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Level3 2016-05-25
DubuYO, previously known as Dubu-Dubu, is strategically located at the LG floor of the new mall Quill City Mall. Very cozy environment! And just like any other Korean themed restaurant, they have few TVs in the room that play the Korean song all day long!They offer wallet-friendly lunch set started from RM12!!! Lunch set comes with selected drinks and side dish of the day. Kimchi lovers don’t worry about that as kimchi will always be one of it!!!TAdaaa heres th Chicken Soondubu Jigae Set! Not much of chicken pieces in the soup, feeling I am just eating spicy tofu. The rice is a thumb up though. The side dish was not bad, but nothing to shout about as well. I found some special drinks they offer from the menu , for those who would like to taste some signature Korean drinks can go for it. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-29
Anyeonghaseyo!That’s the most common greeting that you would first come across whenever stepping into any Hanguk shiktang. Staying true to its heart and soul of Korean flair, DubuYo (previously known as Dubu Dubu) has currently just graced the new Quill City Mall in town with array of wholesome Korean recipes from delish Ramyeon, silky Sundubu Jigae to crowd’s favourite Dol Sot Bibimbap.Unlike the conventional Korean restaurant, DubuYo is set up as a pork-free establishment, so all the food could be equally enjoyed by all walks of life as its meat produce are sought from a Halal supplier.With an enticing menu revolving around urban food utopia of Korean cuisine with a fusion twist catch, as seen in some of the dishes which we shall review later. Dubu Dubu which essentially means tofu in Korean, aims to live up to the ideal destination for enthusiastic food lovers to taste harmony in a bowl, allowing them to experience distinct relishes of modern Korean food closer to home.The lunch sets offered here are very wallet-friendly too, starting from just MYR 11 nett! Guests could dine in anytime to enjoy scrumptious Korean fare within a cozy and brightly lit environment that is vibrantly immersed with its trademark of red and blue theme.Assorted banchan of the day.COLD SHIKYE (MYR 8) Traditional Korean Rice PunchKIMCHI SOONDUBU JIGAE WITH SEAFOOD (MYR 20.75-ala carte/ MYR 23.10- set)Each sundubu dishes is served with 3 banchan dishes of the day and a bowl of rice, with the option to have chicken or beef broth. Aptly touted as the epitome of a satisfying homey and soothing meal.CHEESE SOONDUBU JIGAE SEAFOOD (MYR 20.75- ala carte/ MYR 23.10- set)A rather tempting plate of light milky broth, these cheese-enriched stew seems to be much more palatably that somehow brings out more flavor from the seafood. Call it the cheeky yet appealing marriage of East and West rendition.As for the Korean Gogi category, each set comes with 3 banchan dishes of the day, rice and soup. HONEY MUSTARD WINGS (MYR19.60- ala carte/ MYR 23.10- set)Crunchy and crispy deliciousness glazed in sweet, tangy goodnessKOREAN SPICY WINGS (MYR19.60- ala carte/ MYR 23.10- set)Dubu Dubu’s version of Korean Fried ChickenComing up next are some delish plates of Urban Favorites to whet your palate interestingly. Each set comes with 3 banchans of the day with a bowl of soup.HONEY GARLIC BEEF BULGOGI (MYR 21.90- ALA CARTE/ MYR 24.25)A Seoul favourite filed with delicious grilled meats infused with Dubu Dubu honey garlic sauce. One recommended dish for its uber juiciness and tender laces of meat, enhanced with the subtle sweetness of honey garlic, masshisoyo! DOL SOT BIBIMBAP WITH CHICKEN (MYR 19.60-ala carte/ MYR 21.90- set)Took to be the soul food for most people, one would never go wrong with this Korean staple food where a colourful assembly of assorted veggies and healthy toppings are beautifully arranged to fill up your tummy warmly. A choice of chicken or beef to go with.However, I would be a happier jeune fille if I could have the egg cracked raw atop the assemblage, if not more runny for that silken nuance when mixed all together evenly in the hot stone pot that will eventually cooks up the egg.SPICY SEAFOOD RAMYEON (MYR 19.60- ala carte/ MYR 21.90- set)Springy ramen noodles cooked in a choice of chicken broth or beef broth.SPICY TOPPOKKI (RICE CAKE) (MYR 17.30- ala carte/ MYR 18.45- set)Strips of chewy Korean rice cake cooked in savory-spicy sauce to kill any hunger pangs in