light side as we were told Chef Manuel doesn't like to use a lot of cream and butter, which is refreshing actually. Very good start to the meal. My second course was grilled Hokkaido Scallops presently daintily on 2 rings of Mango salad. Once again a very elegant way of presenting the dish. Look at the giant sized scallops with beautiful char marks, what a sight to behold. I love the meaty scallops, the texture was dense yet delicate and soft, pairs well with the mango salad which had some coriander, mint and a touch of chili. Perfection. My main course was confit black cod with corn puree, baby corns and some caramelised bits of corn.I love the simplicity of this dish. Black cod is my favourite fish and it was amazingly soft. Heavenly! Pairing with corn gives it very clean flavours. Sweet and savoury well balanced. The assorted sprouts on top lend a contrast to the the texture. Delicious! This foie gras dish is not included in the signature menu but we ordered it anyway because I heard Frangipani does it well. And people have spoken, as this was hands down the best foie gras dish I have tasted so far. The liver was perfectly charred outside and buttery soft inside, great mouth feel. Pairing it with apple is quite surprising, but it works.I thought the foie gras was going to be the highlight of the dish as I'm usually not crazy about dessert. Boy did I get it wrong! The desserts are not specified on the menu so when this banana and toffee "fritter" (I'm sure Chef has another name for it but I think I had too much wine at that point to remember it), with Creme brulee icecream was presented to me, my eyes lit up instantly. I love everything about it. The icecream was the first one I went for and it tasted exactly like creme brulee. The "fritter", crispy with well caramelised banana inside. It was like Chef read my mind and knew exactly how I want my dessert. Needless to say, this tops the list for dessert in Klang Valley at the moment. Good food, great service, what more can I ask for? More wine, perhaps, though I think I sure had quite a few last night. Hopefully we will get another chance to visit soon. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-14
这里这道The chocolate ganashe almond,是一道精致的法国甜点,单是卖相就想一口吞进肚子里,厨师完全将法国甜点的精髓发挥出来,醇浓的巧克力,滑稠的口感,配合马卡龙以及杏仁碎片,和冰淇淋一起配搭着品尝,叫人上瘾。 continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-31
On my favourite street for wining and dining, Frangi is a fine bet for a fun night out. The bar upstairs is the perfect spot to kick back and have a few cocktails. Squashed frog shooter (Midori, baileys and grenadine syrup) and Strawberry mule (Berry vodka, frais de boise, fresh strawberries, ginger and ginger beer). Fruit daiquiri, strawberry martini and Brandy Alexander. continue reading
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This restaurant in my wish list since last mid year and after a year, finally I make it, also I have to before I'm going to print out my own gastronomic photo album in this coming October, feel so excite.I'm realized the Malaysia top 3 restaurants all named after the flower/herb name, Cilantro, Sage and Frangipani. Hmm, all just a coincidencePool at the Center of Frangipani Located at the crowd of restaurants and bars at Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, the hidden gem of the KL city.Sesame Seed ButterA fragrant of butter to spread on the warm bread to enjoy.The bread is little bit tough to break apart, I guess that's why this is the amuse bouche(small bite) which have to finish in a single bite.Chilled Tomato Soup with Thin Crisp BreadA hint of freshness from the herb inside the soup and light flavor. Good.Other than fish, the most favorite of my seafood surely the scallop. The scallop is coated with the mixture of roasted dry rice and dried porcini mushroom dust then pan fry it. It's appears in the plate with such wonderful fragrant, tempting, golden brown color.My most favorite dish at the night.The scallop is nicely cooked to secure the juiciness and tenderness. That is supreme delicious!Another innovative dish which replace potato with apple in the "rendang" style then decor with the phyllo strudel ring. The portion of foie gras is generous and nicely seared. No complaint about the apple rendang, it's kinda ordinary, flavor not so match with the foie gras, maybe just differ with each people's tastebuds.While having this sorbet, I'm actually thinking when I able to be such innovative as the chef, I wouldn't know that this fruit sorbet can goes so well with the culinary ingredient, pink peppercorn. Aw, I need to gain more knowledge although I did it all the time.I know the famous main course is the duck confit but then again, I can't resist any fish course. Not up to my expectation. A small bone is found inside the fillet which truly ruined my appetite while I having the 2nd fillet. I absolutely don't like my fish has bone inside, except unagi which is unavoidable. The sauce is great and flavor to go with the juicy mussels and the fish.Instead of normal warm baked souffle, I have the iced souffle which taste like frozen ice cream to pair with the sweetness of apple tart.I do believe there are still many awesome dishes like scallop waiting for me to try. The service is good enough and nice serenity ambiance to dine in. continue reading
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