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Review (47)
Level3 2016-03-23
The Fat Boy Burger Bar serves one of the most succulent patty in the town, and has wide selections of specialities that serve different kind of taste buds. The place is pretty hipster, resembles the diners in overseas. I was amazed by the whole lists of burgers that offer and each of the selections is so tempting, and it would be so hard for me to pick a choice. Not forgetting that the place is non-Halal, as they serve pork patties. The descriptions on each item, never fail to make you hesitate, well, you can always pay more visit to the place to try on all their variations! Also, you get to build your very own kind of burger as well! The Classic Royale was classically simple and good, without any fancy condiments but just onion marmalade and cheese, it taste really good! This good-old not so adventurous kinda combination, fits eaters who love being classical.  The portion is rather huge for me, yet I would stuff myself to finish all of it because it's good!As for the Jamaican Me Hungry, the sundried tomatoes are the little things that made me go crazy over it.  I really love the slight roasted flavour and acidity that they implies. It definitely complement and brings up the overall taste of the burger. Yum! Not to forget, I like how thick the steak fries are, but the amount of the fries could be a little bit more, haha! In general, I find the price of the burger is quite reasonable, for such a big portion of burger like that, and the ingredients used is definitely worth the price.  continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-24
It's been quite some time since I last visited Publika but I do enjoy going there just for the food. Although there isn't much to shop there except for when there is some bazaar or some event going around there. However I do like that I am quite spoiled for choice when it comes to eating. That day, I was feeling like some burger and finally brought myself to try FatBoy's burger. Sometime back this place was all the hype & people would have to line up for a long time just to try their 'famous' burgers. Though the place was pretty empty when I visited for lunch that day which is kind of odd but also good for me cause no waiting time. I ordered the simple Fat Bastard that comes with a side of fries & also some lettuce and tomato. The fries was larger than regular fast food joint ones but it was more soggy than there were any crisp - also tasted like it's been fried an hour back then kept heated. Not salted enough so it was slightly bland but I made due with some dipping condiment.The burger, it's good. But then there really isn't nothing to shout about cause this tasted just like a regular cheese burger to me. I didn't like that the bun was not toasted enough so it was just soft & slightly soggy after a while. However the meat was pretty good because it's nicely marinated and the cheese slice was quite nice.Though I don't think I'd go back again for another because it isn't exactly the cheapest. For the same price I can get an even better burger set elsewhere. But I'm glad that I tried though.  continue reading
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This is my first time visit Publika and this restaurant caught my eyes. The environment of Fatboy is spacious and cosy. The light is dim and they used white and black as their theme color. Most of the customers are working adults and students.Fatboy’s burger served all sort of burgers such as beef, lamb, chicken and pork. Instead of ordering the burger from their menu, you also can create your own burger. Furthermore, they also served different kinds of side dishes as well.I had a Wimpy burger which consisted of Beef patty, Bacons, Cheddar Cheese, Fried egg and homemade sauce. It is served with Fries and Salad. They beef patty are juicy and had some grilled taste. The bacons are crispy too~I really love their cheese because it melted with the patty^^ Recommended!Besides, Chili Cheese Fries. A lots of cheese and fries! Not bad lo~~~Overall, they served very unique burgers where you can’t get else where. Tthe prices are still acceptable because of their humble and generous portion.Ambiance: 7/10Price: 7/10Food: 7.5/10Verdict: Unique burgers with acceptable price^^ continue reading
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Level2 2015-09-22
It was such a hazy day so my 4 of my colleagues and I decided to go indoors and have something super nice to counter the bad weather. We arrived at Fat Boys and it wasn’t so crowded. The staff seemed nice though visibly inexperienced and very neutral (not happy, not sad/angry) welcoming us. I’ve been here for dinner before and the food was really good and hearty. So, I was really looking forward to the lunch menu that I’ve never tried.I ordered a Spicy Chicken Burger (RM15) lunch set and my table shared the party platter (RM19). The lunch set comes with a drink (choose from Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Ice Tea) and the house salad. When our drinks came, they informed me that they had run out of Coke and Sprite so I had to choose between the remaining two. When the Diet Coke I ordered came, it was flat with no gas, I insisted they change it for me (even if they claimed that they opened it fresh from the bottle). So, in the end, I was left with ice tea. Not great considering it was the start of a new week at lunch time.My salad came and it was tasty. A very simple bed of greens (lettuce, tomatoes, arugula) lightly drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing. Our appetizer to share came and it was quite a let-down. For the price paid, I saw a big plate with 3x very small sized half spicy chicken wings, 3x onion rings, 3x fried calamari, 3x fried Mozzarella sticks. Sounds like a lot but the portion expected was quite underwhelming . Maybe it’s great for two people, but no more than that. The dish also comes with 3 dips: barbecue (dark rich color), wasabi mayo (mint green) and blue cheese (creamy texture). The wasabi mayo seems to be the favorite of the table and went well with everything on the plate.Finally, my main course came. It was also a bit underwhelming compared to what I usually get during dinner time. When it arrived, I saw more of the plate than I saw my food. The burger was normal sized and came with a piece of lettuce, a piece of tomato and a small portion of fries. My Spicy Chicken burger tasted good at the first bite and tasted better after I removed the huge amount of mayonnaise in the middle (which wasn’t even spread properly). The best part of the meal really was the chicken piece inside as it wasn’t broken down into a patty and it really maintained the taste of the grill from start to finish.If I have to recommend this place, probably go for the regular menu during dinner time to get a really good experience. If you want something really simple, the lunch set is still good for its price compared to the rest of the regular items on the menu.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-24
This burger seems to be aiming to answer the question, "What would it taste like if you combine all the good things into one item of food?". Peanut butter, banana, and a burger. Interesting combination.The patty was chunky, but a little salty and a little too dry. Despite that (and typical expectations), it paired well with the buttery nutty peanut butter and mushy banana.Fries were good and satisfying. continue reading
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