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Review (9)
Level2 2015-09-23
Today I had dinner at Estillo's in Publika. Looked forward to eating outside after the rain gave us great weather to enjoy outside. Estillo's wasn't too packed and it was easy to find a place. It's a little harder to get the waiter's attention because they hang around the middle or inside the restaurant. But other than that, they were very cheerful and pleasant. I had the Signature House Guacamole Salad with Grilled Chicken (RM26) to start with. The portion was standard bordering small. It was quite enjoyable going through the layers. At the base, there was guacamole mixed with red onions as the salad's foundation. Then, layer by layer, there were sliced baby tomatoes, grated hard boiled eggs, rocket salads. Finally, the aubergine crisps were on top with some light dressing around it. Overall, this tasted really good with just enough onions for that kick in the guacamole. The grilled chicken was cooked well and was a great compliment to the guacomole. This is the first time I've seen a guacomole as the base of a meal and it's a great find!Next, I had the Paella Pan Pizza (RM26) with a marinara base topped with squid, prawns and chilli flakes. It was, really, really good and hearty. At each bite of this rustic pizza, I could taste the mix of seafood. Almost like the oil that cooked the squid and prawns were mixed in together with the marinara for that extra zing. The pizza dough looks thick on the top but was actually nice and thin at the bottom. It came pretty crispy with the first few bites. I guess the only thing I didn't see much of was the chilli flakes. It didn't really taste spicy either. But it's alright 'cos the portion of seafood and the flavors of the meal made up from it!Overall, this was a great meal to share with a friend or loved one. Just enough, for two people to eat at night.   continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-16
I googled and found this great place. But in future, I would know that I need to make a booking before coming otherwise we would end up sitting al fresco in the hot area. Otherwise, I would have gotten the chance to enjoy the ambience in cooling area. The Champinones (RM 18) mushrooms were cooked in creamy concoction together with white wine. They also serve complimentary white and brown slices of bread with butter. I really liked the 3 sauces especially the avocado salsa which goes well with bread.We ordered the my all time favourite which is stuffed octopus or called Calla Rellenos (RM 20). They serve 2 octopus in one plate. I do not know what was stuffed inside but perhaps it was some chilli mixed with the octopus eggs. The Corderos Asado (RM 46) was beef slices cooked with spices. There was a side dish which could be chosen and we chose Peas with broccolis which were buttery. There was a whole tomato that was deep fried too, which was quite tasty but too sinful. The green leaves that came with it, together with vinegar was so delicious. One can never eat tapas without drinking wine or better, to be more originale, have Sangria a la Espanola! There are many Especial Sangria to choose from here. I chose the Very Berry Sangria (RM 34) which was so delicious, not too bitter like the Pineapple Sangria (RM 32) that my friend ordered. My friend also agreed that the Very Berry is better. The place is full of expatriates because they serve true blue Spanish food, but a little toned down in terms of the amount of salt. In Spain, all the food is too salty. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-05
Champinones. After placing our order, we felt that one tapas was not enough, so we added on this Champinones. It was sauteed mushrooms. As compared to the calamari tapas, this chamipinones looked much more promising. This champinones was sauteed mixed mushrooms in garlic, wine and cream. It was creamy indeed and I dipped the bread with the sauce. The taste has a little bit of wine bitterness, and slight garlicky. Nice! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-12
Launched this month, Estilo is the sister outlet of El Meson at Telawi, but there's a potentially polarizing restriction that sets this apart from the Bangsar branch: no suckling pig, Parma ham, Iberico pork ribs or the slightest smidgen of swine will be found here.Still, Estilo will whip up plenty to please fans of tapas, like melt-in-the-mouth potatoes brimming with crab meat & cheese in fresh tomato sauce.Estilo's complete menu was not offered when we visited, but El Meson favorites such as paella, suckling lamb & crispy-cheesy croquettes should be available soon. Cocktails will come eventually too. Note as well that Estilo might not currently be open for lunch; full operations will commence later this week. Estilo is located at Publika's open square, neighboring Silver Spoon & The Social. continue reading
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