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Capo Triestino Illy's Irish Coffee Lemon Meringue Tart Neve Fondente
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Level2 2016-04-08
Having a piece of red velvet cake and a cup of capo triestino on a rainy day in pavilion. Overall, I will try on other menu and coffee for the nexttime visit. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-23
my love for coffee probably had similar beginnings like everyone else - the need for caffeine in order to survive the day! lolhowever, my affection for coffee simmered into passion with each bitter sip, enhanced by the creaminess of foamed milk. i've never really knew that so much went into making an excellent cup of latte (or any expresso based drinks, for that matter) until i attended a coffee appreciation class by illy. it happened to be the spark that ignited {mw}'s addiction to coffee and also where we were introduced to espressamente illy! there is only one espressamente illy in malaysia, located in the heart of kl - pavilion. it's a pity that there is only one to spread that lovely espresso love. recently i've only found out there other sister cafe in bv1 has recently been closed. timeout kuala lumpur's testament to illy's awesomeness came in the way of awarding the bragging rights as the best place for coffee in the 2011 food awards. my thoughts :: the coffee here speaks for itself. judging by the number visits i've accumulated over the months - (i'm embarassed to admit but) about more than a handful of times and i don't even live in KL...it's gotta mean something. the petite and cheery illy cafe in pavilion is illuminated by the streams of light through the glass windows and offers a patio for those who prefers outdoor seating (but extremely limited seating during rainy days).their menu offers a few varieties - the warm, the chilled and the liquor. illy also offers food choices including salads, sandwiches and pastries for the hungry bellies. but let's focus on the drinks, shall we?caffe calda {hot coffee} :: caffe latte | a single espresso topped with a large measure of emulsified milk (rm11)my go-to espresso drink has always been latte - mainly because i love to taste the espresso at its purest form (after espresso shots, that is...but i don't drink those cos they are too intense). it's always a treat whenever i order a drink here at illy because i'm always looking forward to seeing what beautiful foam art they are bound to impress me with.what i love about their lattes is the balance of the bitterness and creaminess -- just the perfect ratio of both. the bitterness was evident but not to the point it overwhelms. unfortunately, my first visit was a bit of a disappointment because the bitter aftertaste was so prominent that it turned both {mw} and my heads towards the barista to see if he was having a bad day (we learned that 50% deliciousness depends on the barista's mood that day..lol)with the exception of my first time, the lattes have been consistently creamy smooth with notes of bitter and whispers of tartness of the espresso. due to its simplicity, a minor slip up would be obvious. the lattes at illy are just phenomenal! caffe calda {hot coffee} :: caffe fondente | a single espresso served with chocolate and topped with emulsified milk (rm12)illy's take on mocha that made it on my top 10 eats of 2012. it's essentially latte but with a splash of delicious rich chocolate. first, like you do with every coffee beverage, start off with savoring the fragrant, rich aroma of the beans that hits the nose. then combine it with the sensation of your tastebuds when the slight richness and sweetness of the chocolate danced with the bitterness of the espresso and finally made whole by the creamy and warm, foamed milk. the combination of the three different flavor profiles performed a lovely symphony for the tastebuds.i'd recommend this for chocolate and latte lovers alike. and for those who would like to begin a relationship with espresso and loves hot chocolate, this is the perfect drink as an introduction to the wonders of coffee. my favoritest espresso based drink, thus far.caffe calda {hot coffee} :: cioccolata calda | delicious italian hot chocolate (rm13){mw} was not up for caffeine during one of our visits. and she was also curious how their hot chocolate would fare. her comment was it was too heavy on the milk alongside with the weak chocolate flavor made this a no go for her. her ultimate comment was :: stick to coffee at illy! lol. oh, she tried a sip of my cafe fondente and definitely had a case of drink envy! lol. caffe calda {hot coffee} :: mugaccino | a single espresso topped with warm emulsified milk (rm11)similar to the latte, this cappuccino by illy had the similar makings of an excellent mug of coffee - perfectly pressed espresso and foamy, warm milk. however, the slight difference in taste was the cappuccino was slightly less creamy and the bitterness was more apparent. still lovely but i gotta to give it to the lattes. i had a friend, {mnw} who commented the taste was light yet strong in flavor - perfection.cakes :: red velvet slice (rm15)i'm always on the lookout for a delicious red velvet slice since it is my favorite type of cupcake. plus {mw} has never had one before so i figured this was a good pick to try. while illy excels at coffee making, not the same can be said for their red velvet cake baking. the cake lacked the cocoa flavor and was really too sweet for my liking. one saving grace was that it was moist. the cream cheese frosting had a prominent cream cheese flavor but i didn't like the texture of it. and it could definitely do without the red frosting decoration on top of the cake.if you ever order these drinks to go, don't forget to appreciate the barrista's artistic expression using foam! i was rather surprised when i opened the cap and saw the intricate foam artwork! you'd imagine that they wouldn't bother with it since it's concealed in a cup but omg, they do! pretty, isn't it? ^^i suppose i should try the cold ones on my own. since i am a creature of habit, i enjoy the warm ones immensely even though the weather here is hot & humid... so evidently, i tend to gravitate to things that i know are awesomely yummylicious.that's probably also the reason behind the inevitable sighting of me making a beeline towards espressamente illy so often for a glass of addictive caffeine loaded creaminess it's currently reigning as my favorite coffee place to go. caffeine cravings? give espressamente illy a shot and maybe you'd find your favorite cuppa joe here continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-09-03
Espressamente Illy is the nice place to get high quality of the coffee. here the they also have cakes and fruits juice price range from RM 9 onwards even have pasta and also some sandwiches available and the seats are very comfortable. service is quite nice, polite and plesant. the illy coffee aromatic is really great and delicious and the creamy top of the drinks is taste so good.! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-07-16
having a cup of coffee in espressamente lily is really a nce dining experience. nice place to chill out and from nine different growing regions around the world, each with unique environmental conditions that impart a characteristic flavor profile to the illy identity.this is the greatest coffee experience i had so far. really a nice place to chill out with friend and try their variety of coffee and the cappucino also famous here continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-07-10
Illy LatteAm pretty sure Illyy café is no stranger to many of us. With their certified bartender especially their latte artist, one is set to be smitten by the creativity they got to show on your cuppa. Decked with comfy coach and chic setting, it allows the guests to really enjoy their cup of coffee soulfully. Just like this cup of Latte, it is done with just the right consistency of the milk foam as well as the correct proportion of coffee to milk. According to the staff, they use more of Arabica coffee beans, with some combination of the Robusta coffee beans. You can really appreciate the nice aroma exudes by the fresh coffee beans after being brewed skilfully by the bartender,, before it’s adorned with some catchy arts. The coffee taste great with the smooth body and not too robust. And for your information, the content of cafein is quite minimal in one cup or nearly negligible. So for those who can’t take too strong coffee like espresso, they could consider this. As for me, I still prefer to enjoy the latte with some brown sugar, in hope it would balance our the slight bitterness of the coffe. Really a rewarding cuppa! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)