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Level3 2016-02-19
My dad and I decided to have dinner at Sunway Pyramid the other day and we couldn't make up our minds what to have for dinner. In the end I suggested we have dinner at Dragon I because I was craving for their xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings ). Despite the long queue due to Chinese New Year, my dad and I got seated quickly because their turnover rate was really high. The place was spacious and they fully utilise every corner by putting small tables that will cater a place for 2 person.I ordered the braised pork ribs noodles while my dad ordered the spicy Sichuan seafood noodles. Initially I wanted to order that too but I insisted not to order the same food as my dad as I want to try more new food. We also ordered xiao long bao because it is a must order when you’re dining at Dragon I!!!Their steamed soup dumplings were really delicious. Upon taking the first bite you can feel the flavour of pork and soup bursting in your mouth. Every element of the xiao long bao complements each other well and it’s like music to my mouth. Xiao long bao must always go with the vinegar! This will elevate the flavour of the dumplings.As for my braised pork ribs noodle, I like how the broth was not too oily and not too salty, because a dish similar to this might get very salty. The pork ribs was tender and juicy and succulent! And the noodles were just simply chewy and I really love the texture of it. Overall it was a good dish.According to my dad, he really loved the Sichuan seafood noodles as the flavours were good and the dish was really spicy! Thus, it is recommended to try the Sichuan Noodles! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-29
One of the Dragon-I branch is located at Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. It is a Shanghainese Restaurant where it offers signature dishes such as xiao long bao (Shanghainese steamed meat dumplings) and la mian (hand-pulled noodles), traditional dishes proudly preserved by the Chinese over thousand of years. The environment setting really make you feel like you are in a modern Chinese restaurant. We have ordered 茉莉仙子 & 冬瓜龙眼海底椰 as our drink. 茉莉仙子 basically is a jasmine tea while 冬瓜龙眼海底椰 is a Chinese herbal tea that consists of dried longan, winter melon and sea coconut. The drink taste good, but a bit expensive. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-04
One of dragon-i restaurant is located at Sunway Pyramid. It is a restaurant selling chinese cuisine. All of the dishes is mainly chinese dishes such as Shanghai Meat Dumpling, Steamed Egg Yolk Custard Bun, and Fried Black Pepper Chicken La Mian. Picture above shows Minced spinach with bean curd serves at Dragon-i-restaurant. The taste is good for those who prefer to eat light meal of vegetables. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-31
when you had been taking something heavy so frequent sometimes you want to have something plain. i do not know what to have for dinner today as there is too many choices so i just go back to the most basic.to know whether a chef is good in their cooking, you must try their fried rice,to have a good and delicious fried rice the rice must not be too soft or too wet.The dish that i have today, were just perfect, it is just a plain one which some meat and eggif i were to rate this i would give 8/10 continue reading
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If eating dishes with rice, the Stir fried fish might be something great for family or big group dining. The fish slices were slightly fried to have the coating texture on the outside and soft juicy meat on the inside. This dish is stir fried to have coated gravy and this enhances the presentation of the dish.Talking about gravy and fish, and yes, I do like fish and seafood a lot, the Sautéed Egg White with Fish and Dried Scallops is really tasty and very suitable for children. The little ones would love food slightly mushy and plus, the taste is great. Served to us with a raw yolk in the middle, the dish looks great before stirring it.I also tried the Crispy Fried Duck, served either as whole or half. We went with half of course, and that costs RM 38.When eating alone as it is, the texture from the crispy outer layer is obviously weird. The crispy is different from those that were roasted. This one is weirdly texture with some chewy fat layer beneath the duck skin.I personally didn’t quite fancy the texture as it reminds me of pork fats. However, when combined and eaten as roll, it wasn’t that bad.Finally, the overpriced tea that cost RM 5 per person and minimum order for a pot of tea is for 2 pax.Check out their chrysanthemum tea. It is served with a bit of Wolfberry in it. Other premium teas includes the choices of Jasmine Pearl, Shou Mei, vintage Pu-Er, and Oolong Green Tea.A few quick tips to dinners, you are not allowed to choose seats in this outlet. At least it is what I experienced. The system in this outlet is to go by head counts. There is no way you could have ask for a big table if there is only two of you. Two meaning strictly the small table even though you are ordering dishes for 10 pax. That makes my dining experience real awful and uncomfortable when there isn’t enough space for me to even move my arms a bit. Honestly, I won’t return to the same outlet no matter what. I don’t recall a pleasant dining experience here. continue reading
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