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Level4 2016-01-07
A friend of mine really loves eating Dragon-I and whenever we visit Pavillion, this would be her first choice. The second would be Din Tai Fung which is often just as busy as the former. I suspect that her adoration with these two restaurants stems from her Shanghainese lineage. But I would go along with her suggestions and try the foods too, which usually comes introduced by her. The one thing that she said is a must-order is the Chilled Spicy Chicken Szechuan Style. Now I've never been a fan of food that is not heated up, but this one is actually pretty good. I think it's the spicy sauce that coats the cold meat. However if you're not good with spice then I suggest scraping off all the chilli oil before taking a bite of this.Now this is my absolute favourite and a must order for me. XIAO LONG PAAAAAAOOOOOO. So this is basically small little meat dumplings which also has soup on the inside. Whenever the basket is serve to you, you would take a CAREFUL bite of the dumpling & happily slurp up the soup inside before eating the rest of your delicious parcel. Perhaps add a little black vinegar with ginger to it which will enhance its flavours even more.I alone can eat four of these and even more if there isn't any other order. But then it wouldn't exactly be the cheapest dumpling either as its coming from Dragon-I. However it is one of the best that I have eaten.  continue reading
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Level3 2015-06-30
Located at Level 1 of the atas shopping mall, is this chinese restaurant. It is part of a well known chain of chinese restaurants in KL. The restaurant is decorated in modern traditional style with red and black in color. The restaurant is known for its signature Peking duck. So what is a meal here without its signature dish.As we are not a big group, I decide to have the Peking Duck Two Course 烤鸭二食 (RM98) which uses half serving of Peking Duck to serve 2 dishes.First Course 一食 A chef thinly sliced the duck by the table. The first part is when we get to taste the thin and crispy skin. The skin is very crispy with barely any fat on it. The second part is where we get handon to wrap the duck meat with cucumber, green onion, honey melon, homemade BBQ sauce on pancake. It is quite an appetizing dish.Second Course 二食Stir-fried Minced Duck Meat with Pinenut and Conpoy Served with Lettuce 炒鸭松拌生菜 The dish is well cooked without any gamey taste.As each pot of tea served 2-3 persons and we have 5 persons, we are expected to order at least 2 pots of tea.Lychee Black Tea 荔枝红茶 (RM12)This coppery blend of Chinese black tea and lychee is a very enjoyable sipping tea. The sweetness of the lychee covers the slightly bitter taste of the tea but doesnt conceal its delicious fragrance.This simple looking tea has a hint of the natural sweetness from the lychee fruit.Chrysanthemum Flower 杭菊皇 (RM12)The flowers have a light liquor color with a fresh flower aroma. They act as a natural coolant which increases immunity and helps to postpone the aging process.It tastes light and refreshing.Deep-fried Beancurd with Salt & Pepper 椒盐豆腐 (RM8)The beancurd has a thin crispy skin while soft and smooth inside. Great one.Sautéed Kai-lan with Mushrooms and Black Fungus 双菇木耳炒芥兰 (RM25)Cooked in vegetarian style the black fungus has a crunchy texture.Sautéed Egg White with Crab Meat and Dried Scallops 芙蓉赛螃蟹 (RM22)Most restaurants which serves this dish, usually will advise customers to mix in vinegar as soon as possible. However it is not the case here. One could not taste any crab meat or scallop in this dish. Guess must be mostly egg white. Feel that the texture of the egg white could be finer.Deep-fried Vegetarian Beancurd Skin Roll 脆皮素鹅 (RM12)It is light and crispy.Double boiled Snow Pear with White Fungus and Red Dates 南北杏桂圆雪耳炖雪梨 (RM18)The pear is very soft and refreshing in taste, as well as, not too sweet.Water chestnut cream with sea coconut 清润海底椰炖马蹄露 (RM8)The version here is not bad, being not too thick and sweet.Barley Beancurd skin with ginkgo and quail egg soup 白果腐竹薏米鹌鹑蛋糖水 (RM8)It looks like a bowl of hot soya bean milk, but tastes great.Steamed Piggy Bun 宝贝猪仔包 (RM9)The steamed pau comes in 2 versions : the green colored pigglet is stuffed with lotus paste, while the pink colored pigglet is stuffet with red bean paste. The paus are cute in design. They tastes soft and fluffy.Deep Fried Durian Pancakes (RM10)I am a bit disappointed in this dessert as the durian is a bit pale in taste and the batter coating has off taste. Expect better grade one especially in a well known restaurant.Overall the food is great. Service is great except during the peak hours we have a bit of problem getting the staff to refill tea. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-28
比起其它牌子的月饼,龙的传人出品的月饼吃起来明显比较油。油的份量放多了,月饼吃起来就比较顺滑,感觉白莲蓉的的质感非常的细腻,顺滑。双黄很好吃,不管那一部分都可以吃到蛋黄,非常棒。 continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-25
店了这个清爽口味得水果冰沙。水果有几种,火龙果,梨子,西瓜还有芒果。每一个种类都很鲜甜多汁。整个甜品根本不用加上糖因为全部水果都很甜,整个甜品非常的清爽。很适合这里炎热的天气, continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-20
Chinese tradision, Lou Yu San during chinese new year is a must. Went to Dragon i restaurant in Pavilion for an early celebration dinner before chinese new year 2013. Ingredients here are considered alot for yu san, it have at least 5 ingredients that have different unique texture. The combination makes the chewing seems interesting because you will find crispy, soft, jelly-liked texture in just one spoon. continue reading
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