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Level4 2015-11-24
It's pretty obvious now that steam fish is one of my favourite chinese dish to order at a meal. However not many places can serve up good ones because not only does the fish has to be super fresh but the sauces that it's steamed in has to be good. And the one served at Fei Yee never disappoints. Their signature Steamed Fish with Ginger, Scallions and Garlic is AMAZING. The sauce has so much flavour and maybe even a hint of chinese wine makes this dish worth ordering in itself. Sometimes I think I have more of the sauce than I do the actual meat. It's even better when you request for extra fried shallots and garlic to add into the sauce. Their signatore wine & ginger steamed Lala is also really good. There is only one other place that can rival the one served here and that is only cause I grew up eating the one from somewhere else. But here, they do this dish justice because there's a really good punch of flavours in the sauce - it's almost the same as the fish except sweeter from the amount of wine. Then there's the steamed mince pork with salted fish. This brought back so many memories because my grandma made something similar for me as a kid and I loved it. Just having a nice plate of hot rice and this plus the sauce ladled over it brought back many nostalgic feelings. continue reading
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