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Signature Dishes
Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab Jumbo Sea Prawn Lamb Chop Singapore Chilli Crab
Review (82)
Level4 2013-08-29
this whole hot pot which they have big crab flesh inside peel off, prawn, scallop sweet enough and big portion and also some mushroom and carrots inside. really worth dining here and i like the gravy of this hot pot. full of fresh seafood.Eastern Crabs Restaurant is great place to dine in and moreover they have all fresh seafood here. will not let you down with so many choices of the food and experienced chef here continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-15
Eastern Crab is located at Plaza Ampang City @ Ampang (KL). Very old building and i can hardly find any other restaurant here. Easily spotted at the Ground Floor and along the road. Eastern Crab is a Halal Restaurant and here offers mouth watering seafood with Asian fusion cuisines. The restaurant is famous of the crab and the master chef is from Hong Kong and using the best halal ingredients to prepare the scrumptious seafood.I am truly amazed of the chef here with his creativity to think of so many special dish. Eastern crab restaurant owner is very humble person. He is very generous in serving delightful and large portion of all the signature food.Nice setup to welcome open rice members and the restaurant owner make a lovely menu list placed on each tables, just like we are having the wedding functions. Comfortable place to dine in for 10 person per tables but here slightly overly cold air conditioning at one side of the tables.Our first menu - Shark’s Fin Soup.Thick hearty broth with all the fresh crab meat,crab roe, and shark fins. Can see the silver shark fin clearly and good to have this with a dash of vinegar and green chillies. Very aromatic braised soup to warm up my stomach.This big bowl of shark fins can cater for 10 people serving, the shark fin is certainly delicious with clear crab roe, i can even find a large pieces of it with the shark fin and crab meat!Next, we have the famous Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Salt & Pepper. The chicken wing is very crispy and garnished with deep fried garlic with hot chillies .I find it is a little bit dry for my taste bud. The spices it too much and i prefer the gravy type.This is one of their bestsellers and claim to be the most recommended dish to try on. Apparently, i think this dish is too spicy for me and i need to quench my thirst with a whole glass of water.Steamed Chinese Pomfret is like the typical serving in all Chinese cuisines. This fish is steamed just right and not overly cooked , so that this medium size of the fish is still fresh and the flesh inside is smooth enough. Great to have this dish with a bowl of rice added on with the soy sauce. The signature Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Fried Crab. In this restaurant they used Sri Lanka Mud Crab that comes in the XXL size.These Gigantic crab’s is covered with almost one whole pound of garlic with lots of spices and hot chilies for that spicy kick. The crab was superb delicious, and i am so addictive for this dish! The flesh is easily peel off and the claw is really big enough!Singapore Spicy Chili Crab is succulent and in Singapore, this dish is very well known. If there is steamed man tau (bun) then it will be great. The thick gravy i love the most to poured onto my hot steaming rice. Extremely appetizing with huge ,fresh and meaty crab! Delicious!No.1 Seafood Hot Pot - The hot serving of the seafood claypot uses big crab meat inside which is peel off, together with the prawn, big sweet scallop and also some vegetables inside.The delectable dish is just nice with the taste not too salty and not spicy. Highly recommend to try this dish and good to be shared with a large group of people. You will be amazed and surprised that so many fresh seafood inside the whole hot pot and started to dig for more!Fresh Mango Cream with Pamelo.Finally, we have our desserts with freshly sliced mango, pamelo and sago. It’s really rich of the mango taste and the mango cream, together with the taste of the pamelo is really blends well.I love the cold serving of the sweet mango and i am still thinking of the taste now. Refreshing desserts!Great place for those cravings for good quality of crabs and this is the place to experience yourself! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-15
Salted Egg Yolk PrawnThe prawns were fresh and huge in size. It was good to mix the gravy with white rice. Although it was a bit salty, the prawn meat was succulent and juicy when bitten into. The chef was generous with the amount of ingredients he used to prepare this so it was worth the price. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-05
Fresh Mango Cream with PameloI suppose every meal wouldn’t be complete without a dessert to sum it up then So here we have the Fresh Mango Cream with Pamelo, which is equally a signature fare from the metropolitan city of TVB’s drama. In my humble opinion, this dessert has been done real good for it’s neither too creamy nor sweet. All the ingredients like freshly sliced mango, pamelo and sago, have been proportionately added to create a dessert bowl of mango-themed dessert. It’s really mouthwatering, full of mango aroma and we still can finish it off after the many delicious dishes that we have stuffed into our tummy. Guess the dinner has ended on a sweet note nicely and satisfactorily, with each one of us, heading back to home with a big smile Would miss this cutesy corner of the restaurant....... continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-02
这港式柠檬茶....嗯!和我们平时喝的很不一样!茶的味道..... 我不懂怎么解释!后来知道原来是用来台湾普洱茶!!而我们平时喝的通常都是红茶。红茶的味道比普洱茶要淡一些,所以这柠檬茶的味道会比较浓郁也比较香!柠檬+红茶,柠檬+绿茶,就听得多喝得多。柠檬+普洱茶还是头一招!真长见闻、知识了...... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)