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Now for those who have been to publika, I'm sure you have heard of the highly spoken of cafe, The Red Bean Bag. We are regular patrons of the said restaurant but got bored after a while. We stumbled across this hidden cafe in the corner, one floor below The Red Bean Cafe. If I'm not wrong, it should be directly below the famous Nathalie Gourmet Cuisine.We were skeptical at first as there was empty tables with unnecessarily amount of workers waiting to serve the diners. But they prove us wrong.We had the Aunty Joana's baked egg and it was really good. Faintly resembles the one we had in Perth, we were amazed that we could find similarly good and tasty baked eggs here in Malaysia.There were chicken sausages, baked beans, caramelized onions and mushrooms in the baked eggs. It comes with slices of bread as well. It was so satisfying with the cheesy toppings and filling oven baked eggs, truly made my day.On the other hand, my friend had one of their carbonara spaghetti. Topped with an egg Benedict with sautéed mushrooms, the sauce was just right without the overwhelming taste that some spaghetti might bring about after a few bites. The portion was huge for girl eaters.This cafe do offer their special menu of the day as well from time to time. For those who wants something different, you may enquire about it with their staffs or usually they will go around asking the diners if they would like to try as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
Fahrenheit 600 is relatively new to Solaris Dutamas, just below the very well-known Red Beanbag. It specialises in pizzas. Rightly so, because the name itself (600F) refers to the perfect temperature to cook the pizzas. Having heard raving reviews about this place, we decided to try it out. When we arrived at the restaurant, it looked pretty empty (3 tables on Sunday night), and the staff was nowhere to be seen. Only when we walked further in (nearly to the end) then someone showed up and ushered us to a table. I guess that was not a good sign. We pored over our menu and decided on a fully vegetarian meal. The first to arrive was our Mushroom and Eggplant Lasagna.Lovely presentation, though I have the exact chopping board at home. Haha. The lasagna itself was sinfully cheesy (mostly mozzerella), and emitted a lovely aroma when it hit the table. Inside, the layers weren't so distinctive, probably because it was a little bit on the mushy side. Taste wise it was decent. With the sweet tangy tomato sauce and rich cheesy note. The vegetables were definitely cooked to a mush though. Luckily, the side salad provides the extra crunch for textural contrast. There was a huge gap between the serving time of the lasagna and the calzone. I understand that calzone probably takes longer time to cook, which they could have warned us beforehand. (But I thought the heat should be able to bake it instantly, unless they are using a different oven for it) We were twiddling our thumbs for good 15 minutes after the lasagna and after checking with one of the staff (who was more interested in playing his phone) and the manager, it finally arrived on our table. This calzone is called "I'm a vegetarian today" (although funnily enough when our waitress who obviously doesn't speak much English repeated it back to us as "I am a vegetable".... had a good chuckle over that), and it sure looked pretty good. Cross-section: filled with mushrooms, eggplants, olives, green capsicum, tomato and of course cheese. This actually tasted pretty good with very solid dough. Although at some part the dough was slightly too thick for our liking. Nevertheless this was one of the better calzones we have tasted in Klang Valley.Overall, the food here has great potential however they do need to improve on their service. By miles. The price is reasonable however, and the ambience is ok. Although the music can be a bit distracting at times, especially when they starts playing Miley Cyrus. (Sorry Miley but your music don't belong to a chill-out Pizza joint I think). continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-02
Long BlackAs for this Long Black, definitely suited to those bolder and have a knack for bitter coffee As its name depicts, it a type of coffee with fuller bodied aroma and comes without sugar nor cream. So it is tad less sugary to me, unless I add in some honey or cream. I suppose this range of coffee looks appealing more to the gentlemen than ladies On the hindsight, this actually is the best way of drinking coffee to really enjoy the good quality of brewing gourmet coffee. Guess I should adopt this new idea in near time continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-20
Fahrenheit 600, an up-&-coming pizza parlor in Solaris Dutamasan easy-on-the-eyes nook with elegantly nostalgic Elvis portraits & colorful, humor-laden posters on its walls.Fahrenheit 600's oven is now being flown in from the U.S., so pizzas & hot food will be served by month's end; for now, customers can munch on massive macarons ... ... custard-filled choux pastry, chocolate cakes, cookies, fruit tarts & other sweet treats while sipping tea & caffe lattes."Pizza without boundaries" is the catchphrase here. Sound promising? For sure.Fahrenheit 600 is located below The Red Beanbag, near Publika's open square. continue reading
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