between, which is why this snack is a hit among Korean street food goers.PAJEON (MYR 13.35- ala carte/ MYR 14.50- set)This Korean Pancake definitely makes a good snack and sharing platter. Lightly pan-fried till crispy on the crust while remaining soft within. Thumbs up!CITRON DUBU (MYR 10.30)A healthier version of Asian-styled ‘crème brulee’, this inventive creation is dished up with velvet bean curd that is topped with fruity drizzles of Korean citron rinds, which adds sweet-sourness to this dessert alongside some brown sugar syrup.Fancy a hearty choice of toothsome and fuss-free Korean delights? Then head over to DubuYo to try out their fascinating harmonious Korean flavours using the freshest ingredients to enliven your taste buds tastefully for a gleeful dining experience.Cheers for now and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤DubuYo- URBAN KOREAN food at its best.Location: LG-08, Lower Ground Floor, No. 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.Contact: +603 2856 0208Opening Hours: 10am – 10pmWebsite: http://www.dubuyo.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DubuYo.urbankoreanfood continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-16
We have visited therecent Pork Free Korean cuisines located at Quill City Mall that serveauthentic Korean cuisines in a trendy and modern ambiance."Dubu Dubu"- Dubuyo. Both are same and infact they are now called as Dubuyo with their owntrademarks colours that are clearly seen as red and blue. The word Dubu means "Tofu" and Yo means " Hello". More chic and inviting approach.Dubuyo strive to serve you a perfect harmony of Koreandelights with daily fresh ingredients and plenty of Healthy traditionalcuisines recips of Seoul.Dubuyohave JAKIM certified Halal meat products and everyone can enjoy an urban Koreanmouth watering menu here.Super value meals that is only RM 11 nett!!Display of food items which offered a series of Korean traditional Bibimbap set and Soondubu Jigae with additional Korean Spicy chicken wings, Honey Garlic Bulgolgi Chicken, and other set menus.The restaurant atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable dining space with friendly and attentive serviceRefreshing Cold Shikye (Traditional Korean Rice Punch)Truly satisfying with the awesome taste of these unlimited refill of the side dishes.Spicy Toppokki (Rice Cake). Chewy texture of therice cake and not overloading sauce. Sweet and spicy taste which Ifind delectable.Heart warming Kimchi Soondubu Jigae with seafood.Hearty bowl of Spicy Seafood Ramyeon. Appetizing and nice to warm up our tummy with a complete wholesome of tasty broth with the seafood flavor comes through! The noodle gets a little soggy. Ya perhaps we should immediately taste it when it was served. As the usual tagline " Camera eat first"Honey Mustard WingsHere is another option for non spicy choices - Aplatter of crunchy and crispy honey mustard chicken wings that are deliciouslyglazed in sweet, tangy goodness. Every bites is so juicy and pleasurable.Dol Sot BibimbapBibimbap is always my favourite in Korean cuisines. A bowl ofwarm rice beautifully arranged with a variety of vegetables and chicken meatwith fried egg .The hot dish is stirred together with the spicy red saucethoroughly just before eating. Nutritious and healthy combination of"mix rice".Next,we also try on the another version of KoreanSpicy Wings. These spicywings are great as appetizers and appealing especially on the crispy skin.Moist and tender chicken wings that is super addictive.The signature Cheese Soondubu Jigae seafood comes in a piping hot savoury hot potbroth with charitable amount of fresh seafood. Aromatic and fragrant cheese broth, definitely the best choice for cheese lovers. Comforting Korean stew that are not too spicy and I enjoy it very much. Highly recommended!Pa-Jeon (Korean Pancake).Apopular dish that serves as great snacks or starter meal.As for the desserts, you must trythis homemade CitronDubu. The tau fu fa is extremely smooth in texture andadded on with preserve citrus. But I will request for less sweet.Dubuyo @ Quill City Mall(Opposite Aeon Supermarket)LG-08, Lower Ground Floor,No. 1018, Jalan Sultan Ismail,Kuala Lumpur.Tel / Fax: 03-2856 0208Website : http://www.dubuyo.com/menu.aspFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/DubuYo.urbankoreanfood?fref=ts continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)