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Level3 2016-03-23
Every Sundae serves their ice cream with lots of toppings, sauces and condiments which make your gelato personalized. They do have several choices where they have already made up for you, just in case you don’t like to think too much, you can always opt for the pre-planned suggestions the shop have.Well, if you really wanna go slightly more adventurous by building your own gelato tower, that will be great! Well, it would definitely cost a little bit more expensive, but yeah, you get your very own gelato tower with all your favourites condiments in one, so why not?What really made me happy was the cotton candy cloud! That is truly, very instagram worthy, beautiful round scoop of ice cream topped on waffles pieces, and surrounded by cloudy cotton candy! How adorable! The Match gelato tasted authentic, but I would really love it to be a little more tannic, as in, more of the bitterness and the tea-ish flavour in it instead of the milky flavour. As for the salted caramel gelato, I could hardly taste the saltiness, perhaps it may be the compote that overpowered the flavour. But nonetheless, both the gelato has really smooth and creamy texture, but it could be denser, Haha! I guess the gelatos are not meant for photos I suppose, as it melts really fast, so better think of your pose or what not, before the gelato arrives! continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-29
I wanted to treat myself a dessert after 2weeks of stressful preparation for exam. Salted Caramel, Butterscotch, BelgiumWaffle and Cotton Candy are my soul mates and if all of this is served in EverySundae by Cielodolci that would be my favourite hangout place for dessert. TheIce-Cream Parlour was cosy and comfortable. We are welcomed by the staff uponentering the cafe and served with the menu once we are seated. Young guy(Waiter) patiently explained us about the menu and the ordering process. Youhave to choose you own base+ Ice Cream+ Topping and Sauce for your Ice Cream. Moreover, you have to order and pay at thecounter then the food will be served on your table. It was a Belgium Waffle placed above a layer of Cotton Cloud with salted caramel and sizzled with butterscotch. Salted Caramel flavour from the Ice- Cream and the sweetness from the Butterscotch were divine. It was a great combination for me. Just dip the cotton Cloud in the Ice cream will make you go crazy for it. I fell in love with them. Belgium Waffle @ RM 17 (Salted Caramel @ RM 9+ Cotton Cloud @ RM 2+ Butterscotch @ RM 1)Overall, it was too good dessert for me, it magically released my stress, and I am back to my happy mood. Yummy Ice Cream with friendly and humble service. Good place for dessert and it is not crowded as it was weekday. Any good recommendation for Salted Caramel Ice-Cream? Please Let Me Know. I Love Them!!!Service Charge (5% + Tax)Every Sundae Soft Gelato Bar by Cielodolci(Beside Village Park Nasi Lemak)No 9, Jalan SS21/37,Damansara Uptown47400 Petaling Jaya continue reading
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A gelato journey. I love how they have choices for us to pick and what to mix match about on our own desserts. Bad part is you won't know whether your combination would be delicious or not. But I love how colourful the cafe is and how nice the waiters were. Particularly when the doorman is so good-looking. No wonder girls were all there. Try it then!Read more at: http://felicia-grace.blogspot.com/2015/08/every-sundae-by-cielo-dolci-damansara.html continue reading
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Found this cute and lovely dessert shop in Instagram and decided to try their gelatos.It is another soft gelato dessert bar by Cielo Dolci. Cielo Dolci is well-known in their Italian Gelato . What special about Every Sundae is their “customize your own soft gelato” . They have different variety of base, gelato flavours and toppings to let you mix and match your own food.Every Sundae is located beside Village Park Nasi Lemak, the best nasi lemak in town . You can enjoy a plate of aromatic nasi lemak from the next door before enjoy Every Sundae. The entrance is decorate with colourful stickers. The interior was cute, colourful and the space is limited.Every Sundae offers semi self-service, where you order and pay at the counter and they will serve your dessert once is ready. They provide plain water, tissue and cutleries beside the coffee machine.I ordered their signature sundaes, Summer in Tokyo because I love green tea or matcha dessert. Summer in Tokyo is a Belgian Waffle with Hojicha Soft Gelato and topped with Match White Chocolate and Sesame Brittle. I was a bit disappointed because my waffle have a bit bitter taste . The toppings were too sweet for me that the taste of gelato was weaken. It cost RM 19 ++ (included service charge and tax).Tharani ordered their signature sundae, The Dark Side which consist of Giant Cookie as the base with Deep Dark Chocolate Soft Gelato and topped with Caramel Popcorn and drizzle with Dark Chocolate Fudge. The cookie was abit hard but it is crunchy. I love their gelato because is really a very dark chocolate soft gelato . It cost RM 16.80 (included service charge and tax).Chie Ling ordered Honey Bunny also from their signature sundae. It is a Belgian Waffle with Cornflakes Milk Soft Gelato topped with Cornflakes Crunch and Caramel Popcorn and Honey is drizzle around the plate. Is a very well combination although I can’t taste cornflakes in the gelato . It cost RM 19++ (included service charge and tax)..Pei Pei customized her own dessert by choosing Belgian Waffle as her base with White and Chocolate Soft Gelato (Twist) topped with NY Cheesecake Cubes and drizzle with Butterscotch Sauce. The NY Cheesecake was delicious and it go well with the sauce! It cost RM 19 ++ (included service charge and tax).Meanwhile, Nava also customized her own dessert as well. She chosen a cup as her base with Salted Caramel Soft Gelato and topped with Honey Comb and Chocolate Chips Cookies and Dark Chocolate Fudge is drizzle around it. I’m in love with the Salted Caramel Gelato because it was well balanced and delicious! It cost RM 14.20 (included service charge and tax).Overall, the desserts were delicious and creative! We really enjoyed XD . The price is moderate for me and worth it. Ambiance: 6.5/10Price: 6/10Food: 7/10Verdict: Everyday is Sunday at Every Sundae! continue reading
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