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Level4 2014-06-06
Food, Innovation, Quality: FIQ's Gastronomy lives up to its acronym; this cheerfully friendly cafe, which opened this month in a relatively less familiar section of Subang Jaya, looks poised to become a big, irrepressible hit.Innovation truly is FIQ's middle name: The team that toils in its open kitchen strives to present recipes that transcend regular cafe fare while still preserving suburb-suitable prices. This spinach risotto with carrot puree, crispy brined chicken & fried onions (RM22+) succeeds on both of those ambitious fronts.Roasted potato gnocchi with mushrooms, herb-tinged walnuts & caper-raisin emulsion (RM18+ for a starter-sized serving). To be clear, FIQ's members haven't sprung out of nowhere; they've worked at various Malaysian hotels in the past, honing their craft & building their confidence to run their own restaurant.Pasta is made from scratch here, Tuesdays through Sundays; temptations include tagliatelle with duck confit, basil-laced melted butter & veggies (RM24+). The food looks so vibrantly alluring, we wanted to order everything on the one-page menu.FIQ's desserts feel like an addiction, not an afterthought. The best bet: S'mores (RM10+), the calorie-intensive camp-fire favourite of marshmallows, crackers, hazelnuts & gooey chocolate ganache. There are also brownies, baked alaska, raspberry granita & pumpkin bread pudding here.We'd love to have paired this meal with a Merlot, but FIQ's isn't that sort of venue. Still, this Snickers-&-peanut-butter shake ensured there was no space for complaints. The soundtrack's fine here too, with mid-tempo John Legend, Mariah & Alicia tunes for lunchtime.The coffee's very much worthwhile too; single-origin Ethiopian, if we correctly remember what amiable restaurant manager Shahaman said. (Correction: Our memory betrays us. It was Sumatran!) continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-14
I've seen a review about this place and it got me hooked immediately! Determined to try it out, wanted to go on monday but then luckily I checked, it's CLOSED on mondays, so we decided to go on a friday. Once we reached there we were so excited, but to our disappointed they open at 3pm onwards super sad and disappointed we had to go somewhere else and eat. & finally we had the chance to go! Definitely not monday or friday haha.The place looks really nice, wooden stuff and really big compound! Though seats inside are quite limitted, more seats available outside!They have this wall art outside their shop too! Perfect for camwhoring? Plus, they have these cute little notes too!Okay let's get straight to the food!Duck tagliatelle. But unfortunately mine was chicken..... they said they have no duck available. SIGH another disappointment because I really wanted to try the duck one! Fish & chips. The portion is quite small but it tastes pretty ok.Baked alaska! Really pretty looking dessert! & above average tooI would go back and try other desserts & probably their sandwich continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)