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Review (2)
Level4 2015-08-03
We were rushing to watch Paper Towns movie which starts at 8.15 pm at One City so we just looked for any fast food and there weren't any. The waiter was kind enough to say that they can rush the cooking on time for my movie.Since I always like any burger with pineapples and mushrooms, we ordered the 2 burgers which fulfilled my liking. My Swiss Shroom (RM 18.50) was quite tasty with black shitake mushrooms sliced into small pieces. I ordered this because it has beef. The meat is quite alright. The burger bread is also wholemeal which is healthier than the other burger. My friend ordered the Mahalo (RM 19.50) pork burger which I avoided as I am not a fan of pork but surprisingly, it was succulent, juicy and moist, and done the way I like it. There were some onions in the sauce and the slice of pineapple made it juicier and sweeter. The french fries were done cowboy style and cut in rough shapes which were delicious, and better than those processed ones. There were many varieties of cocktails and mocktails here and I was tempted to try everything. I ordered the Baconator (RM 23) cocktail which had a little too much whipped cream for my liking. The bacon was deep fried. I think it would have been better without the cream. My friend ordered plain iced lemon tea for RM 6. The best part about the burgers her is that it is not too oily. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-22
Ahhhhh Burgers. I could never get sick of em. I am a burger junkie, ever since I took my first bite off my burgerlab burger in September 2012. Ever since then, I always have random cravings for burgers during the oddest hour. But please, no MCD's burger, please. I have only tried MCD burger twice in my life so far and that figure will stay for my entire life. I cannot accept the dry, coarse burger buns, teeny patty (which, rumour has it that it is only 30% real meat and 70% fillers) with the signature "smell" that all MCD food has.I love homemade patties. Juicy homemade patties. Topped with the freshest ingredients, and homemade condiments, paired up with a fresh out of the oven fluffy burger bun. And thanks to the Burger Boom Klang Valley is now facing, we don't need to head on to TGIF for a decent burger anymore. And being a burger fangirl, I'd like to try out most of the burger joints & point out the best of the best :bSo I was ecstatic when I found out that Fat Boys Burger Bar opened a new branch at One City, a new shopping mall near to my house.Fat Boy, a burger bar originated from Singapore. Fat Boy is one of the longest standing burger place in the Klang Valley. One of the trend starter for the current burger boom, I'd say. The main branch of Fat Boy is located at foodie playground Publika. I have been to the Publika branch once quite a while ago and as far as I can remember I was really satisfied with my dining experience there. The interior of Fat Boys was sleek & modern- Black tables, with contrasting red chairs. The wall is plastered with a cartoon-ish black & white wallpaper which gives the restaurant a playful & vibrant vibe.The menu. There's FIVE (5) types of patties available, beef, pork, lamb, chicken & even vegan!Price may seem stepper compared to the other burgers counterpart because the burgers at Fat Boys comes with a side of fries & salad.Don't really fancy the combination? Build your own burger then! You can go for 10 different sauces, or even a bun-less burger!Soup of the Day RM8According to the waiter, it was vegetable soup.I know, I know- why on earth would someone want to order a soup in a burger bar? Was feeling "healthy" on that night so yeah... Thought that it would be fresh, hearty vegetable puree soup with the hefty price tag but turns out I was wrong. Lesson learnt.Smashed Potato RM5The potatoes were truly smashed, and it hit the right spot. Smooth, velvety texture, that gives you a melt-in-the-mouth sensation. The gravy was your usual maggie gravy though.Wimpy (Pork) RM19Single Pork Patty melted with Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Fried Eggs, slathered with Fat Boy's homemade BBQ sauce in between a sesame bun. Served with a side of salad and jumbo sized fries. What I loved about Fat Boy's burger, is that they separated the salad from the burger One bite, and the juiciness of the burger patty come bursting out. The smoky taste of the grilled burger, savoury cheese, wholesome bacon & fried eggs comes together so perfectly. Paired up with the fluffy sesame bun, I gave my stamp of approval. However, I thought that the BBQ sauce tasted quite normal though. I would enjoy the burger more if a unique twist of sauce is added.The fries, on the other hand, were rather tasteless and mediocre because it wasn't seasoned.Overall, I was rather satisfied with Fat Boys' burger, but wished that the fries & the side dishes as well as condiments could be improved.. But the main star attraction at Fat Boys is the burgers so all's good (Y). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)